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Racism will Not Solve this

by TechNOGeek Reviews 2 years ago in controversies

This Coronavirus has me on edge

Racism has been reborn because of the coronavirus how it is at risk of getting normalized and the danger it presents to Asian Americans. The dangerous ways Americans have reacted to the coronavirus out of fear. In Americans' fearful reaction to the risk of getting the virus their way of self-preservation, they do not preserve Asian Americans just found an excuse to be racist. The mistake in Wuhan has a long-lasting impact on the Chinese community around the world.

The main premise of the article is racism is getting normalized out of fear and that it is not good for Asian Americans and what Wuhan has done to us will leave a damaging imprint on Asian Americans and other Americans. That will most likely bring outrage in Asian Americans ten years down the line that will leave a permanent imprint on our society. The two Authors who are female named Holly Yan and Natasha Chen are trying to say that when chips are down and there shown an image of how people in a country are that brings out their inhuman side they have video proof of a person trying beat an Asian person near death and witness accounts

The racist people are guided by there own self-image and need for survival. They have a misguided idea that if they put down Chinese people or harm them that somehow this will make the whole coronavirus go away but it won't. It's too late it's all over international borders and has happened to people who do work young and old alike and Italy's numbers are rising as weeks go by will be in the same boat if we don't take it seriously but that's beyond the point harming Chinese people by misguided use of the humanism principle will not stop the coronavirus all it will do is make Chinese hate white people and by the time white people try go back to being nice once this is all resolved from 2 to 8 years it will be too little too late.

The article is about the negative effects that Chinese people have to deal with due to coronavirus. How it's brought racist back out in the open. They have once had those ideas but the casualty around the world and the misguided rage not understanding Chinese people were in the same boat as Italy and Iran way before it's just people ignored them when they were in this hurricane storm of disaster. The racist is looking for a quick person to blame they think if they just harm Chinese people it will go away but it's on all of us this catastrophe international historic blunder.

We are going through troubling times in history right now. None of us saw it coming. We had tons of warning signs by history and youtube videos telling us viruses are more dangerous than a nuclear bomb but we were too distracted by the politics of our time we fought to keep borders open without thinking about dangers they bring when there is the high amount of danger. We mustn't act like the racist. We must have empathy for all nationalities alike going through this hardship. Hope right now will lead to us falling more. I've always been the cynical optimist. Greta was partially right as much as it kills me to say it. It wasn't how we live that caused this chaos but governments around the world not closing the border when they should have to make a profit off more than human life. Liberals and Republicans were both right about trump. Trump calling the coronavirus the Chinese virus even though they are just as much the victim in this as we are never made me more disgusted and hatred towards Trump. Had trump done his whole selling point of the 2016 election lots of casualties could have been avoided and don't get me started on Uk's terrible Heard mentality that will leave more dead in our wake. My prime minister is trying to quick-fix it by keeping us all indoors but by the time we go back outside, we will be in the same wake of the dead as other countries. We were not ready for this none of us

We should never judge Chinese people. Racism never resolves anything.I wish we could go back in time and stop the person from selling bat as food or forced our government to contain the outbreak more in a different timeline. We are just as guilty we ignored it. This bed we made must lay in it. Now we must clean our hands a lot wear a mask outside for safety and buy food in bulk just in case we lose our work or education.I have no hope just hold onto everyone I lovee the best way I can in isolation.


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