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Look beyond the propaganda and demand the genocide stops

Children of Gaza crying out for our support

By Steve HarrisonPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

It must be so comforting for Israel’s despotic Likud leadership to know their globalist allies around the world are backing their Gaza genocide campaign to the hilt, pulling out all the stops to justify this fascist government’s repetition of the Nazi atrocities unleashed in WWII. Did the lessons of the Holocaust count for nothing?

Rishi Sunak’s government in the UK last week voted down calls for an immediate ceasefire to stop Israel’s slaughter of children, the future of the Palestinian people. It’s quite clearly a policy of ethnic cleansing but that’s all right because Israel is just defending itself… but from whom, children?

Hamas, whose incursion across the most secure border on the planet on 7 October provided the justification for this carnage, is an Israeli phantom… infiltrated, financed and foisted on the people of Gaza after Yasser Arafat’s Palestine Liberation Organisation showed too much intent to come to the negotiating table with former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

So, bye bye Rabin, assassinated on 4 November 1995 in Tel Aviv by Yigal Amir, a right-wing extremist who opposed the signing of the Oslo Accords and had absolutely no connection whatsoever with Mossad, the national intelligence agency of the Israeli state. Yawn!

And so to Arafat, becoming less militant and more moderate in later life, who had long been an Israeli target, with numerous attempts to assassinate him carried out over the decades, including attempts to intercept and shoot down private aircraft and commercial airliners on which he was believed to be travelling.

Following Israel's 1982 invasion of Lebanon, Israeli Minister of Defence Ariel Sharon created a special task force codenamed "Salt Fish" to track Arafat's movements in Lebanon to try to kill him. The task force, later renamed "Operation Goldfish", was responsible for the bombing of buildings where Arafat and senior PLO leaders were believed to be staying.

By March 2004 Sharon had risen to the position of prime minister when Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, a founder of the Hamas movement, was taken out by Israeli gunships and the infiltration of the organisation could go on unhindered in time for elections in Gaza in 2006.

But Arafat was still a problem... his organisation it seems could not be infiltrated and diverted from its quest for a peaceful solution so, I’m guessing here, steps were probably put in place to get him out of the way before the elections.

And, by October 2004, there were reports of Arafat's failing health due to what his doctors described as flu after he threw up during a staff meeting. Over the following days his condition deteriorated further until he lapsed into a coma and, after being transferred from Ramallah, in the West Bank, to Jordan, he ended up in France where he was admitted to the Percy military hospital in the Paris suburb of Clamart.

On 11 November, aged 75, Arafat was pronounced dead from what French doctors called a massive haemorrhagic cerebrovascular accident. Initially, Arafat's medical records were withheld by senior Palestinian officials and his wife refused an autopsy believing it went against Muslim practices. So Arafat, tragic haemorrhagic cerebrovascular accident or another Mossad intervention? I really couldn’t say for sure but I know which I’d put my money on!

So fast forward to 7 October 2023 and Hamas, still in power because no further elections have been allowed to take place in Gaza, casually overruns the most secure border on the planet on a few hang-gliders and jeeps and captures Israeli hostages during an eight-hour assault that the best-equipped army in the world fails to quickly bring an end to but, in the course of trying to contain it, does manage to wipe out hundreds of its own citizens attending the Nova music festival, near the Re’im kibbutz which was under attack.

This comes from an Israeli newspaper report from the Haaretz, the longest running newspaper currently in print in Israel, on 18 November. According to the report an Israel Defence Forces’ combat helicopter that engaged the Hamas fighters opened fire on the Israeli festival-goers, but it did not go into detail on any injuries that resulted although police estimates suggest 364 people were killed at the festival without revealing their identities.

Separately, the Turkish state-run Anadolu Agency in Ankara, carried excerpts from Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, which highlighted the challenges faced by Israeli forces who “found it difficult to identify Hamas militants”... adding that the pilots “used artillery” against civilians at the festival. The report also said Hamas fighters were instructed to blend in with the crowd to deceive the air force into mistaking them for Israelis. Clearly it didn’t work as the IDF attack helicopters had no problem opening fire on their own citizens.

Reports such as these have caused outrage in the more moderate Israeli population who also oppose their government’s genocide in Gaza, but woe betide those who protest against the atrocities, they are subjected to some pretty hostile treatment too.

I don’t for one second believe a large percentage of Israeli citizens are not horrified by their government’s actions and realise too that even those who are not have been subjected to a lifetime of propaganda teaching them to hate Palestinians. I also recognise that there are many Hamas insurgents who hate the IDF with a passion, but it’s hardly surprising when the Israeli state has wiped out generations of their loved ones over the past 75 years.

There are good and bad people on both sides of this conflict, but the real terrorists are the leaders of the Israeli state and their Hamas puppets paid to prolong the suffering of the people they claim to represent. Please stand up for the innocent victims of these hate crimes and demand that our politicians listen to us and condemn Israeli state genocide. For humanity’s sake this horror has to stop!


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Steve Harrison

From Covid to the Ukraine and Gaza... nothing is as it seems in the world. Don't just accept the mainstream brainwashing, open your eyes to the bigger picture at the heart of these globalist agendas.


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