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Playing Devil's Advocate #2

1/25/2022 The Power of Words

By Kerry WilliamsPublished 2 years ago β€’ 12 min read
P.S. I am not abandoning Trump And The Republicans. That's how the screen shows.

Fox News’ Peter Doocy labelled β€˜a stupid son of a b****’ by Joe Biden - The Independent - UK (and in case you're wondering, The President called him "A Stupid Son-of-a-Bitch." Bitch. It's a word.

So, let me start off with a quick note. I had to "revise/re-write" this because it was not approved the first time around. The reason given; "Story makes assertions of personal beliefs." Uhhhh, not sure what that means. So I looked it up in the community guidelines. Basically, I was way too one sided, and they were right. This is Devil's advocacy. We need, not just one side of the story. We need ALL Sides of the story. I apologize, and I promise to do better.

Let's start off with the elephant in the room? Swearing. I swear, my son swears, most people, from time to time, swear. Statistics have shown that intelligent people swear more often than others. So when it comes down to it, I say, swear.

Then again, we are talking about the President of the United States of America, right? Shouldn't he be more classy? Then again, he was being classy. He wasn't just swearing in the guys face. It was a hot mic. So, back to square one! Is swearing good for the soul? In this day and age, where people are only way too eager to let things slide, or duck and cover, I say FUCK IT. Go ahead and swear. Say what you will. If someone is being a stupid son of a bitch, tell them to their face. Maybe they'll think about it in a moment of self reflection, or while pondering on the porcelain throne. Either way, don't hold back.

Then again, there are a lot of crazies out there... Calling someone a stupid son-of-a-bitch... might get you punched, or shot, or worse! They say verbal confrontation is not reason for violence, but more and more people are going straight to violence, without giving it a second thought. Righteousness is worthless if you're dead.

Maybe not voicing yourself is the safer way to go, but at the same time, it gives all the people who deserve a tongue lashing, or a loud proclamation about their obvious lack of morals, or intelligent judgement, a pass, which in turn, condones and promotes asinine behavior.

I know. Maybe the way to go is to carry a small amlifier and a mic, and speak to people respectfully, but then, as you walk away, let them know what you really think, just make sure you're far enough away to run. Truth is truth, opinion is opinion, the more you know, the more you glow.

No more pencils: New SAT will be shorter, all online and report scores faster - NBC News

Wow. We've had computers for how long now? We're already doing computerized voting and we're just now getting to computerized SATs? What's next? Electric toaster? The wheel? Sharp rocks tied to the end of a stick? We're really going super advanced here. This is big news too! Everyone needs to know. Headlines...

I will admit, The more we integrate this sort of thing, the more we will become accustomed to it. I'm old school. Remember the little ovals you had to fill in with a number 2 pencil, and some kid in class would SOMEHOW sneak a number 1 or 1.2 pencil into class, use that, and get an F... It happened in my school. Anyway, aside from making sure you fill in the oval completely, and staying away from the hanging chad (that's when your daughter's annoying boyfriend hangs around too much) those pencil and paper testing methods are so... well, I guess so 2021. I was going to say 80's but apparently they've still been using them up until now!

Maybe the delay is because, much like any other thing, the schools and government bought billions of dollars worth of supplies, and they had to use them all up before they wanted to make the switch.

1982: "Hey Fred! We're down to the last scanna-ma-jig and I'm having trouble ordering number two pencils! When can we switch over to touch screen testing?" 1986: "Ehhhhh? Ohhhh, oh, that. Well... Jimmy just got back from the school testing depot. We've got another... uh... sixteen big rig tractors filled with scantron test sheets! Once we use those up, we can switch over. 1990: "FRED! Fred, the last scanna-ma-jig is broken! The sheets won't feed through and we've got no more pencils!" 1992: "Ehhh? Well, corporate, I mean, district headquarters says it's still cheaper if we have a technician flown in from Kuala Lumpur, and fix the machine! Also, he said something about being able to switch the machine to read INK." 1998: "FRED! Hey Fred, the scanna-ma-rip-off machine is on the blitz again! It's not reading the tests right! Everyone is getting better scores and the paper is... moldy." 2019: "Fred? Hey, Fred? You okay?" Fred: "Ehhhh, yeah. Sorry. I dozed off. You want me to plug in the scan-a-ma-jig?" 2020: "Fred. Go home. Nobody's going to school. No testing till next year." 2021: Fred starts looking at the last tractor trailer, filled with soft white paper, just sitting there, not being used for anything.... 2022: "Hey Fred? Hey! Schools back in session! Gov'nor says no home schooling allowed! Where's the scanna-ma-jiggers? Fred? Fred, you there?"

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. apologizes for saying the unvaccinated have less freedom than Anne Frank did. - The Washington Post

Wait... What? Are you fucking kidding me? How in the hell did I miss this? HOW, ON EARTH, did I miss something so important as this? Who is Robert F. Kennedy Jr? No, I'm serious. I thought... well, I thought the name was jinxed. Besides a comedian, and, well, just the comedian Jamie Kennedy, I know of no other Kennedys. Wow.

Okay, so. Freedom of speech meets freedom to be a dick. Basically. You can say what you want, when you want, about who you want. That's America. AAAAAND you can pay the piper in the eyes of the public, get roasted for your opinions, loose your job, get a job with your favorite political party, whatever. It's all about raising the hairs and hackles of as many people you can, and still surviving.

Will this survive the headlines for more than a week? Probably not. Will this Kennedy guy loose his job? Uhhhh, I don't think with a last name of Kennedy, he needs whatever job he has, so he'll probably suffer very little, people will forget about it, and... who were we talking about?

Kremlin eyes U.S. actions over Ukraine with great concern - Reuters

YAY. Shouldn't they? The wolves are always watching their prey. It's either political grandstanding to get trade or embargo alleviations, OR... setting up for invasion. It could go either way.

You know a lot of people think Russia is cold and dreary because, IT IS. They're at the same Latitude as northern Canada. Think Ice Road Truckers meets Frontier Living off the grid, EVERY DAY. I love watching Russian car crash videos on YouTube. They're great. Aaaaah Suuuu-Kaaarr! But when it comes down to it, the Russian people are just every day normal guys and gals like us. They wanna get up, shovel their car out of six feet of snow, go to work without crashing, come home and watch Youtube videos and drink themselves into oblivion. JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!

The issue is, it's all about leadership. Do you think American's wanted our president going and being all lovey-dovey with the leader of North Korea? Nah, but at the same time, 99.9% of North Koreans are probably very descent folk. Probably more-so than here in the USA. They, just like their Russian and Chinese neighbors, they just wanna LIVE. They wanna wake up, kiss their kids, eat breakfast, go to work without being detained or killed for not praising their supreme leader enough, and then come home and drink... I don't know what they drink in North Korea. My point is, universally, most people on this planet and descent hard working fun loving, and peaceful. It's always those in power who make the decisions, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I feel for the Ukranian people, and the Russian people. I hope this is just another political bargaining chip, at worst, because honestly, there;s way too much death now-a-days.

Peter Dinklage slams Disney's live-action Snow White remake: 'What the f--- are you doing?' - Entertainment Weekly

I absolutely LOVE the Dink. I bet he'd bitch slap me for calling him that. Nah, he's probably the coolest dude in the universe and he's so good at acting he really makes me believe he is each character he portrays. Fucking amazing guy, amazing chops. I get what he's saying, and then again... let's play devil's advocate.

What is ACTING if not, portraying yourself as something YOU'RE NOT.

A straight man acts gay, Brokeback Mountain. Heh, go ahead and name your own movie titles. I'll wait. A mother plays the part of a single heroin addict, trying to overcome the obstacles in her life. A perfectly healthy young man portrays the part of a man with autism, who just happens to be a doctor. The list goes on and on, but then... there comes this line we can't cross anymore. The line is... skin color. Well, it used to be, now it's more than that. Now it's culture, ethnicity, background, history.

Since when did it become a requirement that a specific color, or ethnicity of person, play a role that fits them best? I thought... I thought we were playing make believe? And, isn't it the point of playing make believe, to be so good at it, that you convince the audience that you ARE, then thing you're not?

There are so many critics of ethic whitewashing and cultural appropriation, white people playing parts that a different, more ethnically fitting person might play, but... what exactly is going on here? Is the Real Life film adaptation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs going to feature... people with Dwarfism? I... I don't know what's going on here, so I'll just leave it at that. Man oh man.

Alabama woman loses thousands through Zelle app scam - WFLA News Channel 8 Florida

We've all heard or seen these scams going on and more and more, we are subjected to these CRIMES, yet... nobody seems willing to do anything about it. From porch pirates to Zelle scams, to warranty scams, to trouble shooting scams, it seems like scams are now scams galore. As I sit and type this, my mother in law is fighting with a scammer on the phone, trying to get him to remove her information from his database... but they won't. She's like many Americans now-a-days. Right on the edge of knowing what is real, and not being able to tell the difference.

At what point do we decide, as a nation, we've had enough? It's nice to think that our boys in blue are fighting crime on our behalf, but who's really fighting this stuff? Then again, I'm playing the Devil's advocate! Maybe... maybe you deserve it!

You remember the things your teacher told you in class about arithmetic and counting your money? How about, don't keep all your chickens in one basket? My father HATED it when we let someone borrow something. Years later, I HATE doing it myself because 9 times out of ten, those who borrow do not return that which they borrowed. And now, people just steal stuff left and right. But that brings me back to my point. Don't stupid people deserve to be duped? Doesn't it teach them a lesson? Meh, maybe not.

I've followed a lot of these scam victims, I watch a channel (yeah another one on youtube) called Scammer Payback. Perogi is awesome. I gotta give that guy credit for really taking it to these scammers. Jim Browning as well, and Mark Rober. Love you guys. In some cases, the people being scammed, are the most intriguing people I have ever seen.

One man, as he is getting scammed, is being told by the anti-scammer that this is happening, and is warned to NOT send money to the scammer. The victim promptly hangs up, calls the scammer back, and finished finalizing the plans to send money to the scammer, and even tells the scammer about the man who tried to interfere. I WANT to doubt that people, that humans as a whole can be so utterly and completely ignorant, yet... this is probably why it never fails to surprise me. I have way too much faith in people to think they are that... gullible.

Florida senator fights back over nude images stolen from her - WPTV - Florida

Nude Images? Now that is totally 80's. Not to discount someone's loss of privacy or feelings of being violated in such a way, but nude photos are not even nude photos anymore. Anyone with an adobe photoshop program and like thirty minutes of time to self teach can photoshop anyone's face to anything in the world. Nude Spongebob Squarepants anyone? And whos to say with the billions of look a likes out there that anything on the internet is even semi-real?

Well, this is just me trying to shield and help a victim deny that these photos might be real, or of her, when the reality is, What in the HELL is going on? A teenager tried to extort a lawmaker? Okay, the story is about as vague as you can get it. Go read it and come back. It'll only take you thirty seconds I swear. Okay. Got it? You read it all? Don't worry, you did not miss much.

So, Lauren Book, Senate Democrat from Plantation Florida... Yeah, there's a place in Florida called Plantation. Like Cotton and Sugar cane, sans Slavery. Ugh. The article says something about her being sexually abused... That's bad. At first I'm thinking that has something to do with it. Nope! Okay, so... just when you want to know more, there is no more.

What was the point? What... what is the moral of the story? What happened? What is the bill about? What does it do? What does it cover? TELL US SOMETHING!

But no. Nope, that's it.

Now, I don't want to discredit the article, until after you've read it. Since I assume you did read the article, I could sum it up in less words.

Fla. Dem. pushes legislation after teen extorts her for old nude pics.

There. I gave you just as much pertinent information, just as much as the original article, and wasted a lot less time. I still have the same questions, but feel like my one line of text did not leave anyone wanting for much more. With my example, you know I wasn't about to give you anything more because there wasn't shit there to begin with.

ON THE OTHER HAND... I want to make something clear right now. I'm not one for victim shaming. Just the absence of information is injustice enough, but this brief-vague article reeks of victim shaming. The fact that this woman is a politician, combined with my ignorance, automatically makes me doubt the core reason behind the legislation she's working to pass. This led me to do, what 99.9% of others are NOT going to do, which was investigate.

What did I find? Well, not much. The article is really just about it, BUT, with a bit of fortitude, I was able to uncover her seedy past! No, just kidding. LOL. No seedy past, but actually, a pretty active political one! Now, I'm not sure what part of my original story got me "denied" so I'm gonna refrain from putting a bunch of crap here, BUT I'm going to change it up a bit.

I feel that the original article was lacking. So, I've spruced it up a bit. One for the goodies, one for the baddies, here ya go. Let's play Devil's advocate and I'll let YOU decide which one you like more!

Ehhhh. You know, there comes a moment when you're writing something and you just... can't. I'd love to do this last piece but if giving you both sides of it is going to sacrifice my morality in the hopes of seeming unbiased, I'm sorry. I'm not going to do it. I am a pretty middle of the road kind of guy, but giving Senator Lauren Book anything less than stellar comments wouldn't sit right with me. She, and you as my followers and readers, deserve more. More morals, more fortitude and more self control from those who seek to influence or gain a following.

I also had some stuff here about Newt Gingrich, and his recent comments, but I'm going to give that a pass as well, and for the same reason. I just don't think I'd be able to find any good way to frame it. :(

As always, stay safe, stay happy, healthy, wealthy and wise. This is Kerry Williams, a.k.a. Pirate Stan sending this one off for approval! ARRRG!


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