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Conspiracy Theory or Hidden Truth?

The story of Jeffrey Epstein: The Key To The Truth

By Brendaliz ColonPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Many of you might already know of Jeffrey Epstein through the documentary on Netflix, or you have been following traces from the early 2000s.

Now all I have to say here are just conspiracies. Whatever talked here, you are the one to determine if there's a truth on it. Before going to the facts, let's talk about the documentary on Netflix.

Filthy Rich: Jeffrey Epstein released on Netflix in May 2020. This documentary talks about Epstein's life and crimes, giving a voice to his victims. He died while in jail. Some of his former associates were Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Queen's Elizabeth son, Prince Andrew. Epstein got arrested in July 2019 on charges with sex trafficking and conspiracy on engage sex trafficking. In the documentary, we get a peek of his home on Beach Palm. Were most of the victims went through the abuse. He would offer them money to give him a massage, which later turns into something else. Prince Andrew got accused of abuse. There were pictures to prove that he knew this girl, but the Royalty tried to hide the evidence that could damage their image and reputation. Bill Clinton also went to his private island on a couple of occasions. Trump was also an acquaintance of Epstein. There have been new accusations that Donald Trump is also part of a pedophile ring.

One of the questions that came up in the documentary was how he got to teach at The Dalton School without any college degree? Jeffrey indeed went to college but never finished, and he stated that he was studying physics. From there, his journey to power and connections started. Something that we will never know is if he went through some abuse during his childhood. Epstein was a mysterious guy, he was on top of the world, but nobody knew about him. Many people wondered how he got rich. But leaving that behind, because it is on Netflix, let's talk about the conspiracies being discussed.

There are many conspiracy theories on the internet, but people still wonder why Trump is trying so hard to keep the attention away from that topic. Today, the case of Hillary Clinton was streamed live on YouTube, it took me a couple of hours to find it since I did not watch it on my account, and I couldn't remember the video's title. A couple of years ago, Wiki Leaks released emails of Clinton and other politicians to the internet. It caused controversy, but since the government can find a way to get away from this, people seem to have forgotten.

Also, the biggest question where is, Ghislaine Maxwell? She and Epstein were in a relationship. Maxwell, as well, was involved with pedophilia. She helped Epstein recruit young girls and make them give him a massage for money.



In my opinion, the documentary of Jeffrey Epstein opened the eyes of many people. It also moved the people to start their investigations. They are multiple conspiracy theories on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Also, there is evidence out there it is up to people if they want to believe or not.

Don't believe the story, go to Justin Bieber's video "Yummy," he exposed the industry of pedophilia. From beginning to end, that video is full of hidden messages, and every person on that video represents somebody in the elite society. You can see Jeffrey Epstein dancing with dark glasses. The Afro-American lady was representing Naomi Campbell. The lady was representing Hillary Clinton. Even food!

My question is, how did the death of artists, and now Epstein is linked? My theory could be that they killed them because they knew too much.

Sadly, this is the world that we are living in, a bunch of mysteries unsolved, and that probably we will never know because of the society that rules this world.


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