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A Nation Beguiled

The Danger Zone

By Dr. WilliamsPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

For years now the United States has been running on empty. Empty promises of better times ahead. Instead our future is bleak. Our financial system is nothing more than a house of cards. Public education has turned out generations of substandard students. Our inner cities most of whom look like third world countries. What employment opportunities there are don't even come close to offering living wages. All of these and more are attributed to elected officials caring more about campaign contributions than the people they are supposed to serve. The many consequences of a democratic system that has become so inept and corrupt has now been further exasperated by the media in their complicity to pursue an agenda that is completely against the basic principles on which our nation was founded upon.

Today, we find ourselves in a deep quagmire not only politically, but spiritually, academically, and financially. There are serious issues confronting the United States and the rest of the world. And, with a President who is clueless to the concerns of the majority of Americans and a public who have become so desensitized by the media. It is the media who continues to philander and sway public opinion toward a pre determined objective by an already established non elected power structure.

It is no wonder then that the Republican party has become a party of demagoguery and exclusion. This is a party who is capitalizing on the public's fears and frustration. Putting Trump in the White House is a prime example. Feeding his ego is the media's constant exposure to lure as many people as possible to be beguiled into believing that only Trump can ease the fear and frustration of a nation. But, what so many don't even realize is that this is all a well orchestrated pre planned scenario that only further divides an already divided nation.

There are warnings that spell imminent disruptions to our economy. More dangerous and damaging than the financial meltdown of 2008. While the media continues to ignore what lies ahead and Trump wallowing in self gratification when in reality America’s core has been rotting for years. Under reported or just plain left out of the news while focusing on Trump, North Korea very soon yet another economic bubble will burst. It still isn't clear which major companies will be the spark that ignites a firestorm of financial calamity but one thing is for sure it will happen. Already, five iconic American companies are in the process of filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Mass layoffs are more than a sure bet to follow.

But, what we have today is that much of the public's attention is being diverted away from this impending economic fall by the media. This while certain political officials dicker over personal innuendoes has placed the United States like that old saying goes between a rock and a hard place. It really is a sad commentary for America when we have a certain individual that has the courage and conviction to stand up to the existing status-quo and question the viability of who is actually benefiting and is ridiculed for doing so. Still Senator Sanders is making the public aware that something just isn't right with our President and the agenda that the Republicans are pursuing.

Now, when you have had two maybe three generations of our population that many of them have gone through our substandard public educational systems this increases the gullibility of segments of the population to be unwitting incubators of an agenda that by design purposely beguiles the nation. Beguiled into believing and accepting what ever the media dictates. Much of the population is also accepting and being beguiled by certain political officials own rhetoric. All of this is by design to purposely divert the public's attention away form the economic fallout that is soon to hit the United States.



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Dr. Williams

A PhD in Economics. Author of National Economic Reform's Ten Articles of Confederation.

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