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There Are Blacks and Latino People Who Don't Trust Kamala Harris

by A.J. Jones 2 years ago in politicians

The candidate that has done more harm than good in California

Presidential Candidate Senator Kamala Harris

When Kamala Harris won her seat in the senate, Black people across the country were happy to see a woman of color in office, but at the same time, there are Black people who don't trust her. If anybody wanted to tell you about Senator, Prosecutor, or Attorney General Kamala Harris and how she is; the people of California could probably tell you better than anybody. The residents of the cities of San Francisco and Oakland Metropolitan area (also known as the "Bay Area" or "The Bay"). Kamala Harris had a stiff and staunch stance on truancy and wanted to keep more kids back in school; because she had grown tired of the number of truant students rising in the state of California year after years after comparing the rates, numbers, and percentages against the other states in the country. Now, Harris champions herself as a "pioneer for reform in criminal justice," but her approach of how to keep students from being truant. She would start her "crusade on truancy" she started this back in 2010 campaign for Attorney General. She explained that the point of her campaign was to focus on chronic school absences. Harris sponsored a bill and to took it to the state and was passed. Harris' sponsoring of this bill made it a misdemeanor for parents of kids who missed more that 10% of the school's calendar days. This misdemeanor would consist of a $2,000.00 fine, up to a year in jail, or both. This law sent a lot parents to jail and even in some cases made the truancy problem worse. Harris was interview by Pod Save America and stated, "In some cases, the arrests and jail sentences were 'unintended consequences' of the state law that she championed her anti-truancy campaign on." She put black and brown parents behind bars while enforcing this anti-truancy law throughout California.

Kamala Harris and the California Attorney General's Office put people behind bars who happen to be innocent. Harris her office would also fight against compensation for those people who were wrongly convicted and jailed. The state wanted to compensate the exonerated citizens, but Harris and her office would fight and oppose these judgments and often times tried not to pay up. Harris did not see the wrongful convictions as a fault of the state felt that the state should have to pay, but at the end of the day. She had to pay those people who were wrongly convicted for the time that they had served. For this woman to be for the people, she did like to put those people away. After all, a lot of these people who she put away probably voted for her as an attorney general and as a senator before being arrested for contributing to truancy.

Isn't it ironic that Kamala Harris was attorney general of California when marijuana was legalized not too long ago? Harris as an attorney general and prosecutor sent almost 2,000 people to jail for drug charges. Well, not any ole drug charge; I'm not talking about crack, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, or ice. I'm talking about marijuana. Yes, I said marijuana. Now, when you think of that you automatically think that most of the people that she put behind bars were either black or latino. Harris says, "she is for the people." Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard called Kamala Harris on her record a while back. Rep. Gabbard called her(Harris) out for sending almost 2,000 people to jail because Harris was asked if she smoked marijuana herself and she laughed arrogantly at the question. Gabbard wanted the people to see the hypocrisy of Kamala Harris and to show the people that Kamala Harris can't be trusted. The people of California know all too well that Kamala Harris does not have the interests of the people in mind, but she seems to have the interest of her political career come first. She sent parents to jail for their child's truancy, she sent people to jail who would later be exonerated, but then did not want to pay them for the time that they had served. Then, she basically used petty drug charges to get her conviction rate up to set her campaign for every political office that she has run for. It's reasons like these that the Black and Latino communities do not trust her and are not giving her their votes because her past record in politics shows that she is against the people she is supposed to be serving.

A.J. Jones
A.J. Jones
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A.J. Jones

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