See You Later, President Obama

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A Retrospective Point of View on US Presidential Election 2017

See You Later, President Obama

This past weekend, I followed the changing of our Nation’s leaders on YouTube. Barack Obama and family leaving the White House, while Trump and family moved into the White House. I watched sadly, as Obama waved and then turned to walk into the plane. I shed a few tears. Then I went out, and got a little drunk as well. He had made history. I had loved him as our President. I didn't feel as though it was just President Barack Obama, but First Lady Michelle Obama, a poised and beautiful black woman, who was intelligent and possessed a sense of humor, and their family, had represented our country perfectly.

America had been in a trend that I don't think many people ever thought would happen in their lifetime. I was biracial myself and felt pretty vindicated when he won his first term. I had even posted self-made videos to YouTube in support of his campaign. They had been a slideshow montage of pictures from his campaign trail, and Grateful Dead's "Truckin" had been the background music. I would have included it for this, unfortunately, that account is long gone.

As Trump's beginning days of Presidency were set to begin, I read an article on what happens as these families change places. The first hours of this old American ceremony, had a tradition of leaving each other gifts and letters. The packing and moving trucks, exits and entrances. The morning coffee they share, before our new President takes his oath to serve our country…

I read an article reminiscing the last 8 years of Obama changing the White House rules, and its unspoken traditions. Like when he moved a bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office, and replaced it with a bust of Civil Rights Leader, Martin Luther King Jr. Without such a man helping to pave the way for a better America, Obama would not have been voted into two terms of Presidency. Go Martin Luther King Jr!! Right?

Apparently not. Apparently, as Trump starts his first week as President of the United States, the changes that Obama had promised, and had delivered for two terms, some of those changes are still protected, regardless of Trump "making America great again" and already demanding media black-outs, already demanding censorship of anything reminding us of what the last 8 years was like. You see, Obama’s humble changes had been for the better of all Americans (and humanity as a whole, he knew climate change was real and a threat to our entire planet). President Trump started his term by eliminating our participation with an enormous trade deal that would have made regulations easier, and tariff’s obsolete. This was something interesting to me.

I grew up in a Republican home and know quite a lot about following stock market prices, trends, and how they work. I’m not a gambler and don’t have any kind of luxury for risky investing. I have only invested twice in my life; in Microsoft in 1999 and a few years ago. I didn’t lose a single dime of my measly investment. It earned, but just enough to break even and have a bit extra. Just 3 years ago I kept my eye on steel. AK Steel (NYSE: AKS) actually. This discussion was in play then. Would America take part? How will it affect our already declining steel trade market? I had to read more on what Trump did to us. It was the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) he pulled the US from. It protected workers from every country that was a party to it, lowering the price of goods and services, and making it a much more competitive market around the globe. It would have helped the poorer countries gain economic footing, and it would strengthen American ties with half the world’s trading nations. Now that Trump has signed us out, following China’s decision to not participate in a free trade agreement, and it raises concerns of the safety of American workers abroad, the pirating of American drugs, goods and software, and the costs of our own need for foreign raw materials used in manufacturing. I guess Trump feels if it’s not good enough for China, then it’s not good enough for America? I’m more interested in the future effects on American economy and the stock market. Our participation in TPP meant more control over illegal pharmaceuticals and intellectual property in this digital age. And he has signed executive orders to support the Keystone pipeline! First, the Keystone pipeline will rip up half the country, destroy the environment, and completely destroy our country’s Native American land. Obama opposed it from the get-go. It’s not only environmentally hazardous, but ignores Federally protected land laws. Haven’t they been screwed over enough? There are other clean energy bills to focus on, for wind and solar projects, that don’t rip up America’s already bloody roots.

Then I read he is also implementing zero federal dollars to providers of abortion. Trump moved right along with his choice to reinstate Reagan’s Mexico City Policy. It’s like every other President or two needs to try and control a woman’s choice with her own body. Pretty annoying. Reminds me of North Korea. Anti-American propaganda anyone? The Trump Administration now has it, with a bag of chips.

As for Winston Churchill, it definitely wasn’t the best bust for the Oval Office, during President Obama’s two terms in office. I thank him for being true to his own convictions, without even saying a word about his choice. Without Martin Luther King Jr, quite a lot of people would not be here today. That’s putting it mildly. Sure, people try to downplay the embarrassment of the Civil Rights Movement... NOW. But let’s face it, it was no pity party. No cupcakes were served, no innocent food fights broke out. Water didn’t get sprayed from hoses at children who crashed because they didn’t get invited. People got blacklisted, and assassinated, for showing up to rallies, and harassed for speaking out against terrorism and hate. The fight that men such as Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr, and women such as Sojourner Truth and Rosa Parks fought started centuries ago. Their courage against atrocities committed against a different skin color, and ethnicity, helped change American ways. America was founded by those seeking religious freedoms. Sadly, in doing so, freedoms were also stolen, sold, and killed off. The courage of men and women, some whose names are lost in translation, lost to time, and the people who helped them, helped change the laws around the globe. Their courage made them great. Even the Dictator Napoleon of France abolished the slave trade in the late 1700’s. Today, terrorism and hate carries on, as Trump takes office, and our country falls back a couple of steps. Our country won’t fall back too much, President Trump can only do so much, for so long. I seriously doubt it will be two terms. If he gets through one, I will be amazed.

You see, Winston Churchill was not an American Citizen. Today, he can actually be considered a war criminal. Does President Trump know this? Churchill was Irish born and bred, from a very well-to-do set of parents who had tons of money. Does Trump feel like he has a lot in common with this British Prime Minister, and Freemason, who became an Honorary American? Some say he was a hero, but Winston Churchill was all over the place! He was a war monger and terrorist in Africa, India, and his own country of Ireland. The result of his actions from meddling within Iran for decades still carry on today. He described Iran as “A prize from fairyland, beyond our wildest dreams.”—Winston Churchill, while he planned to take control of Iran’s oil for Britain in 1914. He kept company with, and advised, many political leaders, and even dictators such as Stalin and Mussolini. He was also friends with American Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Truman. He was not the first, and certainly won’t be the last Freemason in American history. Does Trump know what that is? Does he even know the origins of the “peace” hand sign? What it means? Why Freemasonry with propaganda always worked so well together? As a real estate millionaire, President Trump better know this important information in American History. Freemasonry does not, QUITE SO BLATANTLY, push forth "alternative facts" in this day and age. It is old, well-researched, and EVERYWHERE. It can be found on the oldest, most beautiful architecture in America, for instance. There are buildings right in Buffalo, NY, such as Buffalo City Hall, that possess this oldest of Architectural design, inside and out, throughout blocks. Does Trump know who Benjamin Banneker was? Do his supporters? This is basic elementary school history now! Our country was founded by Freemasons, designed by their passion in researching, cultivating and practicing the sciences. The Freemasons that founded our country came from Europe, where those who practiced such "Forbidden Arts" were considered heretics at one point and put to death. Yes, some of them were labeled "insane."

Freemasons were self-educated, free-thinkers. They looked for apprentices and mentored each other. Although ahead of their time, they have had to adapt to changing times. Hence, the Abolishment of Slavery Act, the Equal Rights Amendment, the Civil Rights Movement, and the courageous men and women who made it all happen. Can Trump even comprehend what it took in American history for us to have Barack Obama voted into two terms of Presidency? Then to have Hillary Clinton run as a nominee for President, directly after Obama's terms? Judging by all that has happened since Trump has been inaugurated, his orders to exert control of the media about him, the blatant disregard for our free speech in the media, I would say NO. Trump has no clue. America is a free country. American citizens are allowed opinions, (which he himself is more than happy to share on his Twitter), and the exposure to facts, with the internet today, is not quite so easy to censor. This is 2017. The office of the American President is not a monarchy, he is not royalty, and his job is not King or Emperor. Nobody cares about his grandiose sense of self. Well, he wanted to be in the big leagues, and now he better start acting like he’s worthy. After he goes back to school to learn American History (as well as the history of our allies, enemies), I suggest President Trump, an Entertainment Industry Mogul and Real Estate Millionaire, focus on more important national business than his competitive nature and need for control. Trump's money was made money in the entertainment industry and in real estate. It’s all about appearances for him. He has already started by trying to control public opinion about him. He is hardly cutting edge and new. His policies will be found to be dated, just like his opinion on equal rights, free speech, and foreign policies.

Change is hard, Mr. Trump. I refer to you as MISTER, because you made it clear on your website within hours of being in the White House, that you don’t want to be addressed as PRESIDENT Trump. I could call you "Uncle Bob." But I don’t think you would understand the pun unless you have seen My Own Private Idaho. If you feel embarrassed at all about being referred to as President, perhaps its due to the low self-esteem you feel from the years of being a shady businessman, on top of your guilt of what you are doing, and what you know deep down is wrong. You are screwing over America.

President Barack Obama promised change and delivered it to our country. His legacy in office, serving as President of the United States of America, for 8 years, will last forever. President Obama, thank you and see you later!

*This was my past post from the now defunct Niume blog site.*

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