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My Response to "Black Culture Problem' Video


By TowelaPublished 5 years ago 4 min read

The thing is why are you talking about the Black community when there are other issues in your own community. How about let’s face the fact that many white people are the ones that are mostly being racist still, yes other diverse cultures are also racist that's not being ignored but your giving time out of your day to talk about a culture that does not belong to you in the first place to tell us (Black people) what’s wrong with our culture and our community. But excluding your own culture (I wonder why).

What I'm trying to understand is why are you talking about the black culture problems when you could be talking about the white culture problems. Oh right, you guys don't have one however you guys do an amazing job at appropriating other cultures. Not trying to disagree that we don't have problems in our culture and communities but what community doesn't. But, since your focusing on the black community and the black culture problem let’s talk about that.

By the way, thanks for telling us statistics we already knew and making yourself feel good, here are some more to take home to your wholesome family, the odds are heavily stacked against black people specifically black men. Statistics show that 1 out of 3 black men goes to jail but only 1 out of 27 white men go to jail according to the 13th amendment.

The funny thing is you did a great job should I mention on telling us facts we live every day. Bee-tee-dubs, slavery has a lot to do with the problems we still experience today that's why we still have so many racist people roaming the streets (not forgetting that the KKK still exists). Anyways, the fact that you keep stating that we (as black people) need to fix it like it’s that easy and simple like someone can just snap their finger and all the problems will be solved. Like black people will stop getting arrested for walking on the side of the streets or gangs will cease to exist.

In my opinion, I highly believe that slavery contributes to the factors that pull the black community down. You're just spitting out a list of problems that the black culture has and expecting us to just get up and fix it, which I hope you know isn't that easy. Not to bring up slavery again (but I am) the concept of thinking someone is inferior due to the color of one's skin is to put it in a simple word stupid. However, we are in 2018 and some people still have that concept embedded in their skull. Even though we know any skin color is capable of achieving anything we still submit to so many stereotypes.

Thank you again for telling us racism isn't as bad as it was in the 1960's, we know that, we see the diversity in some areas. That doesn't mean racism took a vacation, it’s very much still here and people experience it every day.

Moving on to black music, you say that black music is what’s wrong with how black people act and you read some lyrics from rappers that have very explicit words (great). But, let's not forget that black people are not the only ones that listen to or produce controversial, explicit and vulgar music. We have G-Eazy, Eminem, and Lil Dicky just to mention a few. Just because people listen to rap or music that talks about doing drugs and killing people doesn't mean that's exactly what they're going to do. Most of the time people are inspired by the songs to either fix their life or start pursuing their own music career.

In my personal opinion, I think it’s always a choice, musicians are very influential that's true, but just because they happen to mention doing drugs or joining gangs, it doesn't mean people jump up immediately to go find drugs and gangs. Many of the time people are already doing drugs or in whatever they want before even listening to these songs because they made that choice.

The fact that you talk about black people "wanting to be cool" is hilarious, we are in 2018, people have come a long way to obviously know to be true to themselves instead of following the crowd "just to be cool". We choose what we want to do because we are interested in it not to be "cool".

These rappers are not sitting down in a conference room discussing "how can we teach these black people to do drugs, drop out of school and shoot each other," they make it because they want to and the problems at hand were already prevalent before all the explicit songs and music videos. I find it funny that you don't think white privilege doesn't exist because buddy it does exist, and it lives and well every waking second of the day.

Tell me why when a black person is sitting by the pool, sleeping in a common area, barbecuing in a park, walking down a street, selling water or just minding their own freaking business cops are being called for them or their being told to leave even when they're doing nothing wrong. But when a white person is doing any of this they're seen as just another average Joe.

BUT, thank you for letting us know where the problem lies, we will be sure to let every black person know to get their ourselves together and we'll be sure to take responsibility next time.


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