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Hamas: Still Standing!

Hamas Re-emerges in Northern Gaza.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Tunnel System.

Israel vowed to eradicate and get hostages home after Hamas killed 1,139 Israelis. Israel attacked the enclave with everything it had. Hitting Gaza from land, sea, and air.

Northern Gaza has been bombed to rubble and Gaza City was besieged by the IDF, for 112 days. The IDF then withdrew, saying, "Mission Accomplished"! In other words, they had succeeded in eliminating Hamas in the area. Hence Israel is now confronting Hamas in Khan Younis, in the south.

However, on January 16, Hamas fired 25 missiles into Israel. No casualties occurred, however, these missiles were fired from the north of Gaza. The fact that Hamas can still fire missiles into Israel shows Hamas is still active. This after Israel threw everything but the kitchen sink at Northern Gaza. The tunnel system is what offers much protection to Hamas operatives. Israel has eliminated many tunnels, however, Israel does not know the full extent of the tunnels. Hamas has used these tunnels to smuggle in weapons and goods from Egypt. The tunnels are like an underground labyrinth that stretches for miles and miles under Gaza. Hamas is housing the hostages in these underground places, no doubt. Hamas uses the tunnel network to ferry men and military equipment in its battles with the IDF.

Israel has so far failed to conquer Hamas and bring the hostages, home. Israel's aims of defeating Hamas and bringing the hostages home may be unreachable. The longer the war drags on and the more Israeli casualties mount up, the more, the Israeli public will become impatient. There have been frequent demonstrations recently to stop the war, bring the hostages home, and call on Netanyahu to step down. Even Arab Israelis and Jewish Israelis have protested together.

Israel has recently been taken to court by South Africa. South Africa's case was to accuse Israel of genocide in Gaza. The ICJ stopped short of accusing Israel of genocide. However, it called on Israel to stop attacking civilians and protect them. Israel gave the ICJ ruling to desist the middle finger. The IDF carries on its war regardless of UN resolutions, world opinion, and international court rulings.

The US, UK, Germany, etc, remain steadfast in their support for Israel. The flotilla put together by the US, UK, and others have been protecting ships in the Red Sea. Houthis, in Yemen, have been attacking ships connected to Israel in response to Israel's bombing of Gaza. The US and UK in retaliation, have been hitting targets in Yemen. However, this has not stopped the Houthis from hitting tankers and freighters. If anything, it has riled them up even more, as their attacks continue.

Hezbollah and Israel are fighting each other in Northern Israel/Southern Lebanon. The US and Iran-backed rebels in Iraq and Syria have been trading blows. So it's not if the war will spread, it already has spread!

Biden committed the US, not to get sucked, into another Middle East war. With things hotting up in that part of the world, however, the US is getting more and more involved. The more the US responds in force to attacks, the more the US will and is involved in a Middle East conflict. So far, Americans have suffered minor injuries in attacks on their military bases. Yesterday an attack occurred where American personnel were killed and 25 injured. This occurred in Jordan, though the Jordanians say, it wasn't quite on their land. The US accuses Iran of being behind these attacks. Iran admits it backs these groups with weapons and finance. However, Iran says it does not give orders to groups to attack US bases. Nevertheless, the US will have to hit back harder than it has been doing. Will this be a direct attack on Iran, itself?


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I am a freelance writer currently writing for Blasting News and HubPages. I mainly write about politics. But have and will cover all subjects when the need arises.

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  • Test4 months ago

    Israel is doing genocide in Gaza.

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