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Ain’t Nobody’s Business if You Do

The Extreme Right's Interlock with Control

By John WorthingtonPublished 22 days ago 7 min read
Illustration designed specifically for this blog by BSIENKART

There’s been something in the news that has been wondering me mightily for a few days now. I can kind of understand the extreme right-wing anti-abortion segment of the population from the point of view that they think they are morally obligated to mind someone else’s business, just not their own. I can even kind of understand why they would think abortion is a sin. But then something else keeps pushing into those thoughts. Why would anyone want to control contraception? What would be the motivation? Then another thought pushes in. Why would the state, any state, want to monitor pregnancies? I don’t know that I have any answers, but I have a few observations which might aid someone else in finding answers for themselves.

One of the things that kind of started me down this rabbit hole was the idea that 45 is doing his best imitation of a lady of the evening. He’s actively whoring out the Presidency. He’s an equal-opportunity whore as well. If you have the money, honey, he’ll do you up right. I had to ask myself then, why would anyone with that much money pay for a cheap hooker when they could have the real deal? Then it dawned on me. They don’t care if he’s a slut. They want to use him to influence the wheels of power. That ain’t going to happen with Dark Brandon. But with 45 they have the chance. He’s saying clearly he’ll go along with the money to keep his ass out of jail. That does not mean that the money guys love him. That means that they understand that his ego is underneath and behind his drive to exist.

Fair enough. Now how does controlling contraception relate to this? Well, the only motivation I can find that actually makes sense as to why lawmakers want to control contraception in spite of resolute resistance from their base, is they fancy themselves as either saviors of humanity or masters of humans. I ended up voting for masters. If they were saviors of humanity they would want to make humanity better. If they wanted to be masters of humans they would want to drive humans to their controllable lowest state of existence. Kill the middle class, in other words.

Interlocked with Control

The reason I went with masters is because the entirety of the extreme right, which includes MAGAists, are completely interlocked with controlling any kind of demonstration that states they could be “wrong” about an issue. Clearly anyone who would complain about their magnificence must be of the lowest class of person, poor and brown or brown adjacent. That may be the only place where they have common ground with 45. As you know, 45 will agree with any idea if saying it’s true will keep him out of jail. If he’s required to act on something to keep his get out of jail card active, he’ll keep the card active. So these wannabe woman tamers are welcome for only one vote, please. And, obviously, a sizable contribution to my legal defense and don’t forget that get out of jail free card.

The problem the extreme right-wing anti-abortionists have looming is that the people who 45 chooses as supporters are not quite up to the standard of “best people” that 45 claims them to be. Quite frankly, they seem to be too stupid to pour piss out of a boot with directions on the heel. I know that will upset some folks, but bear with me for a moment. Have you heard Coach Tommy talk? How about Jr. Jordan? Comer Pyle? 6B? Mattie Boi? Bobo? Gosart? Legs Hawly? MagaMike? Chipper? Cancun Ted? Markwayne? All of the people on this list have assumed things to be true that just cannot possibly exist in the way they claim. That does not speak well of their mental abilities. If I think about this from the classical definition of stupid people, these are all people who live to destroy things with no gain for themselves. That’s stupid.

Stupid Moves, But for What?

Margie wants to vacate the chair? For what gain to anyone? That kind of behavior defines stupid. Bobo wants to be felt up, that’s understandable, but in a theater with cameras watching? That destroys her career without any gain for her doesn’t it? That’s stupid. Matt got Kevin dumped to keep an investigation into Matt’s illegal sexploits so Matt got revenge? No one wins anything. That’s stupid. Jr and Comer, have done their damnedest to prove 45 right about Dark Brandon and his son Hunter. They have diddly squat. That’s really stupid. I can go on and so can you. The people in the Maga hierarchy are often just plain stupid. Even when they are not stupid they go along with stupidity and that always bites them in the ass.

The reason I get really nervous about stupid people in power is they just might not have a good grasp on what is going to lift those in power up and what will lift them just high enough to see them bounce when they fall off that power high. There’s a very good argument that would support the idea that 45 is currently in the throes of what it means to fall off a power high. But that does not mean that power hungry theocrats aren’t taking notes and following the map he’s laid out for them. But it does mean that they are going off the same cliff that he is. The question both for 45 and for the theocrats is how do they think they can maintain the power they think they can wield if they manage to not run off that cliff?

When I came to this corner of the rabbit hole I kind of got embarrassed. Not that embarrassed but kind of. You see, it does appear that the way these theocrats are angling for power is to control pussies. I know, this is indelicate, but so is what the theocrats and the tanned men and the Red Tie Society and the Supreme Court all want to accomplish. If they can control pussies they control everything. If they monitor pregnancies, they put the fear of the Tanned Men into all the women. If they control the women through fear they can grant men pussy time for, shall we say, favors.

The History Behind the Stupid

Then I stepped back to take a more historic look at this issue. Do you know that 45’s grandfather ran a whore house which gave the family the nest egg that became Trump Tower? This known account as related in wikipedia (sourced from The Trumps: Three Generations That Built an Empire by Gwenda Blair):

“In May 1898, Trump and Levin moved to Bennett, British Columbia, a town known for prospectors building boats in order to travel to Dawson. In Bennett, Trump and Levin opened the Arctic Restaurant and Hotel, which offered fine dining, lodging and sex in a sea of tents.”

(This is a subject worth googling just to consider the sheer chutzpah required to pull off what he did. Spoiler alert: He walked away with $500,000 dollars back in the day when dollars were still growing in value.)

The whole Presidency of 45 has been about the idea that men either need sex or think they need sex. That’s a weakness to MAGAites. Men can be exploited when they need sex. This is 45 family knowledge, you see. But then women also need sex. Some studies even suggest that women have more of a sex drive than men do. I find that hard to believe, but plausible. In either case, for lawmakers to try to tax or regulate sex is about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. But I’m sure that MagaMike is going to do his dead-level best to bring about a federal law that mandates that women must report when they have a period, when they stop having a period and then to monitor the pregnancy if that’s the reason for the stoppage.

This is the whole reason that the theocrats want 45 to be president again. It’s so they can bring into being a registry of menstruation and pregnancies which will control the evil nature of women. Then if they’ve also taken rubbers away they have everyone by the short hairs, as it were. I don’t know about you but I think those tin-hatted theocrats and right-wing nutjobs all need to get a hold of themselves. Maybe that would relieve some of their sexual tensions. Here’s a newsflash for anyone who cares to listen.

***Dateline NoTell MoTel: People are going to indulge in carnal pleasures.

To illustrate the point, recently a primitive tribe was given cell phones and connections to the internet. The surprise finding was that the tribe was almost immediately addicted to porn. Duh!!!

For people in the highest echelons of government to still be trying to control people and keep them from having sex has to have some really strange motivations to exist. What the hey there, 6B, Mattie Boi, Coach Tommy, Bobo, MagaMikey. You guys all afraid that mommy and daddy is going to know what your kinky shit is? Dudes, I don’t think you need to be afraid of them knowing those private matters. I’d be more afraid of you not knowing what exists in there because everyone else can see it clear as day. If you didn’t want us to know why did you wear it pinned on your sleeve? Advertising your kink by telling everyone that you’re afraid of it is just plain stupid guys. Really it is.


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