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Healthcare Our Obstacle

by Kristen Dean 3 years ago in opinion
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Why we need medicare for all: In America our healthcare is too expensive

There are very good reasons to have free healthcare. People in the United States cannot afford the prices out of pocket. The biggest problem is the insurance companies. Insurance companies don't look out for their consumers. They never have and never will. The Americans are not stupid. We have opened our eyes and ears to the truth. Health insurance corporations are not here to help us in our time of need. Keep in mind their goal is to take money from us. Oftentimes, a person will make a call to have their coverage paid for, asking for assistance to cover the cost of his or her medical bill, only to be told the it will not be paid for. What is the point of having insurance if you are left to pay out of pocket each time you visit the doctor? On the news, a woman died before she could get to the hospital. The men who drove the ambulance refused to place her inside the vehicle. They refused because she was uninsured.

For those who don't know yet, medical bills went up between $222 and $4,000. You have to pay down per month. On CBS News, new information came out. Hospitals and insurance companies privately negotiate prices in secret. What makes this worse is even if you call the accounting department to lower your bill, the department will say they won't do it for you. They may switch you to talk to someone else. Until we receive medicare for all, it's time to accept the reality. Both hospitals and insurance companies do not care about the American people, at least some. As a result, some business owners are giving support to establish medicare for all, mostly because it's hard managing payments for business and medical bills. It's great to see how some people are becoming more aware of this situation. But, we need more than the self-employed to help. I believe the government, not just our president, needs to lend a helping hand.

A young college student on CNN five years ago said she is uninsured. She is uninsured because she can't afford to pay health coverage. This student's name is Jaime. She owns a coffee shop, uninsured, and takes Advil and Tylenol for her sick days. She would not know what to do if she became severely ill. My argument to that: If you are uninsured, then apply for term insurance instead. Of course it's easy for me to say this, but it depends on which state a person lives in. Some states have good insurance companies which care for their clients. Health coverage tends to get more expensive, if you are a cigarette or pot smoker. Smokers may be ineligible to receive health benefits. Certain conditions such as cancer, heart attacks, Crohn's disease, neurological disorders, HIV, or aids can make you ineligible for private insurance, even if you sign up for a life insurance plan.

You can still be rejected. Some insurance companies are lenient to give you discounts off your prescriptions. But that's it, and even with the discount, is it enough for you to afford the price? I found this all troubling. It is almost as if these companies don't want to help American citizens. I know I mention this already in the article. Doctors of course need to get paid somehow; that's why they hand the bill to their patients, leaving people pondering in anxiety and fear. Patients end up trying to make payments in the most disastrous ways. Some people compromise buying food, clothes, and car payments. No one no matter how severe the medical illness is, a patient should never be given the burden of paying over thousands of dollars in bills. Doctors are left with the dilemma to hand the costs over to their patients. What must be done: people calling their state senators to stop hospitals from accepting high prices.

To resolve this problem it makes sense to boycott the health insurance companies. If people stop signing up for them, the citizens might see some results. Insurance companies need clients to make profits. If we decide to stop making monthly payments, maybe it could put them in a hole, but I'm just second guessing. Money should not come first before your life. We must ask ourselves: What is more important? Paying high medical bills, or making sure the patient goes home feeling their mind at ease? People can make the argument that it's important to pay for healthcare. That is only because it has been capitalized for so many years. I know it may seem like I don't know what I am talking about, and it seems I'm throwing ideas around. However, I think we can come to an agreement that America needs an affordable healthcare system.

By Kristen M Dean


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