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Sunak: LOL!

Wishy-Washy Rishi On The NHS.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
Sunak: Thinking About NHS Waiting Lists - Not!

Winchester was once the capital of England where King Alfred, one of our greatest leaders, held court. We all know the history of Alfred The Great, so named, because of his victory over Guthrum the Viking. England would have been taken over by the Scandinavians, had King Alfred and his Saxon Warriors, (our ancestors) not taken the action He did.

Most of England had been taken over by the Vikings. Wessex was the only Kingdom left to hold out against the Vikings. However, even Alfred had to go on the run with his court while the Vikings hunted him. However, he was able to raise an army from all parts of England. In doing so, he confronted the Vikings in a final battle, which if lost, England would become an outpost of the Vikings. Guthrum and Alfred faced each other across the battlefield and the fight was on. After much carnage, death and destruction, Alfred rallied His forces and won the day.

Guthrum and the surviving Vikings converted to Christianity and were allowed to live peacefully in England. If you watch the series 'The Last Kingdom' and 'Vikings' they touch on these events. Alfred went down in history as one of the Greatest Leaders this nation has ever known.

Now fast forward from the 800s to 2024 and oh dear, we have Rishi Sunak! A pathetic, Mr Bean-like character who deserves the moniker of 'Wishy-Washy'. A man completely devoid of understanding of how ordinary people live. A man who made 5 pledges and still has to sort them out. One of them was to bring down NHS waiting lists. Mr. Sunak has failed to do that as NHS waiting lists remain high. Where NHS staff have gone on strike and some are still striking, for better pay. Why would Sunak care about the NHS when he doesn't have to use it? Even if he did care the fact he has not or cannot do anything about this sorry mess says it all!

Sunak was doing an impromptu 'walkabout' in Winchester on Friday. Sunak was talking to a crowd, when he was engaged, by an NHS worker. The woman said to Sunak "You could stop it all. You could make it all go back to how it used to be"! The lady, who remains unnamed, was talking about the NHS. Sunak appeared to laugh as if in mockery of the woman's statement. The woman continued to speak to the Prime Minister as his ushers hurried him away from the engagement. "Well, not literally put it back as it was" the woman conceded.

As Sunak walked away he was still speaking to the woman. The woman described how her daughter had to wait seven hours before being seen. Her daughter is asthmatic and had to wait that long to be seen. Sunak replied that he "Was sorry to hear this" and then scuttled away.

Sunak was not laughing at the woman but at a joke. Someone in the crowd had said something that registered with the Prime Minster. Hence the guffaw forthcoming from his person.

As Sunak continued his stroll around Winchester he continued to blame NHS workers for the NHS's ills (no pun intended). Meanwhile, the Labour NHS Shadow Secretary attacked the attitude of Sunak as expressed to the female NHS worker. Wes Streeting said Sunak had patently refused to engage with NHS workers. As to why they were striking and the conditions and long hours, they found themselves under. In other words, in Mr. Streeting's monologue, Sunak's refusal to engage with NHS workers was a dereliction of duty.

So as the statue of Alfred The Great looked down on Sunak what would be His thoughts? Something like this, the nation He had saved was now being ruined by this pathetic spectacle of a man. If indeed, Sunak can be called a man.


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I am a freelance writer currently writing for Blasting News and HubPages. I mainly write about politics. But have and will cover all subjects when the need arises.

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