How the USA accounted for some major damage to the global renewable energy industry?

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Scientists and energy experts worldwide have emphasized the transition to a 100 percent dependency on clean energy sources to combat the adverse impact of global climate change.

How the USA accounted for some major damage to the global renewable energy industry?

While the conclusion was taken as a mere suggestion by most countries a few months back, the current pandemic situation has pushed them to give serious thought.

NJ Ayuk, the executive chairman of the African energy chamber, also calls it the 'need of the hour' amidst the ongoing corona virus across every part of the globe.

As per him, the current situation has drastically impacted the same transition while resulting in thousands of job losses like any other sector.

The same threat to the renewable energy sector got originated a few months back when President Donald Trump and his team took some unprecedented steps to suppress the growth of the renewable industry.

According to NJ Ayuk, after becoming the American president in 2016, trump and his team came out with specific policies that resulted in the loss of more than 60000 jobs in the renewable energy sector.

It must be noted that this loss is apart from what the current pandemic situation has done with the sector and people involved within.

So, while there was a need to push to the renewable energy sector in the interests of the larger population and their future, the Trump administration opted to go the other way.

The government and its policies are more favorable to the fossil fuel industry. Moreover, this further proved to be a big dent towards every effort made in the direction to rejuvenate the renewable energy sector.

What are the impacts of the same situation on the significant renewable energy sectors in the US?

As per the report shared by the Solar energy industries association (SEIA), it was been stated that the solar sector is all set to lose almost half of its workforce ( stands at around 1,25,000 employees).

The solar industry mainly relies on residential installations that also involve the door-to-door process of educating people about technology and functioning. With social distancing norms getting stricter due to the corona virus, all such installations and associated efforts have mostly been barred.

It's not just about the solar energy industry, and even the wind energy industry is witnessing the same crisis. As per the report shared by the E & E-news, the US Wind energy sector stands in a situation of losing more than 1/3rd of its total workforce around the country.

The fight and struggle are still ongoing!

NJ Ayuk further talks about a survey that has been conducted by an NGO in the same context. As per the survey, more than 74 percent of people voiced their support in favour of increased public investment in the renewable energy sector.

That's where the Green stimulus proposal came into picture while further discussing the significance of increasing investment towards the green energy sector. Although the proposal didn’t result in any significant change in government’s plans and policies towards the green energy sectors, it created a big rage in the global communities.

What is the Green stimulus?

The green stimulus was proposed to demand immediate attention ( along with financial assistance) towards 3 major crisis situations –the current pandemic situation and its adverse effects on the economy, the global climate emergency, and the extreme inequality in the USA.

It further demands a relief package for at least $ 2 trillion to help all struggling families in the current crisis hour. The proposal also talks about the significance of creating more sustainable jobs in the renewable energy sector while helping millions with their livelihood.

It has also been quoted that 'even though the work and the efforts cannot be initiated immediately due to the pandemic situation, the government and the people must stay ready for any future attempt in advance.

What is the way forward?

Speaking of the USA, the corona virus situation has affected nearly 1/3 of the country's total population, and this is where the Trump administration has to come up with some concrete steps.

While that happens, adequate measures and reforms must also be brought to the renewable energy sector to further ensure a cleaner and greener future for humanity

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