The Game That's Played

by Dr. Williams about a year ago in activism

Politics as Usual

The Game That's Played

One has to wonder about the political climate in the US today. On one hand, we have the Democratic Party still in disarray from their failure in the 2016 presidential election. Then there is the Republican Party who is so out of touch to the realities facing millions of Americans each and every day. Least we forget Trump in the White House, who in his first two years has managed to turn the United States into one bad soap opera after another.

As we head into 2019, the political climate is ripe for a political lone wolf to rise above all the political infighting that is holding America hostage. We must remember it was in 2016 that, that lone wolf was Bernie Sanders. Yet, the DNC did everything it could to sabotage his campaign. If he chooses to again mount a presidential campaign, you can bet your bottom dollar the DNC will again go out of their way to stop him.

If we consider the early opinion polls former Vice President Joe Biden, the good old boy of the Democratic Party, if he chooses Beto O'Rouke as his running mate, that if he accepts that position, still will not be enough to turn this country around. That is if they manage to gain the Democratic parties nomination and defeat Trump. Trump, on the other hand, has his own future to worry about. That is, if he escapes impeachment and still manages to secure his party's nomination.

No! The only way out of this political quagmire is for that lone wolf to step up on the national level to rally a nation that continues to flounder in rough seas. He or she must have a definitive plan of direction, one that encompasses everything from global warming, reducing our national debt, and in general, securing the future of the United States. It is through education of the solutions on how to elevate this nation out of the depths that we have found ourselves in is the only way to climb out of the abyss. To unite and not divide, to secure our heritage and not succumb to political correctness, and to uphold long-standing traditions that had become the mainstream of America's culture is necessary for our future.

With so much emphasis and value placed on how much money a political candidate raises it is no wonder then that our whole political process has become so corrupt. And, if 2016 was any indication of how corrupt that election was, just realize the enormous amount of money that was spent. The fact of the matter is that the 2016 presidential election was the most expensive political year in our history. Just look who became president.

We have placed too much emphasis and value on a person's credibility to be a viable candidate for public service entirely on how much money they have and how much money comes from large mega-donors into their coffers. The real authentic value of a person's credibility seeking public office has to be ideals, principles, solutions, and character, not how much money they have or can raise. And until we realize this and put it into practice, our political process will continue to corrupt this nation.

The political game that is played continues to rob this nation's ability to foster real, authentic growth, prosperity for all and places this nation's future in peril. That definitive plan of direction for this nation to rally behind is readily available. But, like the 2016 presidential election cycle, both parties hierarchy continue to corrupt this nation by thwarting anyone who challenges the status-quo. We have to break the status-quo chain and realize the only way is through a unified effort to implement National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

Dr. Williams
Dr. Williams
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