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A review of the Daily headlines 3/17 - 3/19 2023

By Kerry WilliamsPublished about a year ago 6 min read
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Things have been a little hectic with my newly launched Disney Loungefly Graduation Backpack, so I apologize if I fell a little behind on the headlines. Here, I will attempt to group a bunch of stuff together, although, the bigger talking points have persisted like Long Covid.

President Donald Trump is reportedly anxious about the various investigations into his actions in a variety of different situations. There's the illegal hush money payoff with Stormy Daniels, which not many people disbelieve and which of course not many people care about. I don't care who Trump is shtupping. Personally, I could care less, who Trump, as a person, or individual, is sleeping with. That's his personal life and between him and his wife. Now, on the other side of this, he allegedly commited a crime in what he did. As a presidential candidate, President, or whatever you choose to call him, that gives me pause. Presidential candidates are usually very cautious about things like that, but Trump self-proclaims he's one of the smartest men on the planet, therefore, either he's lying about being that smart, or he's lying about not knowing it was illegal. Either way, he'll be having his day in court soon, apparently.

Also, there's the whole, "inciting a failed insurrection" or, "inciting a peaceful tour of the capital that resulted in hundreds of injuries and multiple deaths"...Either way, he'll probably be going to court for that too...

Oh, and the tapes about how he tried to pressure elected officials to fraudulently overturn the election.

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the recently occupied city of Mariupol, and stayed for a litle while, speaking with russian troops and residents alike. Since 99% of Mariupol was completely leveled and almost 100% of the people who lived there either fled, or were killed, I assume that all the people Putin spoke with are Russian, who have now occupied Mariupol and are working to rebuild the city for themselves. Free land grab! Well, until Ukrainian forces take it back. See, the thing about taking over a place... the people who live there, could give a fuck about who rules, as long as they are fair and just. And if the occupiers are not fair and just, then they will wage a guerilla war from the inside and quietly take the country back, by any and all means necessary. So, good luck with your shit show Putin! Hope it pleases you, for the short remainder of your life. Oh, and the ICC issued a warrant for Putin's arrest. You can tell he;s really worried about it...NOT.

CHINA's Xi Jinping is visiting Russia! I suspect he;s gonna wait till Putin gets back, but hey, who knows! Maybe he's keeping Putin's dumplings warm. Whatever. The fact that Xi is going there, should be a clear sign that Chine see's Russia as either a much more valuable ally than the USA, or a much bigger threat that needs constant attention and appeasement. The results of this meeting will undoubtedly define that for the world, which I think is a clear mistake, if Xi wanted to keep China's posture on Russia's invasion of Ukraine, a bit secretive.

North Korea's Tiny Missle Man has been shooting off his missiles left and right! He's getting all fired up, and it's no wonder! Clearly being within vicinity of his little sister has gotten his paternal juices flowing, and with his wife absent, as always, I would not doubt some tisted shit is going on there. But, regardless of all that, the guy really needs to keep showing off, otherwise all those guys who are starving, and thinking they're going to duke it out with the United States and South Korea, are going to suddenly think, and I do mean just that. They might stop and realize, they're fucking starving. Well, no wonder everyone is signing up in North Korea, IT'S REQUIRED. And, if you don't vehemently stroke off to your leader over there, you might get dinged for not being enough of a hard core zealot, and find yourself at the business end of an anti-aircraft gun. Nuff said.

Banks are scrambling to make sure that their investors are still locked in and clueless about just how fragile the entire industry has become, with the lax regulations and super high risk behaviors 99% of banks joined in on, after Trump put a lame duck regulator in to watch the banking industry, and the GOP congress reduced oversight and regulations even further. I have said this before, and I will say it again. If you have money in the bank, I would recommend withdrawing it, buying precious metals or other items that are long term necessities, and keeping your wealth under lock and key. If the central banking industry goes down, you'll be left with... well, ask Sharon Stone. She lost half her wealth in the first bank collapse. And that is WITH the FDIC saying they're going to cover more than what they're required to, by law.

Anoher thing about the banks. You might ask, why is one Swiss bank, bailing out another? Well, that is quite simple. They have to. So, I feel like I need to go through a run down of what happened and why.

First off, according to the FDIC, the recently failed banks in the USA are as follows; Signature Bank New York NY 57053 Flagstar Bank, N.A. March 12, 2023 10540, and Silicon Valley Bank Santa Clara CA 24735 Silicon Valley Bridge Bank, N.A. March 10, 2023 10539

So, when the cat's away, the mice will play. When regulations and rules were relaxed, the banks and their leaders, began participating in much riskier behaviors, which provided them with much higher rewards, and allowed them to give themselves huge bonuses, etc. If you, a head of a bank, was told that you could only loan out, say, 50% of your cash on hand, for safety reasons, then you'd be right at the 49.999999% mark all the time. Well, if you were one of today's banks, you would be. But congress and our president at the time, said "NO, no, banks will SELF-REGULATE!" and they removed the safeguards and increase the amount banks could loan, eliminated prohibitions on what banks could invest in, etc. A lot of people have been showing how banks loan out 90% of their cash on hand, OR MORE, and how they put themselves in a position that, if people decide to withdraw their money, and they don;t have it on hand to give, they will implode. And that is exactly what happened. With super low interest rates, Banks loaned money as fast and as hard as they could. And with the interest rates rising, they looked to make a killing on repayments. The problem is, people who saved up their money, saw the interest rates rising, and decided to USE THEIR SAVINGS rather than asking for a HIGE INTEREST LOAN. So those who put their money in the banks, withdrew it. The banks failed. They didn't even have money to pay employees and all the loans they gave out, get sold to other companies, but with the banks failing, NONE OF THEM have the funds to cover everyone completely.

So what's one to do? Well, a couple banks have figured, if they BUY the smaller banks before they implode, they can stave off an implosion to the entire world wide banking industry and recover slowly but surely. The issue is, even with the giant banking powerhouses, buying the smaller failing banks, has caused their own stock shares to fall, which puts the giant banks at much higher risk as well, with very little return. They cannot foreclose on loans and demand immediate repayment in full because that leads to an implosion, like the housing bubble burst in 2008.

Anyway, that's about it for now. I hope you all enjoy. I've got another project I'm working on, but I'll be back soon with more headlines and no bull!

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