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The Pizza War

by Heather Pastore 2 years ago in politicians

Should Politicians Get Involved?

Square Pie at L&B

It has been in the news that the famous DiFara’s pizza in downtown Brooklyn was seized and shuttered for not paying back taxes. The mayor of NYC wants to throw his hat into the ring and reopen the shuttered pizzeria that is in his Brooklyn neighborhood.

I, like many New Yorkers, feel that politicians, including mayors, should not be involved in reopening a seized property. There are bigger fish to fry when you run a city, and the saving of a seized property is not one of them. It should be up to the owner of the property to decide whether they should reopen their shop, and raise money to help pay the back taxes.

Now imagine if it was the other way around and city hall was shuttered for not paying back taxes, can the pizza maker and average joe put their hat in the ring to reopen city hall? Absolutely not, because they are not politicians, and they do not know what it takes to reopen a shuttered city hall.


I just love it... NOT... when people that know nothing about a business want to throw their hat into the ring of fire. If you know nothing about a pizza business, then don’t put your two cents in! It’s that simple!! I don’t know how to run a city, so do you see me giving talks and conferences about the affairs of the city? No, because I am not a politician!


I now rest my case! This is why people should not stick their nose where it is not wanted. It’s like manners are being thrown out the window people! It’s like mind your own business has no stake to its claim these days! C’mon, when you have a city to run, you should worry about that first, not a pizzeria! I can swear that others besides myself are up in arms about this too, and that it was the talk of many conversations over NYC dinner tables, among other topics.

As I go to rest my case again, do us a favor, Mr. Mayor, run the city and put this on the back burner, because I’m pretty sure that DiFara has this handled already.

This is just my opinion folks. We all know that everyone is entitled to an opinion regardless of what it is for. I simply just don’t think that mayors should get involved in saving a pizza business, because the business owed back taxes.


The article says it was seized by the state, not the city! Second, the state has the right to seize property for failure to pay taxes. Third, restaurants can also be closed down for health code violations, the list goes on an on.


Where is our mayor when these things happen? Nowhere in sight! More concerned about a 2020 presidential election than the citizens of NYC, that’s not a mayor, that’s a MORON!

In what other city do you hear of mayors doing anything other than running the city? I bet the list won’t be long!

So in conclusion I feel that politicians should stay out of the pizza business and stick to politics, just like I stay out of politics and stick to my walking tour business! Adios!

Since this article has been rejected 🙅for publication several times for not meeting the word count minimum, I am proud to announce that DiFara’s has reopened its doors!


Heather Pastore

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Heather Pastore
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