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Sir Simon Clarke: "Stand Down Rishi"!

Former Cabinet Minister Calls On Prime Minister to Quit.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
PM Pondering His Future?

A former minister who served under the hapless Liz Truss has called on Rishi Sunak to resign. This minister in question is Sir Simon Clarke. Clarke, together with 11 other Tory MPs, voted against Sunak's anti-migrant Rwanda Plan.

Clarke has called on Sunak to step down for the survival of the Conservative Party. Simon Clarke has intervened as Sunak struggles notably, with his approval ratings, in free fall. Many are unhappy with the Prime Minister within the Conservative Party, both in parliament and out of parliament.

Clarke acknowledged that many will think the Tories voting for a new leader is "ridiculous". However, Clarke countered that to go into a general election with Sunak (as leader) is suicide. Clarke acknowledged that Britain was on the verge of a Starmer victory (whenever the general election is declared).

Therefore, by calling for Sunak's resignation, Clarke thinks the Prime Minister's departure will save the government. However, it is unlikely Sunak will step down this far into a general election year. Sunak will undoubtedly lead the Tories into the next general election. And if the polls are anything to go by, the Tories will face annihilation.

Clarke has described Sunak's leadership style as "uninspiring". For a leadership contest to be triggered 53 letters of no confidence would be needed. The 1922 Committee would then declare a leadership contest. Whether Sunak would be a candidate is open to question. One can imagine, however, that Sunak would fight his corner.

Sunak is an unelected Prime Minister. Every local or by-election that Sunak has fought has been lost or Tory majorities reduced. Sunak knows the writing is on the wall for His administration. However, Sunak may be hoping some miracle will come along and save him. Sunak can play for a time. He has until January 2025, until he calls, a general election.

It could be many Tories know or are resigned to the fact that their time is over. They know people, even some Tory voters, want rid of them. To spend time under a new leader, as the official opposition. As to who would want to be Sunak's successor will be interesting. Suella Braverman and Robert Jenrick could be two possible contenders.

Clarke has also said many Tory votes could go to Nigel Farage. It seems the ex-UKIP and Brexit Party Leader (now Reform) might return to the fray. Some have said, He might unite with Boris Johnson. Others say He might replace Richard Tice the current leader of Reform. Whatever, the Tories will certainly have him on their radar.

Sir Keir Starmer will be aware of the polls as His party soars above the Tories. He will want to drive home his advantage in the polls over the Tories. Attacking every policy and highlighting every mistake/undelivered promise this administration has done (or not done). That is the job of the Leader of the Opposition just as it is for the Prime Minister to defend His Administration.

Migration, the NHS, climate change, and the economy, will make up many of the issues at a general election. How much the current war in Gaza will affect voting intentions is unclear. Most voters probably could not care less. However, if you are pro-Palestine or pro-Israel or just simply concerned, then it will matter to you.

It will be interesting to see what issues are argued over between Sunak and Starmer today. The question has to be asked, do the Prime Minister's Questions affect polls or elections? In a way, Sunak resembles Netanyahu. Everything is crumbling around him and yet he is clinging to power.

When the general election comes, we need this lot out and another lot in. However, the damage done by 14 years of mismanagement by this Tory administration may take years to undo.


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