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The End of Trump

Why his term won't last more than a year and a half.

By CrunchwrapsuprmPublished 7 years ago 4 min read
Wonder what he was thinking here...

It has now been 116 days since Trump took on the role of our nation's leader (feels like a lot longer doesn't it?). He has had his fair share of controversy, but his most recent actions have many critics comparing him to the likes of 37th United States President Richard Nixon. So here is a brief overview of what our supreme leader has been up to.

The James Comey Situation: What was Trump thinking? (if at all).

On Tuesday, May 9th, President Trump fired the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, James Comey. Many people probably don't see what the big deal is here, and it doesn't help that we have all been watching Trump fire people on television for years now. What sets apart James Comey from some lousy celebrity on Trump's reality show is that Comey was investigating the Trump campaign for Russian interference with the 2016 election (and you know he's also the HEAD OF THE FBI, not Bret Michaels). Now I don't know about you, but I think firing the person who's investigating you for election interference (aka TREASON) comes off as just a little bit suspicious. I might have let it slide if Trump would have fired him in the Celebrity Apprentice like fashion, but he couldn't even give us that. Instead, he sent one of his Trump goons to do his dirty work for him, pretty pathetic. It makes sense that people would compare him to Richard Nixon, as it seems like Trump is beginning to create his own Watergate scandal.

North Korea: Are we going to die?

In the past week, North Korea has once again held a missile test. This time they reported a complete success stating that they now have the ability to target the U.S. and its pacific operations. Trump said beforehand that if North Korea continued with its threats and missile tests he would be forced to take immediate and drastic measures. To test Trump's promises, North Korea has continued with their threats and have become even more aggressive. It has even been confirmed by other countries like Japan, that North Korea has indeed developed the capacity to target U.S. territories. This week's missile test was proof of that, but what exactly has Trump done about it? North Korea has the weapons and the means to use them but I still see no sign of that immediate drastic action he promised to make. It's ironic because back when Russia was invading Crimea against Obama's wishes, Trump criticized him left and right for not taking immediate action. Just goes to show that our President is not being as tough as he claimed he was going to be.


It was recently discovered that Trump revealed classified information to Russian officials last week during meetings in the Oval Office. Are any of us really surprised? I don't work in the White House, but I am pretty sure that revealing classified information to Russia right after you fire the lead investigator that is looking into your relations with Russia IS A PRETTY BAD IDEA. Trump was not even smart enough to deny these claims, in fact he admitted to revealing classified information saying that it was the "wholly appropriate" thing to do in the situation. If he always did what was considered "wholly appropriate" he would have stayed on television and out of the White House.

The End Is Near

Our President is an anomaly to say the least. He is a complicated, intricate, and complex human, but in all of the wrong ways. I'm no psychic but if things like this keep happening, I don't see his term lasting for a full 4 years. I'm calling it right now: Donald Trump won't last a full two years in office. He is too much of a mess and sooner or later, members of the Senate and House will let go of their party loyalty and finally see that Donald Trump is a wannabe. He has no experience, no backbone, and no idea what it means to be a true hardworking American. Because of this I predict an inevitable impeachment, but then we will have to deal with Mike Pence the man who calls his wife "mother" (which is seriously creepy). But I guess we will cross that bridge when we get there.

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