Conspiracy Theories!

by Michael Blair 3 years ago in opinion

Life would be dull without them.

Conspiracy Theories!
Don't believe everything you are told.

As Lee Harvey Oswald was being led from jail to go to court, Jack Ruby pushed through a crowd of reporters and from point blank range, shot him dead. At that moment I knew something was very wrong with this entire scenario.

Well, I probably didn't think that exactly, as I was only around eight years old. But I couldn't understand how it had been allowed to happen. There was the man who apparently assassinated the President of the United States of America, the most powerful man in the world, and he couldn't be properly protected.

This was something my young mind could not process. I had no inkling about the actual assassination conspiracy theory at that time, and it was only Oswald's killing which I couldn't fathom. Of course now it seems only too clear that it was probably a case of, "dead men don't tell tales."

The Kennedy assassination has, over the years, spawned dozens if not hundreds of conspiracy theories. They range from the bizarre to the outright insane, but there is always a grain of truth. That Kennedy was shot, is an irrefutable fact. The parade of vehicles in Dallas that day is also a fact. Who shot him and why, are something about which very few people agree.

The official report didn't make sense, but I suppose it wasn't meant to make sense. It was believed completely by the vast majority of the American public, which was the main reason for it being written. But a few brave souls have kept digging away, trying to unearth the truth. I'm not sure if we will ever know what really happened on that fateful day in Dallas, which is why conspiracy theories are so popular.

Another popular conspiracy theory is that the Apollo moon landings were faked in a film studio in Hollywood. There are many people who will swear blind that it was a complete sham. And even more who are convinced that it actually happened. I must admit I hadn't ever considered these events to be fake until I read an article ridiculing the "insane conspiracy theory."

This was quite a revelation; the possibility of the all the Apollo moon landings had been created on a film set. The more I read on the subject, the more it appeared it could be true. It's another one which divides opinion. Which is only right.

Both the Bobby Kennedy assassination and the murder of Martin Luther King have their share of conspiracy theories. There were and still are convincing arguments to say the people who were convicted of the killings, were either set up or had been brainwashed by government agencies to kill both men.

My view is that they were where they were because someone had told them to be there for some other reason. Once in place, they did what they were told to do.

Bobby Kennedy was given wrong directions in the hotel where he had addressed supporters after winning the Californian Presidential primary. He was taken through the kitchen, having been told it was the quickest way to the press room, where he was shot by Palestinian, Sirhan Sirhan, who was sentenced to life imprisonment with the possibility of parole. At this time, he is still in prison.

Question is, who told him to go that way, where his assassin was waiting? Someone had to have set this up. There was no way it happened by chance. Once again, suspicion has to be pointed towards the FBI or another government agency. The US government establishment couldn't bear to have an other Kennedy in the White House.

Turning to the assassination of Martin Luther King, there is compelling evidence of a government conspiracy in the killing. James Earl Ray pled guilty to the murder, to save being found guilty at trial and sentenced to death. Eventually, even Dr. King's family had deep misgivings about his guilt.

James Earl Ray died in prison in 1998 from complications of liver disease. He continued to protest his innocence.

Moving forward to the greatest conspiracy theory of all. 9/11. When I first heard about the twin towers atrocities, I had no thought of it being anything other than what had been reported on television news and from the US authorities. The only thing I couldn't fathom was why the towers collapsed as they did.

All day, as I watched the ongoing tragedy, I was sure the majority of people would be airlifted from the buildings. I didn't imagine the towers would fall. But when I heard people shouting that the first one was coming down, I was expecting it to fall lengthways, resulting in massive damage to the surrounding areas. I was astonished when it fell straight down. I was even more surprised by the collapse of the second tower. How could this happen in the way it did?

The initial information was that the buildings had been weakened so badly by the planes, they had imploded. I suppose most people bought that scenario, because it seemed like a simple explanation. No one really questioned the physics of the triple collapse. At the time, building seven barely got a mention on news channels.

The almost simultaneous attacks on the Pentagon and the plane which vanished into thin air after it hit the ground in Pennsylvania deflected attention from the flaws in the official account, which suited the authorities.

There are far too many theories on this horrendous event to make it possible to go into great detail on this forum. But plenty people really do believe at some level, the US government was involved.

Remember the quote from Joseph Geobbels...........

"If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself."

The lines about the Kennedys, King, and 9/11 were repeated endlessly..... Think about that! The moon landings, I think actually happened!

Michael Blair
Michael Blair
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