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Ukrainian President: To Address House of Commons.

Volodymyr Zelensky: Man On a Mission.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Embattled, Ukrainian President, Vladymyr Zelensky, is to address the British House of Commons. This is the debating chamber in the UK, where the government of the day and the opposition parties, vote, debate, and discuss important issues.

Mr Zelensky has shown stoic bravery in the face of Russian aggression. His armed forces have fought valiantly against overwhelming Russian presence and firepower. Mr Zelensky has not abandoned his people. He makes broadcasts to his people and the world regularly.

Although the Russians, are gaining ground very slowly, it has not been the blitzkrieg victory they thought it would be. This is why now, the Russians are throwing even more firepower at Ukraine's cities and towns. Unable to beat the Ukrainian army on the ground sufficiently they have resorted to attacking civilian areas. This is something the Russians have done in Syria, notably in the city of Aleppo. It seems when Russian troops on the ground are encountering stiff resistance, it is standard practice to unleash hell on civilian areas. Possibly, to root out enemy fighters and also to scare away the population. Aleppo was reduced to rubble to give Russia a victory in Syria. It seems the Russians are employing the same bulldozer tactics in destroying Ukrainian cities. Russia wants victory at all costs. Even if they kill thousands, thousands flee, and the buildings are reduced to rubble.

We have all seen the awful footage of dead and dying Ukrainian civilians. Many of them have escaped to other European countries. Some like Moldova can hardly afford to look after their own. Yet the population has shown kindness to fleeing Ukrainians. Poland and other Eastern European nations have also taken in thousands of Ukrainians. The refugees are mainly women and children. The men aged between 18 - 60 must stay behind and fight alongside their military comrades in arms.

Western nations like the UK are supporting Ukraine with money and arms. However, the acceptance of Ukrainian refugees is poor compared to other Western European nations.

The Ukrainian President has been asking the West for a no-fly zone. Mr Zelensky called on NATO to supply Russian-made fighters and advanced anti-aircraft systems. President Zelensky has been compared to Winston Churchill another inspirational war leader.

Before Russia invaded Ukraine there were NATO troops there. NATO troops were there in small numbers training Ukrainian forces on how to use Western-made weapons. Did those NATO troops get out of the country when Russia invaded? Or are some of them still there advising their Ukrainian counterparts?

Mr Zelensky will notice all political parties putting aside their political differences. The Conservatives, Labour, and others are united in their support for Ukraine. No doubt, Mr Zelensky, will still call on the UK to do more. Like accepting more Ukrainian refugees, like imposing a no-fly zone, and more things to help the Ukrainian war effort. Of course, the Ukrainian President will not be there in person but will be live from Kyiv.

Mr Zelensky has said Ukraine is not only fighting for its survival but for all democracies in Europe. And while some, may see, the President's words as a bit overdramatic, he has a point. The Ukrainian armed forces are fighting dictatorship and are representing all peace-loving democracies.

Mr Zelensky said recently that if Ukraine falls, the rest of Europe will be next. Is he right? Well, that depends if Russia can conquer all of Ukraine?

Right now Mr Putin is making very slow progress on the battlefield. If Russia were to conquer, all of Ukraine, they would still face determined resistance.

Whether Putin would stop at Ukraine is difficult to gauge. To guess at such things is speculation. The coming weeks and months will reveal what happens in this ongoing tragic scenario.


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I am a freelance writer currently writing for Blasting News and HubPages. I mainly write about politics. But have and will cover all subjects when the need arises.

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