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Playing Devil's Advocate

1/24/2022 Another Day - Another Dollar

By Kerry WilliamsPublished 2 years ago 11 min read

In this series I'm going to take a prominent headline from a couple sources such as, but not limited to: Google news, Huffington Post, Yahoo, Washington Post, New York Times, New York Post, Facebook, Twitter, etc. And give my honest opinion from both sides of the heavenly gates. Don't shoot the messenger. Change starts with yourself.

Let's start with the news itself. When we started printing the news online, we saw the downfall of printed newspapers. The Detroit Free Press, a company I once worked for, wasn't able to make the necessary changes quick enough. Like many others, it went bottom up. Now we look for news in more "focused" places, and yet WE EXPECT that we will receive the same dedicated non-biased journalism that we've always received. I ask you WHY?

Why do you deserve the TRUTH? If you want to know the truth, the truth tailored and fabricated just for you, do what many others are doing today... Look in the mirror and whip out that cell phone and start recording. It's always good for a quick laugh. Share your ignorance at the most common mundane things that most children learn at age five. Laugh. Share your ineptness. Laugh. Share your lies. Laugh. Get paid. That's all we are now. SCUMBAGS. Nobody wants to work HARD anymore. Nobody wants to put their nose to the grindstone, unless that's the brand name of the phone case you have, protecting your PRECIOUS.

Master likes the Precious, don't you? You want's it for yourself... don't you...

Biden administration identifying troops for possible deployment to Eastern Europe amid Russia tensions - CNN

The wolves are sitting at the fence to your neighbor's pasture, waiting for one of the sheep to leap over the fence. Do you leave the safety and solitude of your own home to help your neighbor scare off the wolves? What if you get attacked? What if you kill one of the sheep while firing your gun at the wolves and they go away? What if you anger the wolves and they break into the neighbors pasture, eat all the sheep, and when they're done, and they grow stronger, and start eyeballing your pasture?

Of course I'm speaking metaphorically. The wolves being Russia, and the neighbor's pasture being Ukraine. Being a military veteran and not one to shy away from injustice wherever it may be, I feel that my opinion is severely lacking for real world knowledge of what is going on here, but... I do know one thing. You don't scare wolves away with inaction. The wolves are wolves. And literary wolves are worse than the real ones, and at the same time, much more tame. Wolves. Always hungry for more. Always.

At the same time, other than paying taxes to Russia, and living under Poutine's hot cheese and gravy-like embrace, what do the people of Ukraine really care? Well, seems like they care a lot. They lived for years with a lying scumbag that filled their news with untruths and LIES every day, and now that they've realized the truth, they no longer want to go back to the lies. Putin's lies. Hmmmm.

Supreme Court to Review Race-Conscious Admissions Policies at Harvard, UNC - The Wallstreet Journal

Race conscious you say? What's that? A fancy word for Racist? Racism? I... I thought a lot of people said racism doesn't exist? If we don't talk about it, it doesn't exist folks. That's the truth. The second rule about Racism is, if you don't talk about it, it doesn't exist. The third rule about Racism is, if you're reading this, and you believe rule 1 and 2, you're a racist.

Since we trendy contemporary monkeys first learned to separate those square wooden blocks by their colors, we knew what racism was, and have been trained to not only accept it, but embrace it. Weed out the weeds. Get rid of the "bad apples" that look different from the rest of the bunch. The issue is not whether we discriminate. Those holier than thou, who want to believe, and want US to believe, that they aren't prejudice against anyone, are usually the worst. They would absolutely DIE if their daughter brought a black man to Thanksgiving dinner, much less marry and procreate with one. But those of us "fuck-woke" meaning we understand we all have faults and try our best to not let them get the best of us, know. We know.

Discrimination is inherent. Racism is inherent. Giving into discrimination and racism is something we, as HUMANS, try not to do. But when elitist white rich people want to have some things that they can separate and enjoy without the annoyances of darker skin colored people around, they tend to spread their influences as far and as wide as they possibly can! Well, why not? It's just good business practice, as they say. Get an inch, take a mile, and if you get sued, have a lawyer on retainer. Possession is 9/10ths of the law. If you can bankrupt them through the legal process, or draw it out until after you're dead, WHO CARES? You got what you wanted while you were alive. FUCK everyone else. If there is no afterlife, then rob pillage and burn this bitch while you can.

While some scream about the "I gotta get mine(s) first" attitude adopted by racially discriminated against people... those in power have now adopted the SAME mentality. The entire word has become a "fuck-you, I'm first" kind of world. You can't blame the masses when you're in charge! But you CAN change it... unfortunately, most in charge don't want to change it. They like it the way it is... which is why we have these rules.

Now, the rules before were.... fuck you. This is an all white college. All white male college. All white, all white, all white sauce? All the time. But then, we put laws in place to make sure colleges that received GOVERNMENT MONEY - Those are the real big bucks by the way... - We made sure they included some other folks with darker skin! Oh yeah, a lot of people with different skin tones are smart and deserve to get into those colleges! And sure enough, those colleges basketball and math quiz scores gradually came up to par... By the way, that's a racist epitaph with the thought of black people being good at basketball, or people of Asian ethnicity being good at math. It's probably true though. Most white people I know, suck at math and basketball. Sorry dudes. I'm not pulling any punches. You suck, and you know who you are.

So... now, years down the line, the sentiment by white people who are nearing extinction (in their own mind) is this; ANY ATTEMPT TO GAIN EQUALITY BY ANY MEANS OTHER THAN ARBITRARY RANDOM SELECTION, IS RACISM. Yes. In their eyes, this means, if you run an automotive shop that only hires white people, it's because that's the way it is. It has nothing to do with the color of your skin. MAKING THEM HIRE AN EQUALLY QUALIFIED BLACK MAN IS RASICM.

Now, this might sound a bit logical in a way, and truly, playing Devil's advocate was never so easy. It's true. It's true because we're all racist. Given free reign, we all revert back to our racist roots. Clutching our Grandmother's pearls, fearing the neighbors and their foreign ways, the evil just next door, until you find out your daughter is dating the Mexican guy next door.

Now, we live in America. Actually we live in The United States of America. U.S.A. Not 'Merica as some of your inbred fuck-tards enjoy screaming as you mount your sister at the local "only whites" bar. And more specifically, that "Government Money" is what everyone is after. But the rich white elitist motherfuckers aren't okay with giving up their prejudices and fears for that government money - no, not since the president said being a racist lying adulterous piece of shit was just fine. So, with his hand picked trifecta of right wing conservatives, we're getting ready to undo a thousand years of evolution and progress.

Hey! One silver lining thought to all this! If the Supreme court reverses things like Racial Equality laws, Abortion rights, and eliminates voting rights, slavery is next! I'm'a get me a big old fat white dude to play Call of Duty - Black Ops against so I can finally win. I won't pay him anything. Aww fuck. I just realized, I'm that dude already. Good thing I don't play.

What's next...?

Sarah Palin Vs. The New York Times - Brought to you by... The New York Times

Some things are better when you see the movie, Vs. the written word. This is probably one of them. Do you care? I might, if I could get the Porn title out of my mind. Sorry Palin. Like almost everyone before me, I'm going to have to pass on that.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange can appeal decision to extradite him to U.S., Britain’s High Court says - Washington Post

Read the article. It's good. Now for the fun.

When did you first learn that politicians LIE, and they are ALLOWED TO LIE, without CONSEQUENCES? For most people, a specific case or statement comes to mind. I'm not going to post mine here. But I will say this; SEEKING THE TRUTH, and TELLING THE TRUTH, should never be punishable offenses. Sorry political bitches! Sorry all you back door dealing bigots and bull shitters! National security is YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM, Mr. Government. If someone hacks your shit, well, you should have done a better job to secure that shit! Some dude in another country finds out your dirty little secrets because there are people WHO KNOW the Evil shit we're doing and have objections, but those in charge don't find their revulsion poignant enough to warrant further explanation... Well, maybe if you gave a shit more, and did less evil shit, there would be less to be upset about if the public found out.

See here's the issue. The people want to read all the dirty secrets Julian Assange published. If they didn't, he and those like him, wouldn't have a profession. The GOVERNMENT keeps saying "We're the good guys!" But we all know that's a matter of perspective.

Ask Edward Snowden how his Whistle blowing attempts went, before he had to take his information to someone else to expose the bullshit that was going on. Funny thing, on September 2, 2020, a U.S. federal court ruled in United States v. Moalin that the U.S. intelligence's mass surveillance program exposed by Edward Snowden was illegal and unconstitutional. So... he's a fucking American Patriot, that the US Government portrayed as a spy and a traitor, tried to get him in so many ways, and basically treated a United States Citizen as if they were an ENEMY OF THE STATE, in order to COVER UP their own ILLEGAL doings.

I find those who seek to change the truth, or stop the truth from being exposed, usually have the most to hide. SURE, SURE, we don't live in Nazi Germany. We're not a police state. We have privacy and laws... and... security! Unless you're poor. See not a single one of us regular normal everyday motherfuckers could afford to fight to keep our tax returns sealed against THE GOVERNMENT. Nah, so it's a rule for the rich. Only the rich get to keep the secrets, AND only the RICH get to determine who leaks those secrets too! Case in point, paying someone hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep quiet... is this a business decision? Or is this FRAUD? Or is this just the RICH getting away with what the RICH get away with?

Now, some would say... the Government would say, you can't just go speaking or relaying things you've witnessed! Well, some would. More and more people are waking up and recording shit, whether the police, or the government, allows it. Reality is, if the police want to act like the mafia, they get treated like the mafia.

If the government wants to act corrupt, treat them like a corrupt government! I mean, what the fuck is there to explain? Unless you wanna sign some cock-a-mamey executive order confiscating all the voting ballot machines and look for some supposed election fraud, or some made up bullshit like that. But we don't do that! This is 2022 and people now-a-days would never even CONSIDER some illegal, corrupt bullshit like that. Or would they?

Do not assume COVID pandemic reaching 'end game', warns WHO - Reuters

Who? Who said what? No, not what, What? Who? The Who? Aren't they a band? I love it when people who are supposed to be in charge of very serious life and death kinds of things, are given stupid names or titles. WHO. Why not just say "The World Health Organization". Nah. We're all profgessional like, right? It's too much for us to cut and paste full names, let's shorten shit down. U.S.A.! U.S.A! Ahhh fuck, even that's too long. US. There. Nailed it! Now, let's fire it up and just continuously forget the correct 'nunciation and start arbitrarily substituting who for WHO and us for U.S.A. Riiiiggghhht...

Haven't we heard enough about the pandemic? Here's the deal. If we had just let everything go like Mr. President Donald Trump said in the beginning, we'd have a shit load LESS people to worry about, and a SHIT LOAD more jobs! You can't have supply chain issues if nobody is alive to order shit online! All the anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers, and anti-mandate people could just get sick and die and use up all of the tax payers money on hospitalizations and ventilators and government funded cremations, while the remaining people, the ones who could get the vaccine, or stayed safe and followed the recommendations, would live. Or maybe not.

Nobody knows what the future holds. So for all the bitching and moaning about mandates and vaccines and whatnot, most of us have come to the conclusion; We could give a shit less. You don;t care about us, why should we care about you? Ahhhhh ahahahahahaa! That brings us right back to the same shit-heel attitude, I'm only going to care about myself! And people wonder why our government doesn't care about their woes? It's because you don't care about your own fellow HUMAN BEINGS.

In closing, I have a point to ponder.

As animals, it's perfectly fine for us to compete for food, water, breeding, and territory. Sticking to our own is something often exhibited in the Animal Kingdom. Living at the cost of all others, ensuring the survival of one's self and then one's family, and then, one's species, is an animal trait. The most basic of needs, ties to our entire being. We are animals.

What makes us HUMAN, is our ability to not just recognize our animal instincts, but to identify them, overcome them, and evolve beyond the constrictions of our genetic self-survival instincts. Examples; We don't mate with our children, or siblings, parents, or even first cousins. Royalty I'm looking at you! We don't eat our dead. We don't roam the landscape throwing spears at each other and killing each other because of differences in our skin color... or what super being we believe in. Oh, sorry. My bad.


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