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Slavery:Jesse Waters & Ron DeSantis Thoughts on Slavery Mirror Beliefs from Ghanians & Other Africans

Some Ghanians have gone to social media to applaud slavery saying Black Americans are enjoying "The West" another said Good Music came out of enslavement

By IwriteMywrongsPublished 11 months ago 3 min read
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Monday, 24 July 2023

By: TB Obwoge

Black Americans are infuriated at the way White, Republican Americans like Ron DeSantis are removing Black Americans from history. In is nonsense removal of Black writers and the re-writing of slavery in America.

The mentality of White Supremacy, isn't exclusive to White People, or White Americans. I have seen this daily in African countries.

There are pockets of Black Americans that think running to Africa is the solution. While unknowing that millions of Africans are used to only dark skin being that of real Black people, much like what I experienced in the hatred I've received living in Ghana and Kenya.

Or the Africans that seem to think all Black Americans are thugs, criminals are animals, as the term "AKATA" which can being used to signal "filthy, dirty animal or un-pure cotton picker" a term used to insult Black Americans from the Yoruba if Nigeria is also used in Ghana and even countries like Zimbabwe.

Screenshot from Article on AKATA

In another incident under an article about Elon Musk, I posted a comment where I asked why so many people thought this man (Elon) was great. I asked was it because of money, because nothing he does shows he's of good human character, even one of his children wants nothing to do with him.

The man has multiple children and is divorced a few times over, then to add to that he's an outright racist, he can't continue to claim his "Black friends" mean he's not a racist.

After I asked about this, an African man from Cameroon then started to insult me, he was mad that I used the word "worshipped" when speaking about Elon Musk. He then went onto tell how his friend from Cameroon living in America thinks Black Americans are comment loud, trash, criminals.

This Cameroonian man is no different than the Ghanians that have proclaimed that Blacks in America are doing well as a result of slavery. One is in the music industry in Ghana and he has & will NEVER face any backlash from his tweet proclaiming how slavery was great for music.

As a matter of fact Black Americans continue to flood Ghana, despite their racism, colorism, calling Black from America Akata and white people. Along with the ignored corruption and scamming.

This ignorance from Black Africans and from White Americans is not just deep seeded hatred and ignorance, it's from lack of education. Either white people don't want to learn or care about Black Americans or the same with too many Black Africans.

They just don't want to learn, oddly though Black Africans and Black Americans are most alike, why many Africans don't seem to think so is from a place of pure hatred or pure jealousy.

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Currently the mentality of hatred and White Supremacy seems strong within both the Black African and White American community's I am not forgetting the hatred and anti-Blackness of Egypt by the way. They are just the same as well Arabs, who think that they're lily white people.

The news story about Drake being 30% Nigerian is being spread around different African news outlets. The comments are pretty harsh and rude as shit. Most claiming he’s a Black American trying to ‘pretend’ to be from Africa.

On the post of Drake claiming to be 30% Nigerian, Africans hundreds of Africans came to the comment section to post insults. The article wrongly called Drake an American, then comments from Africans said a person born in Canada is an American because he's on the continent of America. There is no continent of America, it's North America.


Either way the comments prove that slavery isn't taught in schools in Africa because these hundreds of people have no idea that many Blacks around the world have African DNA. Blacks from islands as well are a product of slavery.

“They’re probably going to show that some of the folks that eventually parlayed, you know, being a blacksmith into doing things later in life,” DeSantis said on Friday in response to reporters’ questions while standing in front of a nearly all-White crowd of supporters.

Source: Washington Post RON DESANTIS

Although our ancestors went through all painful trials, selling our gold for sought mere cheap things, but their great grand sons and daughters are now enjoying in europe and other western world

Source: Ghanian on Facebook


Thank you for reading 🙏🏽 Please consider buying a coffee for Lacey's House efforts in Gender Equality & Children's Rights as it tries to move international.

©️TB Obwoge 2023 All Rights Reserved


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I'm the president of a nonprofit. I've lived in 3 countries, I love to travel, take photos and help children and women around the world! One day I pray an end to Child Marriages, Rape and a start to equal Education for ALL children 🙏🏽

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