Leave Abortion Alone

Please. It's 2020.

Leave Abortion Alone
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I really don't understand how we're still having issues with the legalisation of abortions. At this point, the information out there should be enough to open people's eyes. Abortions aren't evil, and should be available for everyone. For many people, they're the absolute best option for their situation. Abortions are an important part of our modern society, and they're here to stay. There's a long list of arguments against abortions being legal, and I want to address a few of them.

No one WANTS to have an abortion. The majority of people don't actively use them as contraception. Getting contraception's usually a lot easier and more convenient than having an abortion. Who would want to put themselves through that when there's a better solution accessible to them? It's not a decision that's taken lightly, nor is it considered an easy option. Of course, I do believe that people need to be responsible for their actions, and if you choose to have sex, you need to protect yourself against unwanted pregnancy. But as we know, contraception can fail, and in those cases it's reassuring to know that there's a plan B available. We also have victims of rape and incest, who didn't choose to have sex/risk pregnancy in the first place. They shouldn't be further punished by being forced to carry on with a pregnancy that's the result of a horrible crime.

For many people, abortion's the right choice for their current situation, for a variety of reasons. If they need to terminate the pregnancy, but can't access a medical abortion, what do they do? Do we want to go back to the days when people performed dangerous abortions at home? Unfortunately this is still the reality for a lot of people. I watched a documentary where a doctor working with abortions received an anonymous phone call from a pregnant person, asking what they could use from their cupboards at home to terminate their pregnancy. This is a huge step back in time. No one should feel that they need to carry out their own abortion. It's highly unsafe, as this procedure requires medical attention by professionals.

I'm struggling to understand what the problem with abortion really is. Is it better to bring an unwanted baby into this world, without being able to give them the life every child deserves? There already are enough children in this world that are living in unsatisfactory conditions. We don't need to add more. The argument of adoption is also an issue. Just because there is an option for you to put your child up for adoption, doesn't mean they'll actually be adopted and have a good life. Abortion isn't the answer for everyone. For a lot of people, going through with the pregnancy may not be the ideal option for a variety of physical or mental health issues.

I watched a documentary about a so-called "baby box" that was set up in Seoul, South Korea. People place their babies in a box for the man who runs the service to take care of them, before putting them up for adoption or keeping them in his care permanently. This kind of system isn't sustainable. Pregnant people need to have the option of abortion, without feeling shame or judgement. These people are so desperate to hide their situation that they actually dump their newborn baby in a box for the hope of a better life for their child. I can't imagine how scary and traumatic this experience must be for them. They should have the option to get help, rather than having to go through that.

Let's talk technicalities. Abortion isn't babykilling. A baby is a living person. Before it's born, it's a fetus, not an independent human being. A fetus is in development, and it's a part of the person carrying it. It's part of their body. Shouldn't they be free to decide what happens to their body? The answer is yes, they absolutely should be.

And the good old argument that abortion is selfish. I strongly disagree. How is it selfish to make the mature decision and judgement that it's best for you not to have a baby right now. You don't owe this fetus anything, but if you put a child into this world, you owe it a good life. If you're not able to give it a good life, is it really that selfish not to have the baby? I can't see how it's selfish to choose not to have a baby you can't take care of.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not encouraging abortions. I hope most people will go through their lives without having to have an abortion. I only want for people to have the option. I don't think anyone should have to go through with an unwanted pregnancy, or to carry out their own abortion at home. These situations aren't ideal at all. I want for people to have the safety net of legal and safe abortions, for everyone, and without judgement.


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Tone Breistrand
Tone Breistrand
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