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Political Opinion: GOP Party

by Kristen Dean 3 years ago in opinion
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My personal opinion on Republicans Leaving Congress and other job positions

In the beginning of US history, the Republican Party was about helping the citizens first. But now in 2019, I have been hearing on the news: GOP is jumping ship. I can't help but to wonder, did they even think about their voters? Before quitting their jobs, did the GOP stop for five minutes in their spare time of the people? The people who relied on them to make better policies, so that owners could keep their small businesses up and running? Conservative parents and non-parents who wish to see more job opportunities in their local neighborhoods? With the debate on gun control, republicans have run away out of sight, leaving us scratching our heads, pondering how they failed to act upon something serious and heinous. Do not get me wrong, I am part of the Independent Party. I am not in favor of conservative ideals. I am just worried where this country is heading. A small percentage still try to help the US in any way they can. There was an article on the news of a female senator in the state of Oregon. She sent the cops to go after a group of republicans, because they refused to show up to decide on a bill about climate change. If you ask me, thats pretty nuts. Politicians should be more competent than this. (R-M) Susan Collins herself is another culprit herself. When a young woman walked up to her to ask what will be done about the school shootings, Susan vaguely said she did not have much to comment. Granted, there is not much she could possibly talk about, but the American people do have the right to know if they will be safe. (R-TX) Will Hurd marks as the fifth republican of Texas to leave during a time there was a crisis. He goes on to say: The reason he left congress was because of Trump's inaction of handling gun policy. I understand it's a way to object against our president. But wouldn't it make sense to stay and band together, to come up with an idea of their own? Try to push the idea until it gets approved? Sure, creating new laws takes a certain amount of time before anything is decided. I don't want republicans to take over the White House. I just feel the GOP is not going to be able to get back up after they have fallen. It has been hard for the GOP to defend for Trump, after so many terrible comments from the president himself. The public opinion is wavering, and not a single sign of hope is tangible at this point. It breaks my heart the GOP has decided to forget about the people who voted for them into office, after placing all their trust to get certain things done. By leaving their seats, the republicans are leaving America behind.

By Kristen M Dean


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