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A review of the Daily headlines 3/13/2023

By Kerry WilliamsPublished 7 months ago 8 min read
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Here, I will do my best to include a very brief list of the Nations Top News Stories. I'll pick from three or four sources online, try to stay completely unbiased and professional. This means, I will attempt proper grammar and spelling as well. I will possibly add my own comments and reflections. I hope you enjoy.

From the New York Times: ‘Potent’ Nor’easter to Bring Heavy Snow Starting Monday Night, Forecasters Say

Basically, bad weather. Watch out. If you're like me, you enjoy a good thunderstorm, some torrential rain and being snuggled up comfy cozy in bed. If you're in an area that will be affected, prepare, plan, and stay safe. This is not the time to decide to go hiking in the mountains, or go kayaking. P.S They still have not located Julien Sands. I pray for him to be okay, and just be trying out for a stint on Survivor, but I am prepared that this may not be the case. Still, I have hope.

REUTERS: Ukraine's Zelenskiy: More than 1,100 Russian dead in less than a week in Bakhmut

War sucks. Undeniably, this is war. Regardless of how it started, or the reasons behind it, innocent human beings die in war. If for no other reason than the leaders of one nation want them to do their dirty work against another nation. In this case, Russian soldiers are, in a lot of cases, being lied to, and forced to fight, forced to invade a country that is bent on repelling them with every last living body in the country. From most reports, Russia is conducting a scorched earth campaign, bent on complete and utter devastating destruction. Basically, if they cannot have Ukraine, they will destroy it so not a single human lives. Understanding this is what Russia now wants, Ukraine has taken the proverbial gloves off, and is now mercilessly killing any and all Russian forces that they encounter. In my opinion, Putin has damned his country to complete and utter failure.

SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE: 8 reported dead after 2 suspected smuggling boats crash at Black’s Beach in San Diego

This sucks. The United States of America used to be the land of dreams, where every person had a chance to live the American Dream, as long as they had the drive and willpower. Now, we make it as hard as possible for those looking for safety and refuge, a place to live, work, and prosper, to become part of our nation. Instead, we refuse them, we mistreat them, we prejudice our nation against them, and we criminalize their plight. We leave them no choice but illegal entry, for all other ways are so corrupt and convoluted, it's like hiring someone from Egypt to do your income taxes. Good luck with that. May God have mercy on their souls, for they sought the land of riches, and found only death on our shores.

CNN: Large group in Mexico attempted mass entry into US at El Paso, Texas, border crossing, officials say

More of the same as before. Not so funny thing, those Americans killed by the Mexican drug cartels, went into Mexico looking for discount medical care. Now that is telling you something about the state of the rampant Health Industry here in the USA, which is basically a money hungry beast fueled by tax dollars and corrupt politicians. I see a complete collapse of the American Health Care system in a year or two, when the next pandemic hits and people refuse to get vaccinated, and then pass by the millions.

By the way, another quick point of order. The drug cartels were quick to denounce the members who had broken their own "rules" and kidnapped Americans, killing a few of them in the process. And when I say "denounce" I mean, I'm sure the cartel KILLED the men who made the mistake, and cost the Americans their lives. And while the families say an apology won't bring their families back, it's more than George Floyd's family got from the Police Officers who killed him. It's more than many American's get, when they are needlessly killed by authorities who are in place to serve and protect us, not punish and enslave us. But that's another story.

CBS News: Thousands evacuated after California levee breached by flooding

More bad weather!

POLITICO: Inside Pence world’s decision to go hard at Trump at the Gridiron

Can anyone guess why Pence might be "going hard" at Trump? I thought he would have rebelled when Trump was rooting for him to be hanged at the gallows! Buy hey, Pence is, if nothing else, a spineless politician. Maybe he's had his fill of the orange Kool-Aid, but my guess is, he's just looking for a refill.

NPR: As Biden weighs the Willow oil project, he blocks other Alaska drilling

Hmmm. Sounds like Biden. Looks and smells like Biden. But just like Old Spice, it's probably just Harris. Nah, what am I talking about! It's Biden all the way!

REUTERS: North Korea launches missiles from submarine as U.S.-South Korean drills begin

So North-Korea launches a couple missiles. Big deal. The hermit kingdom with its hermit leader, trying to show off his big a shekel he has for his little sister. While the USA and South Korea conduct training exercises, North Korea prepares for an all out invasion. Well, if you had Russia for a neighbor and business partner, and you saw how Russia did Ukraine, what would you think? I know the pucker factor in North Korea is probably a 12 out of ten. Stay tuned.

The Hill: Kennedy: Biden decided to ‘demagogue the issue’ of Social Security, Medicare

Some say Biden decided to politicize the proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare at his State of the Union Address. Oh really? I... I must have missed that. Seems it was all the rage for a couple politicians to try and slip that shit by, right before the State of the Union Address, and then for some Loud Mouth to spout off about it and conduct congressional negotiations LIVE on National T.V., but hey, yeah, it was all Bidens fault. My thought on this. Fuck off. Just, take your shit fest and fuck off. You wanna steal government funding and send it to the NRA, go ahead, just keep your dick-skinners off SS and Medicare.

Moldova: Moldova says it foiled Russian-backed plot to stir unrest

Ya don't say. Seems like Russia likes to stir the pot to try and take the heat off their own criminal acts. The thing is, Russia is really just a handful of crooked bullshitting ass-eaters, and their all-powerful asshole leader. 99.99% of Russian people are good, hard-working decent people who just want to be left alone. They just want to work, eat, sleep and watch reruns of the 1991 Metallica concert in Moscow on VHS, like everyone else. Unfortunately for them, their leader owns 95% of all wealth in their country and if they don't die fighting for him, they'll die anyways. They could flee to... China? North Korea? Ukraine? Sounds like all the good exits are off the table.

Every News Agency: The OSCARS!

Who cares. The awards are just another form of mindless entertainment. Congrats to all those who won, so sorry to all those who lost. Did anyone get bitch slapped this time around? I hope so. I hope Michelle was the one to do the slapping too! I'd pay to see that.

THE HILL: GOP senator says lawmakers should ‘talk’ about changing retirement age

Ugh. This fucking guy. Sen. Kennedy again! So, let me get this straight... the GOP says they WERE NOT putting forth a bill to change or eliminate Social Security and Medicare. Biden says he has the bill on his desk. MTG starts spouting off like a rabid badger and Biden negotiates with her DURING the State of the Union, and McCarthy gets his weiner in a bind over it. THEN we find out that a few, not one, but a few of the GOP actually DID submit bills to change or eliminate Social Security and Medicare. THEN Kennedy says Biden tried to politicize it, and they really had no intention of changing or eliminating SS and MED, and NOW Kennedy says they should up the retirement age so people cannot collect Social Security until much later in life? Gee... that sounds a lot like, making it impossible to collect on a mandatory federal program you have to pay into your entire life!!! Sounds a lot like the GOP, which Kennedy is a member of, trying to change or get rid of Social Security! Look, just because Biden is on loan to us from Jeff Dunham, doesn't mean we don't recognize Peanut trying to piss in our beer. Give us a fucking break.

YAHOO FINANCE: Feds guarantee all deposits from failed Calif. bank

Well, that's mighty white of you. And I do mean that. I bet, 99% of those investments and deposits came from wealthy white Silicon Valley dudes who didn't want to put their money into a more stable, or more "transparent" banking institution. Then again, when your choices are BOA - the snake that squeezes your life out of you before they foreclose on your house, or Popular Bank, just fined for fraud... Wells Fargo, where you don't even need to open an account to have five accounts with them, J.P. Morgan Chase, where everyone's credit goes to die... I guess it seems thought out to put your dollars in a bank named after the place it resides in. Too bad it wasn't called Stockton... maybe they would have done better.

Well, that's about it.

I just want to say, if I get enough reads on this, I'll try and make it a daily thing. My position on all things is simple: People want to be left the fuck alone. We want to go to work, not get F-ed over, and go home to relax. We want clean food, clean water, clean air. We want our government to protect us, and serve us. If all that happens, we have American Pride and we thrive. When everyone starts putting their hands in the cookie jar and start spouting about how they "deserve" things that others don't, for any reason, I don't give a shit what it is, I have one thing to say. Fuck Off. Oh, and I hate liars. No Bullshit :)


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