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Maiden Maddie Claiming A Man

A Short Fiction Experiment Inspired By Monmouth Park's Father's Day TB Card Races One To Four

By Marc OBrienPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Being Father’s Day single nice guy Jimmy Are ventured down to the Four-Leaf Clover I Wish A Lovely Miss Pub searching for brewing romantic entertainment. When he arrived at the establishment a little frog defending his firm turf greeted the gentlemen bachelor.

“My name is Ranunculus, and I am a welcoming plant in this place,” the young tantalizing toad made a friendly social able hand gesture.

“You are the welcoming plant?” Jimmy Are questioned.

“Go inside, the maiden with the special weight will serve you, enjoy our spirit in the night show,”

“Spirit in the night?” Jimmy Are heard the area’s winning legendary thunder off in the distance, then took the heavenly hint, quickly finding watering hole protection from any electrical interference.

“Order the drink, the pealing lad, one shot, you will lose your shirt and be out of the money,” Ranunculus opened his corporate umbrella gift while guarding his sacred croaker pad.

Bar squatting, a maiden claiming that Nicole’s King her friend’s matrimony winner should be put in his place ceremoniously, with the crown the Saint show honor, presided under a spotlight whose bulb flickered creating an illusional effect.

“We in this dump would not be out of the money any more instead reaching the heights, if Saint Nicole’s King ruled, our property would be granted fast track status when from above warm sunshine would grace our stage,” the maiden claiming commentated.

Next to her, a customer finished off another round, “it was you who imaginized the show tonight?” He slurred.

“Yup, ‘Spirit In The Night’, “the maiden claiming seemed thrilled someone talked to her about the creative endeavor, headlining the drunken establishment, “you see I had this practical coach, in my youth, who took a second and told me when rehearsing the show, ‘center mind’ Maddie and that is what I did.”

“What happened to your?”

Without even finishing Maddie the maiden claiming completed the information distribution, “after he gave me the starter and option to claim, the jerk escaped on his osprey plane telling me one fact, ‘I am out of the money’,”

“Really,” the stranger seemed on his last sip.

“That is when my Mambo turned this whole situation into a winner,”

Observing the beautiful Maddie state her case to the public, Jimmy Are invigorated by the defending firm turf performance decided pursuing the relationship subject matter.

“Are you attached,” He innocently inquired seeing the other conversation individual peacefully resting his eyes, “you look like a winner to me.”

“Is that what you are claiming?” Maddie turned around realizing for a split second a special affair developing, “you came to this joint for only one reason,”

“To play the candy arcade games, de shelling the M’s, do you mind Maddie with full knowledge the evening will put me out of the money,” Jimmy Are laughed knowing he struck a chord, “actually I wanted to meet the byrd of eden in the show.”

“You mean the byrd of eden who does the mambo?”

Staring into Maddie’s eyes, he watched her crumble, breaking down, ripping the theatrical front, leaving only an honest lonely girl.

“Let’s get out of here,” Jimmy Are suggested inspiring her to drop the song and dance routine.

Confronting the fowl weather where no osprey could afford flying away, Ranunculus felt the pelting shower and the tadpole tease relished in the swamp atmosphere.

“So, kid did you have the peeling lad?”

“Actually, I ordered take out,” Jimmy Are replied.

“I am escorting him home for a night cap, you miniature menace,” Maddie replied, “and he will be my pealing lad.”

“He will put you out of the money, Maddie, and don’t come back here looking for any profitable bucks anymore.”


About the Creator

Marc OBrien

Barry University graduate Marc O'Brien has returned to Florida after a 17 year author residency in Las Vegas. He will continue using fiction as a way to distribute information. Books include "The Final Fence: Sophomores In The Saddle"

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