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Robert Jenrick Flies to Med.

Visiting Tunisia, Italy, France, Etc.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Robert Jenrick.

We all know that Home Secretary Suella Braverman wishes to tackle illegal migration. Sunak her Boss has made 'Stopping The Boats' a priority.

Sunak flew to Paris a while ago to give yet more money to the French. Why because it would help Macron stop illegal migrants crossing the Channel. Are these endless donations to the French stopping people from coming? Or are the French laughing behind our backs? After all once the migrants have left French territorial waters why should they be bothered?

There was a case where migrants refused to get on board a French patrol ship. The reason being those migrants did not want to go back from whence they had come. They wanted to be taken aboard a UK patrol vessel and taken to the UK. The migrants admitted the UK was the destination they wanted to go to. So what happened? A British vessel did pick them up and bring them to British shores. Of course, picking them up was the right thing to do. However, picking up these feckless people doesn't exactly make the UK's policy on illegal migration strong.

Now the weather is improving migrants are expected to take to the channel exponentially. Gangs will be having a field day taking money from migrants and giving them unworthy vessels. Many of these dinghies are not built to take piles of people. Most do make it to the British coast or get brought to our shores courtesy of British patrol vessels. Many though have capsized and people have lost their lives.

Robert Jenrick who works for Suella Braverman is journeying to the Mediterranean. Mr. Jenrick is on a fact-finding mission. He is visiting North African nations like Tunisia. Whilst in North Africa he will speak to their leaders about migrants crossing the Med to Europe. He will also journey to Italy and France. To discuss migration in those countries. To discuss all those migrants who leave Italy and France wishing to come to the UK.

400,000 migrants are expected to cross the Med this year alone. Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is Italy's first female leader. She has been in the job for a year. Meloni was elected on an anti-migrant ticket. Many Italians are fed up with Sub-Saharan migrants and others coming to Italy.

While one can feel empathy for these people one can also understand Italians feeling resentful. Meloni is to some, a controversial figure. Meloni comes from a fascist background and refers to Mussolini as being a great Italian.

Now Meloni has promised to crack down on illegal migration. The proof of her statements will be the actions she takes to stop migrants from coming. Or ejecting those she deems illegal being held under lock and key in Italy.

Of course, as in Britain, many Italians are also very accommodating to these people. Nothing wrong with that. However, can Italy cope with huge numbers of people? This dilemma is also facing other European nations including the UK

Jenrick after visiting the Med will return to the UK. Armed with relevant information that may determine how many of these will head to Northern France. And how many will take to the Channel and head for Britain?

The British government is launching an advertising campaign. A campaign to deter and dissuade migrants from coming to the UK. Will this campaign deter the migrants from crossing the channel to England? It depends on the content of these adverts and whether migrants will be put off from coming.

Migrants so far have not been put off from journeying to the UK. Immigration and migration are hot topics once more in Britain.

It will be a major battleground for the government and opposition parties as we approach next years general election.


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