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A debate on the need for change in Britain 2024

suggestions for change in British governance.

By Peter RosePublished 17 days ago 5 min read

A debate on the need for changes to Britain 2024

Here are some suggestions for consideration.:-

Get back to democracy, change emphasis of governance from controlling, to freeing, make the people have priority over the needs for administration. Eliminate the power of self-appointed elitist groups who seek to impose their views- usually what is fashionable in the champaign socialist classes- on everyone else. These groups have control of some media platforms and of some of the “levers” of governance. The will of the majority must be accepted as more important than the views of judges and bureaucrats. Use referendums on controversial issues and make the results binding in law. Use modern technology for voting and so reduce cost and improve speed, ensure secret voting, ensure only those entitled to vote can do so. Proof of identity is vital to this. Until such a time as the education system can return to a politically neutral ambience, the voting age should stay at 18.

National budgets for NHS, emergency services, energy supplies, education, security etc to be fixed proportions of total tax revenue ( income) Once fixed it should need a large national vote to change them, the point being these basic requirements should not be subject to political ideology and constant change.

Reform the civil service ( the bureaucracy) and the governance of the BBC by requiring expertise in specific field of influence and by fast tracking ex-service (min 5 years) personal, into jobs.

Reform NHS and the emergency services, removing the multiple layers of management, bureaucracy and localised layers of administration. These were set up before high-speed computerisation was available. Let medical staff enter data and information direct to computer records. Use the money saved to pay the medical staff more.

Separate the NHS health care from emergency trauma services. Fire and rescue- in all forms- the Police traffic divisions, ambulance service and the A&E services should become one unit, again, fast track ex-military medical personal into management We do not need county boundaries, we do not need multiple administration or management. If eliminate these, we could pay the actual front-line workers much better. The air ambulances, the Lifeboats should all be financed by this “national emergency service” The senior management personal of this service to be people with minimum 5 years’ experience in the “front line delivery” of these services. The elected government sets a budget, (see above regarding fixed % of income) but the administration of that budget is controlled by these people.

Reform the Ministry of defence so that only people who have actually served in the military are employed in the administration of the ministry, Overall political control by the government of the day has to stay. Speed up procurement, increase the budgets to accommodate technical advances.

Set up British research and development company, owned by the government on behalf of the people. Utilise university research with guiding principle that genuine enquiry is always made, never searching to prove a preset objective. Takeout patents on this research with half the patent income to the treasury the other half shared between those doing the research, Encourage debate and shared information between everyone involved, no department rivalry. No “empire building” just shared research and development. Often ideas from outside a specific “science” can stimulate work in that branch of science.

Reform the police service-after separate traffic as above- do away with county administrations, 4 or 5 regions should be enough in a small island and with modern communication systems. Do away with multiple layers of management and use the savings to pay front line officers more

Reform the justice system, remove the power of courts to reject rules agreed in Parliament. See above about referendums.

Reform the house of Lords and lessen the influence the legal profession has in Government. Make guiding principle Justice, rather than the letter of the law. Ensure the will of a democratically elected government, rather than the political views of senior legal experts is what matters. Reform to the house of lords needs to ensure that this “second house” cannot frustrate a democratically elected Parliament and government but can recommend changes without any power to enforce them. Keep the constitutional monarchy to ensure the head of state is never a political appointment, with political power due to association with those making the appointment. Elect the house of Lords in the way we used to elect Members of the European parliament No more than 100 members of this second chamber and these elected for 10-year terms. Elections to this chamber to be devoid of “party “ politics, Votes for the individual with no reference to party dogma or allegiance.

Reform legal aid. Make it only available to British citizens, who were born as such or who have held citizenship for 5 or more years. Make agreement to abide by democracy a condition of citizenship

Buy up redundant cruise liners and use as temporary accommodation- anchor them just on edge territorial waters- for all asylum seekers and illegal economic migrants, pending resolution of their claims. Make photographing, finger printing and DNA recording mandatory for all applicants

Reinforce the fact that the law applies to everyone and in Britain the secular law rules. Over-riding religious rules. Everyone can follow their own religious and philosophical beliefs, but they must obey British law while in Britain.

Reform local governance, return power to local inhabitants by local referendums. As in general election, voting allowed only after verification of the right to vote and then vote by pressing key in an automated system, so counting is instant. Return power to the electorate and the majority and not allow the local bureaucrats to control the area. No local authority administrative personal to be paid more than a national government minister. Local referendums should rule over such things as changes to roads, introduction of parking charge systems etc.

Reform transport policy. Mass transport of commuters is not going to be a long-term need and railways need to reflect this Transport in all forms is part of the government responsibility. Individual freedom of movement is the priority. Cyclists who use the roads to be insured and taxed just as every other vehicular user is taxed and insured. Pedestrians who wilfully or negligently involve themselves in collisions with vehicles, to be held just as responsible as those who control vehicles.

Water, Gas, electricity should be government responsibility. The research into hydrogen powered vehicles need to be prioritised and the spread of hydrogen refuelling facilities encouraged. Immediate action to build 12 “mini” nuclear generation plants. Research into Fusion power to be increased. The reduction in pollution should be a practical and pragmatic process not some arbitrary artificial dogma. Setting of totally artificial targets should be abandoned and replaced by practical planning.

The EU should be pursued though international courts, for interfering in British politics. ALL British public office holders who receive material support from the EU should be prosecuted for treason.

International mutual defence treaties should be increased between Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and India. Modern transport and future developments in this, means that old notions od distance and travel times no longer apply.

This will do for first 5 years the second 5 years probably get taken up with rescuing the European nations from the chaos of the collapse of the EU and getting democracy back into the European nations.

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