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Brexit, Unwanted Child of Democracy.

In giving power of fundamentally vital decisions to people is democratic society able to make a right choice?

By SJ KPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

Brexit has become something of a swear word and most would rather forget it. It has divided UK like never before and has also put a strain on once united Europe.

But, it is not only that.

Everyone, of course, realised a mistake a little bit too late. Mistake of allowing the question to be brought up and with whatever intentions to be executed as a democratic reality show.

It was nothing wrong in questioning the use and fruitfulness of Britain being a member of EU, however the mistake of leadership in putting a decision making into publics hands has become very clear and very soon. Especially considering a lot who voted to Leave have shortly u-turned and admitted they were “misguided”.

Very quickly, Brexit has become something of an unwanted child everyone knows of, but no one really wanted to have around or be responsible for conceiving.

The test was clearly failed by democracy itself. It has proven itself as weak and not prepared to give power of execution to people, because such execution can clearly lead to self destruction.

Solution, perhaps, is to “stress test” decisions like that first putting it to a public vote without obligatory execution. This can give a chance to discuss it in more detail and without fear of major political meltdown. And if it is, after long and careful consideration really required by country and the nation, it can then be carried on with.

Most of the world's leaders agree it was a bit of a glitch, but also for someone like Theresa May it has become a curse to be reckoned with. Perhaps some would agree, with good intensions she brought it upon herself. But good intentions often lead to uncertain destinations. Hopefully not too scary ones though...

Yet, now it has become somebody else’s problem. No one knows for sure right now how do we find the way out of this maze of political storm.

Boris has promised an exit soon, but only time shall tell if this decision is the right one.

One way or the other, this saga on some point has to come to the end with as little damage to everyone involved. This should be the mutual aim of both sides involved.

It is not the time for differences and egos to shine, but to unite and find that long anticipated panacea.

Questions asked all the time of what will happen in case of a “hard” Brexit and concerns were raised many times of economic impact and future of European citizens living in UK for many years now. Few times I was asked by my British friends if I am concerned of uncertainty. As a European citizen I am concerned and also not the same time. I believe a lot of fellow Europeans feel the same⁠—less concerned and more exhausted of unknown and political turmoil.

Many are now on a same page, thinking it has to be a fair solution for both people and businesses to have minimum impact on both. Transition is never easy, yet if done correctly can be beneficial for all involved.

Nicola Sturgeon has recently said that differences must be put aside and all efforts to be concentrated around preventing “no deal” Brexit.

She knows perhaps a thing or two about flying solo and pulling away from unions and from all the leaders so far she sounds like she knows what it is about and what needs to be done.

Scotland is likely to brace itself for a democratic test once more, if it decides to vote on independence. Hopefully, if another referendum to take place in the nearest future, it shall not be another epic never ending story.


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