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Russia Asks China For Help.

This According to The White House.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 2 years ago • 3 min read

Russia is accused by the Joe Biden administration of asking China for military assistance in Ukraine. If this is the truth, it may show Russia is struggling to meet its military objectives. Why would this be so? Possibly because Russia did not expect such a tough resistance from Ukrainian forces. Also, state-of-the-art Western weapons are taking a toll, on Russian forces. After two weeks of entering Ukraine, it is only now, that Russia has made significant military progress.

Russia warned the West it would strike at supply routes ferrying in weapons to Ukraine. And yesterday, a number of Russian missiles, took out a Ukrainian military base. This base had been used for training Ukrainian forces by NATO. A number of people on the base were injured and a large number were killed.

This attack ruffled NATO feathers as the military base is near the Polish border. Poland is a member of NATO and if any of these missiles had landed on Polish soil, NATO could have been at war, with Russia. Russia doesn't want conflict with NATO. However, the missile attack shows Russia is not scared of NATO either.

China and Russia have agreed to back each other. China must surely have been aware of the Russian's intention to invade. China abstained at a UN meeting to condemn Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. China has stayed largely silent over the war. However, unsubstantiated rumours said that China deplores Russia's war. The body language between Putin and Chinese President Xi seems friendly enough. Can you trust the words and actions of China though?

China itself is a nation under a dictatorship where Tibetans, Hong Kongers, and Uighur Muslims are suppressed. China has designs on Taiwan and may at some point exercise those designs with a full-scale invasion of the runaway island.

Jake Sullivan, Mr. Biden's Security Adviser, is meeting Chinese Diplomat Yang Jiechi in Rome. Mr. Sullivan has warned there will be severe consequences for China if the country is helping Russia. These consequences will be harsh sanctions applied to China as with Russia.

The Chinese have disavowed Mr. Sullivan's words as American "disinformation". A Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, has denied that Russia asked China for military assistance. Mr. Penkov said Russia did not need Chinese help and had the resources to handle Ukraine.

Diplomacy to stop a Russian invasion by Western nations failed. Even now, Emmanuel Macron of France and Chancellor Olaf Scholz of Germany spoke to Putin. However, both Western leaders came away empty-handed as Putin would not budge an inch. Mr. Putin is set on his goal of finishing what he started in Ukraine.

Separately, there have been talks, between Ukraine and Russia. These talks have been held in Belarussia. Ironic really when the country is a friend of Russia and allowed its territory to be used as a launchpad for Russia's invasion. There have been rumours that Belarussian forces would join Russia in its conquest of Ukraine. The latest news about peace talks between Ukraine and Russia is that, surprisingly, there has been some progress.

We can only hope and pray that somehow diplomacy wins the day. And that, the suffering, destruction, and chaos come to an end soon.

Meanwhile, thousands of refugees continue to flood into Eastern Europe and beyond. Poland has taken the brunt of the refugees. Other countries like Moldova, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, etc, have taken many in too. Western countries like Germany, have also, taken in this huddle of humanity.

The UK on the other hand has been criticized by other European countries for not taking enough. Initially, the UK took in 1000 refugees, but now more are being accepted.


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