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Corbyn: Still Around.

Out of The Labour Party and Loving It.

By Nicholas BishopPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Jeremy Corbyn.

The former leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn is no longer in the Party. Mr. Corbyn was part of the Labour Party for many years. The veteran left-winger spoke on and speaks on many subjects anything from the Middle East to nuclear disarmament. The left-winger was a thorn in the side of many a Tory government and even the more right-leaning Labour Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

Corbyn was the Labour leader at one time. Voted in over candidates like Andy Burnham (now Mayor of Greater Manchester) because Labour members wanted something different. They wanted a real socialist, a real left-leaning politician and that is how Corbyn became Labour leader. Mr. Corbyn shaped the party in his image. He appointed people who were the same as him on paper. It was a nightmare for the Blairite right-of-centre MPs and members. Corbyn promised if elected he would renationalise the railways, take energy companies into state control, and make the internet free for all.

On foreign policy, Mr. Corbyn would be very different to any other Prime Minister, Labour or Conservative. Mr. Corbyn promised to have a very different relationship with the United States. What the relationship with Trump would have been like we can only speculate. Corbyn, if elected was going to have a very different relationship with Israel. Many Jewish members of the Labour Party said they had been driven from the party.

The present Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer, served as a minister under Corbyn. Now, Corbyn's former minister could be Prime Minister in a few weeks. Mr. Starmer is often accused of backing Corbyn and his left-wing policies. So what, Starmer was loyal to the leader at the time. Now, as Labour leader himself, he has pulled the Labour Party to the middle ground, some say right-wing Labour.

Corbyn took on Tory Prime Minister, Theresa May, in 2015, and although he was not elected as her replacement, Labour did well enough. Well, enough to leave her administration hanging on by their fingernails. This caused the Tories to have an agreement with the Northern Irish Loyalist party the DUP. The DUP propped up the government of Theresa May. Until, she was ousted by Boris Johnson, who then took over as Prime Minister.

Corbyn, the Labour Party and followers thought the 2015 boost would be a good foundation to see a Corbyn government elected next time. Corbyn was compared to a saint, Obi-Wan Kenobi, etc. Corbyn, even went onstage at Glastonbury to give a speech and was cheered to the rafters. Corbyn even had an organisation within the Labour Party, called 'Momentum'. Tory enemies compared him to Hitler, who alleged he supported anti-Semitism. Saying the speech he gave at Glastonbury recalled the Hitler rallies of the 1930s. Alan Sugar even posted a doctored photo of him sitting next to Mussolini in a car. The original image was Adolf Hitler, Sugar is Jewish (nothing more to be said).

The 2019 general election arrived and people on the left were hoping the British electorate would deliver a Corbyn government. However, it didn't transpire. What we got instead was the election of Boris Johnson in a landslide victory. Promising to tackle immigration and deliver for those who voted for Brexit in 2016.

Johnson, true to his word, did just that. However, how the UK has progressed since those days, many wish we could go back into the EU. Maybe, Corbyn was too indifferent to the EU, which may have cost him the job of Prime Minister. More right-leaning thinkers would say it was his policies, one can only speculate.

Having been kicked out of the Labour Party, by Sir Keir Starmer, Corbyn is standing as an independent. Corbyn has been the Labour MP for Islington for years. One wonders as to why Diane Abbot, an associate of Corbyn's and Shadow Home Secretary in his shadow cabinet is allowed to stand as a Labour candidate and not Mr. Corbyn?

Mr. Corbyn by his reckoning is neck and neck with Labour's candidate Praful Nargund. Corbyn is attracting 200 volunteers a day to help him retain his seat in North Islington. However, supporters of Mr. Corbyn say they need more volunteers before 4 July if he is to be returned as an MP for the area.

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