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How Many Dead Children Is Enough?

(The NRA pays people we put in office to protect their guns while the bodies fall... and until one of their own dies it will continue.)

By Hannah LoganPublished 15 days ago 5 min read
How Many Dead Children Is Enough?
Photo by Josue Michel on Unsplash

When another arrives in Heaven...

I began an article that turned into a really sad poem, that turned into a research rabbit hole, and now I have a headache.

I will say I found that people we elect benefit A LOT from not changing gun laws.

I'm not posting the rest of what I wrote, because I want to SOMEHOW be part of the solution. I don't hate anyone. Not politicians, not policemen, not shooters, not bullies.

People keep dying from gun violence because of a profound lack of love in all of us.

I believe the crux of the problem we have with our violently-inclined police force comes from generational trauma and internalized racism.

I also believe we have been taught to defend a God we are terrified of, one we would never want to be in the same room with. This has made us better protectors of our guns than each other. We have been taught to hate and to separate, some while insisting "You better believe in this unconditionally loving God or you will go straight to hell."

We don't even know what "one nation under God" means. The violence, the passion for our steely protection, and the vitriol with which we defend a "loving" God are ALL connected. Each feeds on and fuels the other. The water is poisoned. We drink it, pour poison in it, forget we did that, then drink it again, and complain about it tasting funny, all the while wondering why we are so sick.

It has been this way for a long time. But if your water has always tasted just a little funny, well, then.

When another child dies in another school shooting no one says, "I think maybe we have a lack of love problem. Like maybe we need to be more loving." That's because we don't know what that looks like. We don't know what clear, fresh water tastes like… because of this poison.

Instead, MY water isn't right… or yours isn't. We fight over the flavor of poisoned water, or its color. We don't question why everyone is sick. If we weren't comparing hues or rusty essence we might figure out the poison is the problem, and that love is the antidote.

We might find a solution together… and stop killing each other.

We came here for religious freedom, but we punish people if they try to be free. We are TERRIFIED of free. Freedom means I get to be different. Different makes us uncomfortable. Different gets bullied. Different gets some people shot for wearing a hoodie or going to 7–11 in the "right" neighborhood with the wrong color skin.

God here is an alcoholic Santa who polices with an AK-47 and doesn't tell us til the last minute who was naughty or nice.

That is unless you are untouchable.

The Untouchables are the 1%. They are the ones who tell us what we want to hear, apparently, then protect Santa, get invited to the North Pole, get the best presents.

But one day, one day… Santa will get drunk and his aim will be off and the untouchables will be touched.

And the real God… the one of which we are all a part… the one that is a blanket of Infinite Light and Love… a refuge for even the most wretched souls who have rooted themselves in the love of money and power and who wallow blind in the filth of corruption… that God will be remembered.

And that remembering will bring forth the mightiest of shame.

And it will echo like a bell in a cathedral made only for such a moment, like a gunshot ripping through a playground of laughing children where your own child plays…

and perhaps this powerful reverberation will make them listen.

In fact, it may be the only thing.

I do not wish it, but The Day of Reckoning will come…

"We regret to inform you that your child was shot today."


For more info on the corruption that makes it so easy for children to be needlessly slaughtered check out the below link.

NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre steps down ahead of civil corruption trial - reported by 1440 (1440 is an unbiased media source. Many other media sources like Fox News, on the other hand, are owned by multi-billionaires, like Rupert Murdoch, who gives millions to the NRA, and politicians who receive money from the NRA. So, yeah, the reporting from such sources on yet another shooting, as well as NRA stuff… not so neutral. Doesn't seem "quite right" does it?)


Maybe, like me, you think more access to more guns is not the answer. Maybe, like me, you think it is repugnant that politicians block gun laws that might slow down the massacres while they take money from a so-called non-profit that benefits from their policy-making.

Yeah, you heard me, the NRA is a TAX-EXEMPT 501(c)(4). Uuuuuuh, don't "non-profits" usually ASK for donations*? Zat just me?

I'm confused... Maybe if I had a gun I'd be smarter. - Gif by GIPHY

I will be honest, I spend a good half of my morning meditation nurturing compassion for people who can do shit this dodgy and be this greedy, then tell us they are "civil servants" or protecting civil rights.

It is neither civil, nor decent, and lacks all integrity.

What I do believe is that the aphrodisiacs of money and power and a legacy of learned violence, racism, and misogyny has encouraged these choices, blinding good humans to what and who they have become.

I say this from experience. I have seen good men, men I know to be good, men I once respected, poisoned right before my eyes by this rampant infection of ego and fear.

We mustn't give up… not on the adults behaving like children, nor the actual children who need us.


*If you feel as I do please donate to a non-profit that will only really profit when it's finally not so easy to kill each other.


Hannah Logan is a feeler, healer, writer, and fighter for worthy causes. She does lots of artsy things and helps others do artsy things as well. She loves all her inner kids and humans in general and is working to leave the world, and the people she meets, better than she found them… mainly by being kind, truthful, creative, and unabashedly, odd.

Explore the links below for further details about her.


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