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Penny Mordaunt: Next Tory Leader?

Life After Sunak.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 14 days ago 3 min read
Penny Mordaunt.

Penny Mordaunt is possibly the replacement for Sunak, should he as seems likely, lose the election. Penny did try for the leadership before but was beaten by the ill-fated Liz Truss. When Sunak became the Prime Minister Penny became a minister in his cabinet. Penny is the MP for Plymouth which has a proud naval reputation. Plymouth is still the home of the Royal Navy to this day. Penny Herself is also or was, a naval reservist.

Penny became an MP in 2010 when the Conservative regime of David Cameron was voted in. With the Conservative Party lurching ever rightwards, many moderate Tories see her as their hope. Penny is regarded by many non-extreme Tories as a moderate. They would prefer to see her as a leader should Wishy-Washy-Rishi be kicked out of office.

The Tories, if polls are to be believed, are really up against it! Squeezed by Labour on one side and squeezed by Reform UK on the other. Sunak must know he has as much chance of winning this election as Goliath did against David. Of course, Sunak could turn it around, but it would take something really out of the ordinary for this to transpire.

No one doubts, there will be a Keir Starmer-led Labour victory on 4 July. The size of the Labour majority could dwarf Tony Blair's majority in 1997. This majority could be up to 400 and odd MPs. Labour would have a massive mandate. Then there is Reform UK led by Nigel Farage. He hopes or predicts that Reform will replace the Conservatives as the main opposition. One can imagine and relish the clashes between Starmer and Farage (if this came about). The Tories could find their presence in the House of Commons massively reduced. Such is the hatred by many in this country for 14 years of mismanaged Tory rule that in my humble opinion, the Tories deserve everything that is coming to them!

Sunak despite saying his administration would be different to Boris' has proved to be just as inept. Sunak plays fast and loose when questioned. His 5 pledges have ultimately failed. The NHS is still underfunded and understaffed. Hundreds of migrants are still coming to our shores despite the Rwanda plan being given the go-ahead. Planes carrying illegal migrants to Rwanda won't happen until after the election, should the Tories win. If Keir, is in 10 Downing Street, he will scrap the Rwanda plan. He will use the money instead to set up a command structure to tackle smuggling gangs and the migrants they traffic.

Penny Mordaunt has openly said that Sunak prematurely leaving the D-Day Commemorations was wrong. Sunak stayed for the British veterans' ceremony in Normandy and then flew home early. To concentrate on campaigning for the general election. Many said, including Tories, Labour, and others, how disrespectful and ill-advised that was. Of course, one can understand Sunak wanting to get back on the campaign trail. However, the fact that he considered campaigning over standing with other world leaders like Biden, Macron, Schultz, etc, shows bad advice given to him. Or a lack of clear understanding of what happened in Normandy circa 1944.

So will the leadership of the Tories should Sunak be shown the door by voters, fall into Mordaunt's lap? Well, moderate Tories and even Penny herself might wish it. But as we know all too well, in politics, things don't always go according to plan.

For example, who would have thought Sunak would have called a general election for July 4? Same as Macron calling a snap election in France after taking a beating by Marine Le Pen in EU elections!


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