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Is Hell really for children?

Child Labor Laws and Martha Stewart are relevant again

By Shanon Marie Clare Angermeyer NormanPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Does the painting enhance the fence or is this vandalism?

I just saw a headline about Child Labor laws and I thought, 'wow, it's been awhile since this topic of conversation has been brought up.' I immediately thought about Martha Stewart and her time in jail for the crime of employing "underage" workers, or so "they" said. In other countries of course the laws are different, if they even have laws, and there are many children put to work. As a huge fan of the Olympics, I spent most of my "spoiled American childhood" pondering why other countries like Russia, China, and even smaller countries than America could produce better skaters or gymnasts. America has all the equipment and wealth, so how was it possible? How did Japan come out of WW2 as the leader in technology? Sony? Well, I could ponder these things forever I suppose, but I ended my quest for answers about it when I had heard that poor Martha Stewart had to spend time in jail or prison for some kind of "child labor law" infringement. I suppose they had to beat up Martha because they were sick of fine china on the dining room table or that she was a better chef or had more money selling dishes. She should write an anthem for petty American cop wannabes titled "The Vengeance We Seek". I'm sure the experience only made her stronger and wiser, but I am ashamed of that part of American history. As if the crucifying of O.J. Simpson or Bill Cosby isn't bad enough. Some people still ask "Has it really gotten that bad?" as if they are totally unaware of how History can not be separated from the future as long as memory remains loyal. I never forgot the voice of one who said to me, "When will you believe in nothing?" or "When do you stop being a mother?" I wonder if I lacked the power of my conviction.

I wasn't even a teenager the first time I heard Pat Benatar's song "Hell is for Children" --- Pat was an opera singer. She's amazing. I love her music. But that particular song is actually very disturbing and hauntingly memorable. It was brought to my attention by my cousin Lisa who was a fan of hers before me. It was the first Pat Benatar song I had the chance to listen to at that time. I was a virgin and a child and as I listened to the lyrics, I was horrified. Although I knew I had it good compared to some other children, the parts that I could relate to (abuse and mistrust) were just plain awful. Yet I knew some deranged comfort from the song also. If Pat can sing about this, then I am not alone. These awful aspects of life have occurred already. I am not the first to see or know. Those lyrics gave me strength and courage to face the hardships of childhood.

I really believed that I could be a musician. Before I became a smoker I had the voice of a Soprano, like Pat. I always had stage presence and could project for a theater even without speakers and amplification. I was gifted. I attempted to show my talent in hopes of being received. I was not. I was tossed to the side like garbage and had to find my own path. Then I was accused of always choosing the wrong path. Oh well, that's my own sob story. Martha was successful, and that's why they crucified her life. Jealousy or Envy is the worst monster. The opposite of a loyal cheerleader. Women may or may not have Penis Envy, but Men definitely despise a successful woman in business. It's like kicking them in the balls. The funniest part about it is that their inability to admire the success of strong women like Martha, is exactly why they have no balls. They are so insecure about their macho manliness, and the purpose of being the Head of Household or the breadwinner, that they kill their daughters and wives for their inability to evolve. I don't have that problem. I can play it forwards or backwards. My problem is I can never find the equal dance partner.

Child Labor Laws are stupid in my opinion. The hypocrisy is worse than hypocrisy. You expected me (as a child) to go through 13 years of public education carrying a backpack of books weighing twenty to thirty pounds, doing homework and answering to dozens of bosses (teachers, principals, counselors, coaches) and not call that Child Labor with NO pay? You are insane. I was lucky when I got the reward of my driver's license and first car at the age of 16. Sadly, there were plenty of kids who were not that fortunate. They chose to get their G.E.D. and work at your fast food restaurants instead so that they could possibly buy their own car.

The hypocrisy is worse than hypocrisy. Grow up.


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    Shanon Marie Clare Angermeyer NormanWritten by Shanon Marie Clare Angermeyer Norman

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