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A review of the Daily headlines 3/16/2023

By Kerry WilliamsPublished about a year ago 7 min read
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Okay, so I feel like I'm missing a lot, and covering a lot of other stuff that isn't really important. So I'm going to fill in the blanks today. Hope you all enjoy. Now lets run this through!

TikTok. They're not selling. I feel like they're just sitting back because, what are we? Fucking Pakastan? Since when do we let our GOVERNMENT choose what we can and cannot access online? No, yu want to turn our country into a fucking shithole third world country? This is the way to fast track it. Anyone who votes to ban TikTok needs to move to North Korea.

The Banking Industry. What a shit show. Let's run it through. After years of fucking absolute ass-fuckery, the back-door dealings are coming to light. Did we think the assholery stopped with Wells Fargo? Bank of America? The relentless foreclosures after the housing bubble burst, caused by predatory lending schemes developed by the banks? Of course not. Just more money hungry assholes doing what they do best. Take. Well, after three or four banks went super-nova, a couple banks stepped in to save another. I would suspect, this "save" is more about saving their own asses by putting lipstick on a pig and trying to say that's why the field runs red behind it. A LOT of red. Basically, Banks have been loaning out 99% of their holdings, to the point where they literally cannot loan another penny, and if ANYONE wants to withdraw their money, they're FUCKED. What will we do? Bail them out, like we bailed out the big banks, and the auto industry, and the big banks again, and... and... and...

Anyone want to hear about Marcon and France? Just basically know this - France was getting hammered, kind of like Social Security here in the USA. Lower birth rates, and longer lifespans, means those who make it to retirement can spend money longer, while the youngsters just aren't there to funnel money into the program. Rather than raise taxes, or come up with a different strategy, Marcon decided to push the retirement age, two years. From 62, to 64. OH NO! Well, fuck them. Just like here in the USA. You want to do something about it? Go open a savings account. Otherwise, you get what you get.

POLAND to supply Jets to Ukraine. Fuck Yeah. You know what? What the fuck is Russia going to do to the USA? Why the fuck aren't we supplying Ukraine with a fuck ton of jets ourselves? Well, it really is quite simple actually. The war in Ukraine, as bad as it is, is good for some, economically, and security wise. While Russia fights to try and kill every Ukrainian man woman and child, and their own troops in the process, and a couple of Oligarchs who have suddenly become gravitationally handicapped, we can sit back and relax, and not worry about Russia trying to fly over the North Pole and attack us. In fact, we can sit back and put the sleeper hold on Russia while they waste all their energy on Ukraine. We can also blame all the communist countries who keep trading with Russia, and make them out to be bad guys too. Yup, that would be China and North Korea, you guessed it. We spend 1/10th of our defense budget, OR A LOT LESS, on supplying Ukraine with what they need to defend themselves, while trying to keep as neutral as possible, so when Putin dies, we can negotiate with his spare. Still, I feel it's a good thing for Poland to supply jets to Ukraine.

TENNIS BALL SIZED HAIL POURS DOWN IN TEXAS. Now, this is just another example of shit hitting the fan, literally. I know when I was a kid, we used to speak about Tornadoes and stuff like that, and hail during a storm. Thing is, that shit is real. MORE and MORE, I see it. I was 30 years old before I saw, and filmed, hail in Florida, in the middle of summer, right as a storm tore through. Then I was 38 and it happened again. 43. 45. 46. 47, and 48. Am I just now suddenly more observant, or is the weather really becoming erratic? I think before long, we'll all be driving plastic cars with see through plastic windshields cause this shit is for the birds!

DOC? Doc Brown? Hey! Dooooc? Hey! The Libyans called. They want their Nuclear fuel back! Apparently they lost ten barrels of Uranium fuel, and then found it later on, a couple kilometers away from the storage facility. No biggie, right? It's only 2.5 tons of Uranium fuel. That's uh.... just enough to end all humanity on earth. No biggie. Hey, hey, they found it though... You know I'll sleep better knowing that, right?

House Republicans Quietly Halt Inquiry Into Trump's Finances... Wait, what? Why? Oh, never mind. I know why. They set this whole thing up to try and fuck with the democrats. Kind of a tit-for-tat. They wanted to push an investigation into Hunter Biden and his laptop, push it to the DOJ and force the DOJ to bring charges - only problem is, they had to push the investigation on Trump, otherwise they loose all credibility. Apparently the dirt on Trump was much more obvious and prominent, so they dropped it like it was just handed to them by "the friend of the court". I expect they'll quietly slink away into darkness, until election time, and then try to give us the old Hucklebuck behind closed doors while our mother is at the grocery store. Either that, or in the back room of the church a couple hours before mass.

Well, that's about it for right now. If anyone has anything else to add, please let me know. Please share my stories, like and subscribe. I'm not asking for tips, but tips are much appreciated. I write because I love to write. Now, let me address one last thing before I go.

A lot of what I write is tongue-in-cheek. I might seem very gloomy, but I am a very upbeat guy. No, really. I'm quite laid back actually. And I believe in a few things, which I will state here;

All men are not created equally. For starters, not all of us can be complete assholes from birth. And, some of us don't even have balls! So while we are not created equally, all humans should have the same opportunities and be rewarded for their accomplishments equally. That is my belief. No child should go hungry, no youth should ever want for an education.

We adults have turned some of the most simple things in life, political, for our own selfish reasons. Be it that we don't want our children to think differently than we do, lest we loose control, influence, or power over them. Maybe we fear them leaving us behind? We fear being left alone. Unfortunately, that has become the new norm, and it shouldn't be.

We should want our children to be better, smarter, more free, better paid, less over-worked, better rewarded, more relaxed, and longer living. I can only hope that my children outlive me, and that I die with them both as the last thing I see. It is the thing we should all want, for our children to succeed. To be better, stronger, more intelligent, more flexible.

While we may not be created equally, we should give each other the benefit of the doubt, in ALL things. YES, in recent years, the goal of every human's life has become to fuck each other over and succeed, to triumph over all competitors, no matter what the cost. It's funny how we teach our children in school that bullying is bad, and don't let anyone ever be mean to you, but reality is, we've raised a nation of pussies who cannot handle competition, which is exactly how the rich private school educated douchebags would prefer it. But we should really, be able to cope with trauma, adapt to adversity, strive for excellence, and compete in all things we do. We should also reward each other for a job well done, not take advantage and take credit for the accomplishments of everyone else. While business has made that the status quo, we really should eliminate, or do our best, to do away with that. THAT sort of thing stifles free thought, and shackles inspiration.

Lastly, our own thoughts and desires, our own beliefs, should remain just that. We are free to think, and believe, and speak our minds. To the fullest extent, we are free to act, and to choose, and to be who we want to be. In this aspect, we should ALWAYS respect each other, and allow each other to be free, in thought and action. This means, if someone thinks differently than we do, so be it. Your goal in life should not be to cram your beliefs down someone else's throat. You should never harm someone to make a point, or to make them do something. Yes, there is a time for violence, but it should always be in self defense, and not if other methods or deterrents are at one's disposal.

And with that, I will end my long winded post. I thank you all for reading, and hope you all enjoy and share my posts with others.


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