Divided We Fail

by Dr. Williams 11 months ago in activism

America's Last Days?

Divided We Fail

In this the 21st century we still have to remember lessons learned from history are valuable tools to secure the future. Too often, though, mankind hasn't learned many of the lessons that history is supposed to teach us. Many empires that have risen fall by their failure to negate the inner divides of their people. Questions now arise about the future of the United States considering the enormity of division in the US today. Is the United States going to be the next nation to join history's long list of nations that fail to heed Lincoln's immortal words, "A nation divided against itself cannot stand?"

Today, the United States is indeed in a quagmire of division. The deep divides that exist have crippled America's ability to stop this nation's decline into history. This past mid-term election cycle is a prime example of how deeply divided the United States really is. The prominent two party system has pitted Republicans against Democrats to the extent that compromise on any one issue is impossible. Just maybe we are seeing the last days of America as we know it. Then again by 2020, could there be that ray of hope, that unity of purpose so great people will come together? Something this nation hasn't had since 1941 when we entered World War II and in President Kennedy's time. That unity of purpose, this time, is a definitive plan of direction that closes the deep divides which are ripping this nation apart.

All across the nation there are multitudes living in acute poverty where homelessness and hunger abound. A nation where the cries of the impoverished millions continue to fall on deaf ears of government. A government that is incapable of not just understanding but unwilling to do anything to ease their plight. It has become necessary now in order to save this nation and preserve its heritage to realize that only a concise, unilateral, and united plan of direction will succeed, a plan of direction that will bridge the gaps that have only accelerated America's decline.

Now is the time for using the political process of our democracy to come together and look back in our history where President Kennedy laid down the gauntlet in outlying a definitive plan of direction for this nation. What he started made us reach for the stars and put a man on the moon. Sure, we had divisions then but we came together as a nation. We need that type of unity of purpose now. The wheels of government since have turned away from the American public as was the case in our involvement in Vietnam. The divisions of this nation have only gotten wider. We have never been able to close those gaps since.

A definitive plan of direction is outlined in the National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation. Understanding how these ten articles work is essential in closing the gaping divides that exist in our society today. That unity of purpose, that plan of direction and that ray of hope, exists now. All that is needed is for the political process to use the National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation as the rallying cry of a nation that continues to flounder in troubled waters. Like President Kennedy before, the gauntlet is now thrown for a national movement in 2020 to pick up the gauntlet and implement the National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation to save us all. If we don't, the United States will sooner than later join history's long list of nations that have failed.

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