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Wuthering Heights: A Novel to Get Hammered By

(A firmly tongue in cheek critique of love on the moors)

By Hannah LoganPublished 9 months ago 1 min read
Awaiting some relent in the despair that is "Wuthering Heights."

Just like love, this novel had me drinking and kicking things. 

The main lady is a bitch. The main dude, who you like at first, turns into an a-hole, obsessed with Bitchypants. EVERYBODY in the damn thing needs EMDR therapy. 

Think someone ends up happy? Sucker.

Rewatch Bridesmaids instead.


About the Creator

Hannah Logan


Truth-Teller * Believer in Magic * Laughter-Lover

My hope...

to make art

that matters, moves, (a)muses

unlocks The Mystery

leaves good in my wake

so others

might do the same.

Insta @mshannahlogan

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  • E.K. Daniels7 months ago

    Lol this was spot on! Nice job!

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