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Trump's first 100 days

By CrunchwrapsuprmPublished 7 years ago 3 min read
Trump being himself, probably babbling on about fake news.

It has now been over 100 days since Trump has been inaugurated. While the first 100 days may not be enough to define a presidency, Trump has definitely already had his fair share of controversy and roadblocks. From his very first day in office, President (it was painful to type that) Trump has had to deal with strong and apparent criticism. Countless protests and marches have been organized in opposition to his administration, and there are just more to come. For many this first portion of his term has been an increasingly confusing mystery. Do any of us really know what this man has been up to? Every day the news is constantly filled with Trump related headlines. You would think that with all this press there must surely be progress, and perhaps there has been. So I am going to dive into this mess (against my better judgement) and break down his first 100 days into the bad and the good. Heads up, it is mostly bad.

The Bad (and boy is there lots of it)

I do not even know where to start in this section! But I guess I will open up with the enormous blunder that was the Obamacare replacement (Trumpcare). THE REPUBLICAN PARTY HAD 7 YEARS TO PLAN THIS OUT, and yet they still managed to find a way to botch the entire thing. There was not even enough support among republicans alone to get the bill passed, it really goes to show just how ineffective the party is and that is definitely going to cost them some seats in the midterm election. As if that incident were not enough Trump also managed to create positions specifically for his daughter and her husband and then proceeded to let his daughter sway him into firing over 50 missiles at ISIS. Trump even said in an interview earlier this year "Ivanka pushes me to be the best person I can be." Well clearly she is not pushing enough, step it up Ivanka. It would also be important to mention that while all of these gross displays of incompetence were occurring Sean Spicer, Trump's press secretary, was blatantly lying and making a fool of himself nearly daily. From comments about "fake news" to "Hitler did not use chemical weapons" Spicer really represents Trump's administration in spectacular fashion. These examples are of course my personal standout favorites. I wish I had the time to touch on the Russia stuff and the incidents with North Korea, but trust me I could write a book about all the bad things alone.

The good!

Really it is just the memes and funny satire material. From Jimmy Fallon to Saturday Night Live, it seems like the Trump presidency is the number one thing to poke fun at. Because Trump is so outrageous and his administration is a gang of unintelligent fools, we are blessed every single day with mountains of comedy gold. My new favorite hobby has become scrolling through twitter to see what crazy and hilarious headlines he and his administration have conjured up. Literally every single thing our president does is ironic in one way or another and we might as well make the best of it. Besides, there is something about gut wrenching humor that somehow takes away from the incessant crippling pain that comes with living under the power of a reality t.v. star. When you really think about it, what other good things could come from a corrupt, idiotic, and malfunctioning executive power? Absolutely nothing, so buckle up America! Sit back relax (at least until the war starts) and enjoy the memes because we are only 14.61% of the way there.


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