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Sir Keir Starmer: New Border Command.

Sir Keir Outlines His Vision.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 8 days ago 3 min read
Sir Keir Starmer.

Sir Keir Starmer has been waxing lyrical about how He would tackle illegal migration. Sir Keir today was stood at the podium in Dover, Kent, the seat of His new MP Natalie Elphicke who defected from the Conservatives. Ms. Elphicke defected on Wednesday before Prime Minister's Question Time. Ms. Elphicke has a reputation for being on the right of politics. What does Ms. Elphicke see in Keir Starmer's Labour Party that made her shift? Many in the party are unhappy with Natalie Elphicke now being in Labour's ranks. Just the same, Sir Keir welcomed her into Labour's ranks. The wheels coming off Sunak's wagon could be another reason Ms. Elphicke defected.

During a question and answer time after Sir Keir Starmer's speech in Dover, someone asked him if he would welcome other disaffected Tories. Sir Keir replied jokingly that there is a long list of disaffected Tories. No one doubts, that the Labour right under Sir Keir are now back in control. However, someone asked would the likes of Nigel Farage be welcome. Sir Keir brushed this off but stranger things have happened in politics.

Sir Keir has made no bones about the fact that he does not support the Rwanda Scheme for many reasons. In His view the Rwanda Scheme is barbaric. Also, would the migrants be safe in Rwanda? It could, however, be argued that once the migrants are flown to Rwanda they are no longer our problem. Also, only a few hundred migrants would be flown to Rwanda monthly or weekly. Based on that it would take 300 years to clear a backlog of migrants found to have no right to stay here.

So Labour would scrap the 'Rwanda Scheme' and use the money to set up a 'Border Command'. This Border Command would be composed of different agencies to tackle both migrants and the criminal gangs who exploit them. Police, coastguard, navy, National Crime Agency, and Border Force would be cooperating to tackle migrants and criminal gangs. Sir Keir said we would work with other European powers to bring to book the gangs and stop the boats.

The Border Command Unit would have new powers under the 'Terrorism Act'. Strengthened powers to do what was necessary to stop the boats and bring to justice the gangs. Sir Keir said He was fed up with the UK being a soft touch. Under the measures He would introduce this 'soft touch' image would end.

Sir Keir attacked the government's policy of housing illegal migrants in hotels at taxpayers' expense. He also said the Home Office had lost track of many migrants as they seemingly just disappeared into the population. The backlog of migrants must also be tackled. To deport those who had no reason to be here and to protect those who did.

Since the UK left the European Union freedom of Europeans to come here ended. Now, Europeans have to apply to come here via a points system like everyone else in the world who wishes to make the UK their home. However, Sir Keir also said the current points system was not fit for purpose. Should the Leader of The Opposition (Sir Keir) become Prime Minister He would look into this.

Sir Keir summed up that He had nothing against migrants. However, He made it plain that those who have the right to be here should be allowed to stay. Conversely, those who do not have any right to be here at all will be deported.

Someone asked Sir Keir would that mean making new agreements with countries migrants had come from. Sir Keir replied that countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh would not need agreements. He would just send them back lock, stock, and barrel. On the other hand, countries like Afghanistan, Syria, etc, would need a more nuanced approach.


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