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To the orange Muppet next door...

by Sara Chieffallo about a month ago in trump

A reality show gone wrong

Life in north America under the control of a tyrant

Dear Donald,

As a leader of the most powerful nation on earth, you have been able to behave with such disregard to human rights and put aside any concept of community values. The concept of good faith, during situations where the law is to be applied, serves as a mediatory role between a rule and a principle. In the last four years, you have been able to through away the standard process of good faith and have made continuous decisions that have put many in even worst situations. You have managed to ignore the well being of an entire nation and, in consequence, many of these decisions have impacted many countries across the globe. Throughout your presidency, Trump, you have shown that you are clearly unaware of the consequences that follow a criminal act. You have deliberately played a role in destroying women’s rights, disregarding black lives and consistently denying any wrong doing.

Often tweeting about the unfair treatments, according to you and only you, that political figures have been receiving. For example, conservative author Dinesh D'Souza pleaded guilty to campaign finance fraud. He illegally used another person's money to make a political contribution in his own name to get around contribution limits. Despite hard evidence, you openly declared that D'Souza was "treated very unfairly by your government" and gave him a presidential pardon. Although there are many instances of this kind that occurred in the last four years of your presidency, fairness seems to be a term that is clearly misunderstood in your mind. You have also pardoned figures such as Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who landed on the wrong side of the law. As many countries around the world will confirm that any act that goes against the criminal code of that specific country should be treated as a criminal offense. Trump, you have consistently disregarded the criminality of individuals within your political surrounding by assuming that each person on your team, that committed a criminal offense, should be treated as fairly as the next person in line. With your victimization at hand, it is hard to believe that this method of thinking has not trickled down into the minds of all his followers. With “Karens” becoming more and more prominent, the influence you’ve had on the weak minded is truly flabbergasting. As we all sit here watching your followers come out of the woodworks: the KKK arising from the darkness to women’s rights being shattered even further. Let us not disregard black lives, and how you obviously do not think they matter. George Floyd, Dontre Hamilton, Eric Garner, John Crawford III, Michael Brown, Ezell Ford, Laquan McDonald, Akai Gurley, Tamir Rice, Antonio Martin, and Jerame Reid, among many others.

Throughout your presidency, you have consistently made tens of thousands of false or misleading statements. Many who have listened to your speeches throughout the years, have noted that the consistency of these falsehoods have become a very distinctive part of both your business and political identity. Leading the whole world to believe that building a country on lies is what you do best. By mid-2019, news organizations across the globe had began to describe these falsehoods as complete and utter lies. Stating and assuming that you were aware that these falsehoods were in fact lies. In my opinion, you are a complete ignorant fool. It would be surreal to assume that anyone in their right mind could possibly tell so many lies in so little time and sincerely believe each one of those lies. Your lack of reasoning has come through on many occasions when things did not go your way, throwing temper tantrums and fighting any source of reason. How dare you sit back, in your pool of lies and be ok with watching innocent people die under your leadership. With the heavy lack of ethics behind your actions, we have seen an exuberant amount of sexual harassment cases and a pure neglect of human rights on many levels. We have seen people in higher positions abuse their power by crushing lives as if they were meaningless beings. Revolutions have taken place across the world as people revolted against those in higher power who have dismissed every human right known to man. The concept of respect and social awareness has completely dissipated as America continued to prioritize old social values that no longer apply in today’s evolved world.

There were times when the image of Hitler was quite evident, as the thought of progression was lost. Today, as we watch you leave office, we look at how you are walking away from a burning building while washing your own dirt off your hands. Beyond social and ethical issues, such as the very evident BLM movement example, you are leaving behind a large amount of social and economical destress that you have caused directly and indirectly. Beyond the serious social destress left behind by a very neglectful president, the economical state of the nation will have an excessively big impact on a global perspective. Being a Canadian, about one fifth of Canada’s gross national product comes from exports to the U.S., which accounts for about 75 per cent of Canada’s foreign trade. The U.S. is also Canada’s largest source of foreign investment. With this said, when it comes to trade you induced some serious coughing fits among Canadians when you imposed import tariffs and forced the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement by threatening to tear it up. As the Canadian our economy strongly relies on US-Canada trading between tourism and import-export, the idea of having you remain in power makes any Canadian lose hope in any future economical growth. And with the erratic management of the COVID-19 situation, during this Trump administration, watching the “leading country of the world” crash and burn is quite worrisome. In other words, there is truly little hope in a strong recovery if we keep walking towards a backwards way of thinking.


A flabbergasted Canadian citizen...

Sara Chieffallo
Sara Chieffallo
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Sara Chieffallo

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