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Hamas and Israel: Agree Hostage Release.

Temporary Ceasefire.

By Nicholas BishopPublished 7 months ago 3 min read
Mural of Gaza and Israel.

It seems a breakthrough has been reached between Israel and Hamas. It seems that hostages/prisoners will be released in the agreement and there will come a temporary ceasefire. This will allow humanitarian corridors to bring in much-needed aid to Gaza.

Israel reports that 50 hostages will be released. However, Netanyahu has confirmed the pause in the fighting will be temporary. Netanyahu said he would "Continue the war to return all hostages, complete the elimination of Hamas and ensure that there will be no new threat from Gaza to Israel".

So Israel will continue its death and destruction as it weeds out Hamas. Gaza has been reduced to rubble, and Gaza City is a ruin. Thousands of Gazans have fled south to Khan Younis. Israel told Gaza City dwellers to go south where they would be safe. Now Israel has announced it will stage the second stage phase of the war in the south. It is believed that Hamas leaders have fled south to Khan Younis. Therefore, all those civilians who are Khan Younis natives and those who have fled south will not be spared, despite the fact, Israel said they would be.

Israel has been bombing Khan Younis, anyway. The civilians cannot flee anywhere. They will be and are sitting ducks. Egypt does not want huge numbers of Gazans flowing into its territory. In case Hamas operatives, are among, the throng. Egypt does not want Islamic fundamentalists to cause trouble.

Egypt, briefly, had a Muslim Brotherhood President, Mohammed Morsi. The Muslim Brotherhood has connections to Hamas. Morsi was overthrown, even though Morsi, like Hamas, was democratically elected. Would Morsi have turned Egypt into an Islamic fundamentalist state or would he have been more liberal? Well, that question, will not be, answered. Egypt has returned to a military dictatorship as it was under Mubarak. Egypt is now under the rule of Si Si. Egypt is second only to Israel, in being funded, by the US.

Hamas has agreed to the deal with Israel. Hamas has claimed 150 Israeli hostages will be freed. However, Israel, for its part, has not mentioned any such thing. Likewise, Palestinian prisoners will be released also, in the deal.

Joe Biden said he was "Extraordinarily gratified". Mr. Biden thanked Qatar and Egypt for brokering this deal between Israel and Hamas. No doubt, other Western leaders, even leaders in the Middle East and further afield, will be happy.

The war will go on, however, as if Gazan civilians, have not suffered enough. Schools, universities, hospitals, workplaces, mosques, and churches, are all being hit by IDF air and ground forces. The misery and absolute suffering of the Gazans will carry on ad infinitum.

Even if, this ceasefire, was permanent the damage to Gaza is in the billions. All those lives lost and lives injured both physically and psychologically will always be there. Who would put Gaza back together? Hamas, would, for better or worse, still be in control. Gaza would still be under sanctions and blockade from Israel and Egypt. Gaza's airspace, its maritime territory, would still be under, Israeli control. Gaza's water supply and energy needs would still be under Israel's control too. Poverty and unemployment would be far worse, than ever before.

However, this war, if it can be called that ends, it will not leave Israel safe. Even though, Netanyahu, says eliminating Hamas, will make Israel, safe. In the short term, it probably will. However, Iran will remain, and Hezbollah will remain. Hamas may or will be destroyed in Gaza perhaps. However, Hamas exists, outside of Gaza, even if Israel destroyed the organisation completely in those areas, it wouldn't end Hamas. The idea of a free Palestine will exist in the minds of those Palestinians who survive this conflict. And whether the resistance to Israel is a born-again Hamas, or in some other form, Israel, will feel the wrath of future Palestinians. Those Israelis who have suffered at the hands of Hamas, or have died, will hate Palestinians even more.

This running sore of 75/80 years will continue for another 75/80 years. This cycle of tit for tat, of death and destruction, will never stop. Not unless, both sides, with the help of the international community, talk. Iron out differences, forgive each other, and stem the tide of continual hatred and fighting. Where both sides, can live, alongside each other, finally and forever, in peace and security.

The above is admittedly naive and living in the land of rainbows and unicorns. However, if both sides are prepared to put aside their differences and seek genuine peace, it is achievable.

Likewise, the international- backers of both sides, must also, push them towards peace and reconciliation. Then we may reach a place where both sides will live in peace and security, and be safe, in their own borders.


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Nicholas Bishop

I am a freelance writer currently writing for Blasting News and HubPages. I mainly write about politics. But have and will cover all subjects when the need arises.

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