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Hitler Syndrome

An Excuse For Evil And Bad Behaviour

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
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These are some observations with examples on how bad and evil situations are defended because some positive is found in the situation. I have seen Hitler defended because brought Germany to full employment by mobilising the military, by introducing motorways and the Volkswagen Beetle so that everyone could own a car.

We know that Hitler was evil and he and his collaborators were responsible for some of the worst atrocities that have ever been perpetrated in this world.

We know that these can never be defended but people will still say that Hitler and the Nazi Party were not all bad. Statements like that must always be shut down.

The music is "The Words That Maketh Murder" by Polly Jean Harvey.

Fast Forward To Now

In everyday life we see domestic abusers excused "Because They Love Me". These are people who should be in jail but because the people who they abuse find a reason to excuse them, they continue abusing with impunity.

Politicians are often defended for a number of reasons, mainly that their job is hard or no one else could do a better job.

Take Donald Trump, we know what an awful person he is and in this video he makes lascivious comments about a ten year old girl, as well as crashing the dressing rooms where there are naked fifteen year olds, He is currently facing a hundred criminal charges, but people I know defend him saying he speaks as he finds, and he is a great businessman. When I showed this to a former American friend, she and her boyfriend said that Biden was a paedophile because he had touched a child in public on a walkabout, but they were fine with Trump and never spoke to me again.

Someone at my workplace said if he could do the job then it was fine, that was a shock to me, that someone would accept such a vile individual because "they could do the job", although we know how disgusting this particular one is. Please watch the video above.

At the moment someone who has been accused and found guilty of fraud, sexual harassment, and also has several bankruptcies is being considered for the position of President of the USA.

Similarly in the UK we have had several Prime Ministers who have lied, defrauded the taxpayer, being involved in several sexual harassment cases and people still defend them because managing the economy is a difficult and stressful job. It is but they are paid appropriately.

The current Prime Minister made a fortune from the 2008 Financial Crash which was a result of his government's and Reagan's Republican's removal of banking restrictions that had been introduced after the Wall Street crash to make sure that never happened again.

Again people defend them for the flimsiest reasons, when they probably wouldn't trust these people to mow their lawn.

Racism and Xenophobia is endemic in the UK government, who spout lies about who is responsible for the problems with the failing economy. If this was a normal employer these people would be in jail.

Not one person in the UK government could employed by my company because of their racism, mendacity and misogyny, but people still defend them and say that their job is difficult and all politicians are the same.

There are good Tories but they were thrown out of the cabinet by that mendacious, adulterous racist Boris Johnson.


When you know someone is bad, treat them as a bad person. Do not excuse them or they will take advantage of you and destroy everything that you hold sacred.

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  • Randy Wayne Jellison-Knock3 months ago

    The party of family values. I give you Trump. The party of Law & Order & Blue Lives Matter. Unless they're defending the capitol on January 6th..., or presiding over a case in which Trump is the defendant for crimes he's openly committed & admitted to in front of everyone. The party that supports business. Led by Trump who is so bad at business he's declared bankruptcy multiple times, stiffed his creditors & small businesses to whom he's in debt & simply refused to pay them, whose credit rating is so low literally no bank in the U.S. will loan to him any longer & who has had to turn to Deutsche Bank (noted for its work with the Russian Mafia--for whom DJT has also been caught laundering money through his real estate ventures), whose biggest success to date is marketing his name such that people pay him to license his name though he offers absolutely no backing to their projects of any kind & will shut them down if they quit paying him. The party that is truly patriotic & wants to Make America Great Again. But only so long as the country's interests are completely aligned with those of DJT, because his interests are the only ones that matter & he'll throw you under the bus (or instruct his minions to do it) if ever yours interests should deviate from his own in the slightest. The party of Christian Values. Yeah, right. You just voted for one of the purest embodiments of the spirit of antichrist as ever as has been found on the face of this planet.

  • Ewww, that video! He's such a pervert!

  • C.B. Visions3 months ago

    First, Hitler was not that evil. The NSDAP sure was. The moment we blame just one person, we lose everything else. The more we fake the history, the easier it can repeat itself, as you can see right now in Germany with the Nazis new rise to power. They will win three elections in federal countries this year; seems to come out as 2nd strongest party in the next General election. We are back in 1930s. Second, we should have learned how the NSDAP gained their power, how they could win the heart and mind of the people. If we had done that, we would not be surprised by their new rise, we could have fought them when there was time. Now it might be to late and 20 million people are at risk to lose everything. The truth could have saved us from repeating history!

  • Mother Combs3 months ago

    Great thoughts!! Shared on social media

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