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The Most Important Discussion of Our Lifetime is Happening Now

Information on a historic National Press conference which concerns you, your family, your freedom, and your future.

By ARCPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 3 min read
Top Story - June 2023
Dr. Steven Greer, Founder, The Disclosure Project

On Monday, 12 June 2023, Dr. Steven Greer held a televised press conference before The National Press Club to deliver a report. This report was a summary introduction to a massive and challenging discussion: Empirical evidence from more than 750 whistleblowers of a "beyond black budget" organization operating within our government and military, illegally.

This organization operates without Congressional, Executive, or Military oversight, though it uses taxpayer dollars. Your dollars.

This organization has crafted technologies "straight out of science-fiction movies" (quoting Dr. Greer) -- but rather than making those technologies available for public use, we are still driving gas- or electric-powered vehicles and burning coal or using nuclear power to create energy.

Here is the link to the video replay on YouTube:

Why this matters:

This illegal organization is operating without government oversight, without checks and balances, and without an approved budget.

One of the whistleblowers who speaks during this press conference was a black ops program director for the US Air Force. During his active service, he found himself being denied funding because someone else had used up the entirety of his (government-approved) black ops budget.

In other words: A "beyond black" operation had 'siphoned off' the funds which had been approved for this Air Force officer's operations. This beyond black operation executed this siphoning without any governmental or military approval or authorization. They bypassed the entire system and took your taxpayer dollars for their unapproved programs.

Why you should care:

Among other reality-altering revelations (it's clear what those are when you watch the press conference), one of the biggest reasons why you should care is: Free Energy.

Free Energy -- or Zero Point Energy, as it's sometimes referred -- is not just about nixing everyone's monthly power bill.

Zero Point Energy is clean. No pollution. This resolves the climate crisis. Within 10-20 years, our planet could be well on her way to her natural self.

Zero Point Energy is practically infinite -- because it is literally everywhere, even in outer space -- and therefore free. This has the potential to resolve global poverty.*

* Agriculture and Manufacturing. The primary cost in both industries is energy. If the energy to produce food is now free, the food itself can be sold at a fraction of its current cost. If the energy to produce manufactured goods is now free (and non-pollutive, aka: sustainable), the goods themselves can be sold at a fraction of their current cost.

The potential to resolve global poverty hinges on our ability as a species to overcome our sickness of greed.

Beyond this, let your mind run wild with all of the gadgets and machines in our lives that use power. Imagine a world where the air conditioning (or heat) could be running all day and you wouldn't have to cringe at the cost of it.

Imagine a world where your car doesn't need a gas tank or a battery. It just... goes.

The implications of Free Energy are as titanic to our society and culture as Farming was to our ancient ancestors. It could change everything about our paradigm.

Free Energy has been available to this "beyond black budget" organization since the 1940's.

Read that again. The date is not a typo.

Change will only happen if we, the people, come together and demand it as one united voice. This is a non-partisan omni-partisan issue. Our elected officials have either been kept in the dark or powerless to do anything about this illegal organization.

The most important thing you can do is arm yourself with the information in the linked video above.

As you watch the video, keep the following reminder close to you: This is not conspiracy theory. This is unfortunately very real. This man is *calling on Congress* to take action on this issue.

The above-linked video has 1.1 million views as of the writing of this article, and was posted 6 days ago. Over a million people are aware of this situation. There are 336 million people just in the US.

If, after watching the video, you feel how powerful this message is and the urgency with which it must be shared, feel free to forward on the link to the video itself and/or the link to this article, if you want to save yourself the time of having to contextualize the video.

Video link:

Article link:

Lastly, please keep in mind that this is a truly gargantuan conversation. The implications of this complicated topic are deeply intertwined with many other complicated topics. Let's keep the comments constructive and simple. Do as much research as you feel is necessary in order to make yourself informed on these topics.

Remember: We are all on the same team. This concerns all living beings.


UPDATE: 4 July 2023 - A follow-up/Part 2 to this developing story is available here:


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Comments (8)

  • Paul Guadagno8 months ago

    Great article!! Thank you. This subject needs a lot more people to speak out on this amazing hidden reality !

  • Kristen Balyeatabout a year ago

    Tony, absolutely fantastic article! I have heard of Dr. Greer! I have heard of this vaguely but hadn't done much research on it. SO happy you wrote this and shared the video– looking forward to watching it! Sadly, I am not in the least bit surprised by any of it, and excited for the potential of more people getting their hands on this information. It is complicated, sure, but if more people would take the time to dig in and really see, what a different world we could have! I'll be sharing this article and the video! Thank you for writing this, Tony, and I'm SO HAPPY it made top story! Woah!

  • Rick Henry Christopher about a year ago

    I have read up on Steven Greer. He has done and said many questionable things including faking UFOs by using flares. He says he can vector ETs and make them appear at will. He has dabbled in conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory for near twenty years now. He claims to have denied a $2 billion payment to stay quiet about his findings on UFOs. He talks about the government keeping such discovering of a UAP offloading weapons but where is the solid evidence of this? Of course it is easy for a man like Greer to find whistleblowers that will corroborate his conspiracy theories. If there are indeed such UFos and UAFs the investigations and studies into these should largely be kept top secret. Also if there are advanced energy technologies they should be kept top secret while they are being researched and investigated. Wouldn't it be horrible if such technologies were to destroy our country or planet because they get into the wrong hands or seep into the public before being completely researched and refined for public use.

  • Divine Ajuka about a year ago

    Very good

  • Jennifer Crawfordabout a year ago

    Excellent Post! I have learned from this informative article. Thanks, author.

  • Naomi Goldabout a year ago

    Glad to see this make Top Story. I would offer my congrats and champagne toast emoji, but that seems trivial here, with this being so serious of a topic. I was unaware, and I will be watching that video this afternoon when I have uninterrupted time.

  • Judey Kalchik about a year ago

    It is clear I have some studying g to do!

  • Lamar Wigginsabout a year ago

    I hope this makes Top Story as it is beyond that, it”s more of an urgent story! I was unaware of 80% of the things discussed here. It challenges me to take a deeper dive. Great article, ARC. I hope it ignites a meaningful conversation.

ARCWritten by ARC

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