Perception Is Reality

by Michael Grube 6 months ago in technology

You see what you wish see

Perception Is Reality

There is a war being waged upon us. They are not after our souls, those come later, but they are after the biological part of us that controls the decisions that the soul makes on a daily basis, our minds.

This war is not one fought with conventional weapons any longer, or perhaps, never was. It is actually easier for us to accept the wrong doing of some distant dictator and the resulting revolution, and can even perhaps bring ourselves to accept the slaughter of the people that were following his rule. However, the enemy has grown more educated and more savvy with time. They have recognized that you cannot simply attack us on some geographical battleground and wave the red flag of aggressive oppression. Instead, the enemy has devised such a grand scheme, and has played this scheme to perfection for over thousands of years. Only now you can see that we have become complacent, and have lost sight of everything that means anything at all in this world and in this short life that we are allotted. Under the guise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, they have constructed a prison with the illusion that that very prison is the freedom you seek. There is no simple way to place blame on a specific nation or ideal, however. In order to understand the enemy and to see what they have intended, you have to step away from the mindless life that you live and look at the universe in universal terms.

We have a very 'ant-like' way of attempting to dumb down something so that the masses can understand something that would otherwise appear insane and unacceptable. There is no way in this earth that I can attempt to understand the intentions of the ones that are looking for our demise, but I can tell you this. If you want someone to believe something that is simple, then make that idea complex. For some reason, we easily accept something that is complex and ornate over something that is simple and straightforward. As a simple example, I have been conducting an experiment of sorts, and the results were not what I expected them to be. I have been looking into ways to advance and diversify my investment portfolio. I have written about this elsewhere so I will not bore you with how I am doing that currently. The experiment involved my finding a way that people that believed me to make free money and to make money on top of that. It is quite literally free money making free money, sounds amazing right? Well, the part of the experiment that was unexpected was the rejection, or lack of acceptance rather, of this offering. I mean, regardless of your financial status, you would think that if I showed you a way that you could mimic what I am doing, you would simply do it. But, of course, that is the point of this whole theory.

Then we find ourselves in the realm of perception. Perception is defined as the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses. When I first read that description, it sounded positive. How could I use that description in order to better fulfill my life and my goals, but then I thought longer; looked deeper. If you want to control your household pet when you are training them for the first time, what is the process that you choose? Do you choose the reward system, that allows for the animal to make mistakes but you reward them for the good behavior and actions? Or do you use the pain association method, where you punish the animal for behaviours that you wish for them to discontinue? I can tell you that both approaches can have a similar result, but the methodology that you choose will have a direct impact on the way that those animals 'look' at you when the training is over. They can either be waiting at the door, tail wagging with the anticipation of their master coming home; to feel that initial contact with you as you walk into your home and fill that void that they have felt since you left earlier that day. Or, they can piss on the floor, fearing that you may be displeased that you have come home, and broken the peace that they felt for even a moment. Of course, the second would be a result of abuse and not discipline, but is abuse calculated by the giver or the receiver? I would argue that if the animal has lost its faith in the fact that you actually care about it, then you no longer have a relationship that is based on love and affection, but now one based upon fear and pain.

I used the training of an animal to compare that humans are not very different, given enough time with them. I am sure that you have heard the phrase that knowledge is power, but can I implore you to look a step deeper? If knowledge is power, then would not the ultimate power be the control of the source of that knowledge? You do not need to control who a person is, and you do not need to control what they believe. In order to have complete control over someone's mind, aka 'bio hacking', all you need to do is control what food they eat and what they place in front of them visually. Both of which share extreme similarities to the training methods that I mentioned earlier. It is a scary, scary thing to think that we are now adopting this new 'social score' system that allows you to have access based on the way that you fit in to the current model. I am guilty of this, and I have no excuse because it was born within my generation. I did not have access to something like this at a very young age, but allowed it to entire my habits and my mind to the point where it is now instinctive. I am talking about handheld technology; not just cell phones, but all forms of technology that has made its way from the upper echelons of control to right in front of your face, and subsequently into your mind. The newspaper can be held just as guilty for the crimes of it's time as the mainstream tool of information, the internet as well, but the game has been stepped up for this new and coming generation, and I fear that if something is not done about it, it will consume every last bit of individual idealism and artistry in the name of 'data analysis'.

Now, you have a choice at this point in time. You can choose to believe what I am telling you here, or can choose to not believe it. Much like Neo, you can take whichever pill you wish. You can close this browser and forget that you ever read anything that was written here, or can swallow the truth and allow it wake you up in way that you have never felt before; or maybe you have and you've chosen to ignore it. What is the truth that I am offering to you? That truth is that there is only one thing that is worth anything of true value in this world, time. Time is the sole currency that everything in this world is based upon, and there are methods that reap this precious resource from you, even as you sleep. We do have multiple places to blame for our current state of affairs, but which is the worse crime; those that have the evil intended, or those that allow it to happen? I would argue that the two parties are of equal guilt and should be punished in the exact same fashion.

I am not suggesting that the internet and cell phones are evil of course, but I am saying that every technology can and will be weaponized if allowed to do so. We are living in a world that is nothing but a mere illusion of freedom and happiness, and that is not unintentional. By allowing ourselves to forget what truths we should have held to this entire time, we have allowed ourselves to be entrapped in a prison that has a gilded label of the only source of freedom. Not only, has this prison played upon our desires of freedom and happiness, but it has gone a step further and painted the picture of prosperity through its use. This is the most dangerous sort of manipulation that can exist for our minds. The misconception that you 'need' something is now a choice that you cannot discernibly make for yourself. You are now told what you need and what you do not; if you don't believe me simply ignore your cell phone's mandatory system update for a few days.

I implore you as a human to disconnect. Not in a way a zealot would , but simply wake up to the fact that what is right in front of you is a tool or a means to an end, and that you are being lied to. A way to measure the degree at which you are dependent on this system is to ask yourself where you would be or how you would feel if the entire grid was shut down tomorrow. We need to prepare for this, because it is coming.

Take your family to the beach, to the woods, to some ancient ruin; leave your cell phones behind and just be in the moment. I know that you have felt this before. The draw of wanting to be surrounded by nature and what she has to offer. We have lost this as a race, and if we do not reclaim what is ours, it will be gone before we decide that is matters once again.

Michael Grube
Michael Grube
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