Why Trump Has Got it Right

From the perspective of an uneducated, racist, bigoted... you get the picture.

Why Trump Has Got it Right

The galling hypocrisy of Trump's opposition really is becoming quite tedious. While it may be the "in thing" to spout hatred about the USA's president (much like witch-burning in the 14th century—completely oozing with fashionable self-righteousness), the last straw for me came when Snoop Doggy Dogg, a rapper who made his millions rapping about b*tches, h*es, drugs and all other types of immoral fluff, but gets away with it because it happens to be "cool," decided to pretend to assassinate Trump in a music video. So let me get this straight—it's absolutely outrageous and abhorrent for Trump to suggest banning immigrants from countries where Sharia Law is prevalent, all with the intention to protect the American people from potential suicide bombers and angry young Islamists waving knives and shouting "Allahu Akbar," much like what we are currently experiencing in Europe, but it is completely acceptable, encouraged even, for Snoop Dogg to mimic outright murder of the US President? Really, the mind boggles.

Anyway, back to the point of the article. Why does Trump have it right? Well, like him or loathe him, the fact is—he does. Globalism (no, not a conspiracy theory, but real, hardcore globalism which creeps up on us ever the more unnervingly with each passing day) is right round the corner and its after-effects are not pretty. We in Europe already suffer the repercussions of it, thanks to the charming monster known as the EU—or should I say, Merkel's Fourth Reich, a land where Germany once again reign supreme and everyone else does what they're told—or else. Lo and behold that Great Britain should once again be the country to stand up to them, but it has always been the job of the tiny island to step in whenever a European country steps out of line. But I digress; in the UK, Islamists have been running around freely, unchecked and unchallenged, thanks to EU law. Mosques have become breeding grounds for impressionable young Muslims; schools have been infiltrated by those who would happily see Sharia Law implemented in every corner of the world; the authorities are so scared of offending anyone, they skulk in the shadows and bleat weakly about free speech. Yes, free speech, which has led to the deaths of hundreds - again, the mind boggles.

Now, the United States is not quite there yet in terms of the danger zones certain areas of Europe have succumbed to. And that's why we need to thank our lucky stars for Trump. Refusing to bow to the PC brigade and a maverick in his own right, he has completely defied the establishment that Obama and Clinton have so strongly endorsed, where Globalism and Islamism go hand in hand, a fatal combination to anyone who wishes to retain their sense of freedom and democracy. He's also had ISIS cowering in their boots, the same death cult that has openly laughed at the west for its tolerance of their intolerance; he has told the Saudis to get a rein on this same cult, else the consequences may be dire. He has become the primary defender of the west in modern times against a very old enemy, and a figurehead in the latest battle of a very ancient war—a war where the followers of Muhammad do their utmost best to conquer anyone who does not adhere to their beliefs. You may scoff, scorn, defy or reject it—but this is truth, and truth does hurt—particularly when we live in a world where the truth is avoided at all costs, lest it disturbs the cosy lives of those who shout so loud, but seem to have very little understanding of what they're shouting about. I do find it astonishing that very often it is the most privileged among us who are so quick to shove their sanctimonious, politically-correct diatribe down everyone else's throats, championing the "underdog" while all the while enjoying luxuries and comforts, and having zero life experience whatsoever in the matter—unlike their far-less privileged counterparts. Hypocrisy is rife, also; where are the hard-left feminists, for example, when it comes to the slight problem of Female Genital Mutilation or stoning women to death in the Middle East? Where is the outcry? Yet they march on like Attila the Hun's army when confronted with... being paid a few $£$£ than men.

My God.

So Trump—yes, you may not like him. You may loathe him. You may love him. Whatever you feel about him, he's got the bigger picture to a tee—and the bigger picture dictates that the freedom and democracy that the West fought so hard to preserve is protected, not least because millions of good people died in order that we may live how we wish today. Those who fail to realise this, who call for the death of Trump while sitting comfortably in their luxury, who yell about "rights" and "privileges" while allowing swarms of Islamists in (all under the guise of idealistic, naive acceptance of "religion" and "culture"), who so carelessly and thoughtlessly place us in danger thanks to a subconscious fear of facing the truth, would do well to remember this.

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