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Crypto Influencers to Follow Right Now

Internet thought leaders tend to showcase a multitude of knowledge on any one, or many, particular functionalities, like crypto influencers and the world of digital currencies.

By Salvador LorenzPublished 5 years ago 7 min read

Last year was apparently the year of the cryptocurrency, as so many have begun to consider it, but in all actuality it was really just the year of the bitcoin in my opinion. With that being said, it's safe to say that the future of cryptocurrencies in general will greatly be modified and adapted the more we progress into this highly expansive tomorrow, necessitating the need for a more organic, open, and secure form of exchange. The proof-of-work function and blockchain technology that go into various platforms have the makings of incentivizing a completely new and revolutionary cross-form arena in financial markets and banking.

Will it succeed? Are we on the right path? How far can it go, and what will it eventually achieve once there? Well, these questions are generally time consuming and, quite frankly, impossible to answer in one simple post, but to understand this market better, or simply to stick your toes into the sand and feel the warmth of online blockchain investments, cryptocurrency tokens, and smart contracts, than you must follow any of these mentioned crypto influencers. Most of them have been in the business, or at least near it in some capacity, and are the most influential personas that not only understand the connotations of digital finance, but have lived in the world of cryptocurrency for so long they can deduce the future simply by way of opinion and intellect.

Brian Armstrong

CEO and co-founder of Coinbase, which is a digital wallet and platform for merchants, investors, and consumers to manage their cryptocurrency transactions, Armstrong has been identified among crypto influencers for his talents in a wide range of concepts. He's innovating the industry and relatively embedding a long list of projects into the fabric of emerging digital finances.

Within the vast canals of online concepts, blockchain technology, and smart contracts, it can get easy to become bogged down by both a level of confusion and, quite simply, data itself.

See what's happening in the cryptocurrency world @brian_armstrong.

Gavin Andresen

With over 73,000 Twitter followers, it's quite difficult not to see Gavin Andresen as among the most insightful of crypto influencers, judged also by the fact that no one ignores what he's got to say when commenting on a variety of posts throughout the social media site.

On top of having a valued social presence, Andresen has also monopolized his own intellect from having been among initial Bitcoin Core developers. With a host of knowledge not only on cryptocurrencies, but blockchain tech as well, he's clearly an important individual with high hopes for the future of the industry.

See him rant and discuss opinions on blockchain and the cryptocurrency field @gavinandresen.

Marc Andreessen

Marc Andreessen was (and still very much is) one of the most talented and important voices in the realm of cryptocurrencies for his investment strategies and multitude of returns have pitted him among top ten crypto influencers.

Andreessen was the founder of Netscape and co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz, an altcoins holding firm that has, among other things, reshaped the playing field of the industry. He may have deleted his Twitter back in 2016, but has since allowed investors, analysts, and various individuals to ask anything they want for $100 and proceeds go to Black Girls Code.

Despite being a locked account, you can still find him @pmarca.

Charles Dixon

Like Twitter, Charles Dixon saw the future of online entertainment, investment and performances in the field of sharing data as a highly progressive avenue for success. Joining the social media site in 2007, he was also among few crypto influencers who believed in digital monopolies long before they were even generating the same capital they do today.

In addition to being a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, Dixon has also served on a berth of digital startups and tech businesses, investing in places like Kickstarter, Foursquare, Pinterest, and Square, for a few. Dixon is also the co-founder of Hunch, SiteAdvisor, and Founder Collective.

Hear him mesh a range of topics through philosophical insight and historical interest with that of programming and investments @cdixon.

Nicola Duke

When it comes to crypto influencers, there's none quite like Nicola Duke. Based out of London, this cryptocurrency trader can decipher the most important points of various concepts inherent within the investment market. Duke's among the many amazing resources for bitcoin and cryptocurrency investors.

He's backed by a valued community of traders and analysts dedicated to making cryptocurrency, as a whole, a literal worthwhile investment. Plus, unlike others, he's more of an actual persona, and much of what he has to say is exactly what he's attempting to preform, ie trades or research.

See his discussions on cryptocurrency @NicTrades or hear him out on Facebook at 7 AM and PM each day.

Arthur Hayes

Co-founder and CEO of BitMEX, a Bitcoin derivatives enterprise that trades in Bitcoin products, Arthur Hayes is an exemplary voice among crypto influencers, one who's highly intelligent when attempting to understand the field of derivatives, a kind of offshoot field that's branched out from the cryptocurrency market.

Besides being a loud voice and persona under BitMEX, he's also simply an interesting and opinionated designator of the future. He can open up the market simply by way of intellect and progress, as his Bitcoin foundation is trying to perform: enhance the overall industry.

He's avid contributor of information and news @BitMEXdotcom.

John McAfee

Insightful, among other things, for his ability to breakdown cybersecurity, enhance it, and embolden the entire process of it all in one go, McAfee is a household name. You probably have heard of him without even knowing it, since his antivirus software is one of the best on the market.

John's among the few programmers and crypto influencers who's stopping hacking by making data theft irrelevant. He currently resides as the Chief Cybersecurity Visionary at MGT Capital Investments, one of the most well known and successful bitcoin miners in North America.

See what he's sharing on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies @officalmcafee.

Jimmy Song

He's your cryptocurrency affiliate, among few in the market who can both trade and be an influential analyst, on top of his vast knowledge that far exceeds the normal. He knows more than a thing or two about the tech, the biz, and the realities behind it all, more so than any one else. He's Jimmy Song, and though you may not have heard of him, he's among the most influential crypto influencers with advice ranging far and wide.

Jimmy Song is known to the business for a host of reasons, but mainly due to his various past positions; Bitcoin developer, VP of engineer at Armory, Coindesk contributor, and more. If you're a cryptocurrency trader, Song is your man to hear out.

Read his detailed 140-character long details of cryptocurrency trading @jimmysong.

Richard Gendal Brown

For a more concise and fluid understanding of smart contracts, ledgers and other forms of data points not specifically dedicated to blockchain performances, Richard Gendal Brown is your thought leader to follow. Head of Technology at R3CEV, he's one of few trying to prove the necessity of better security online and a more decentralized financial market.

He's a well-informed advisor, one whose ideals are plentiful in the shape of various concepts under cryptocurrency. For one, he's a whizz in digital ledger technologies, but don't let that fool you; Brown knows a lot about the underlining factors of decentralized consensus space issues.

See what he finds most interesting in news and tech @gendal.

Tim Draper

Well-known within the world of cryptocurrencies and their markets, Tim Draper was among few investors who purchased 3,000 Bitcoin following the shut down of the Silk Road in 2014. He currently stands as the founder of a venture capital firm that focuses on more progressive options, called Draper Associates.

This launched him into the world of crypto influencers, for his intellectual risk taking and opinions, which have spawned from various ventures throughout the crypto space, have given many of us non-programmers and software developers a better insight into the necessity of the market.

Unlock his powerful opinions @TimDraper.


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