Signs You Understand Your Personal Style

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Do you have great style or are you in the process of creating your style? Here are the signs you understand your personal style and others understand it too.

Signs You Understand Your Personal Style

If you have personal style, it’s noticed by the outside world. A sense of style brings with it confidence, as well as many signs that can’t go ignored. If you have personal style, people with admire you, because to find your personal style, it takes hard work and an instinct that others may not ever have. An eye for fashion is unique. Style icons become the way they are because they are creative and know how to put things together in interesting ways. Here are the mains signs you understand your personal style.

Feeling comfortable in your outfit choices is one of the top signs you understand your personal style. Many people who are trying to find a sense of style may be experimenting with different fashion items, but you can tell that someone doesn't know how to dress because they don’t look comfortable. You can feel your comfort, but your comfortability is also noticeable to the outside world. When you feel comfortable and the outside world can see that comfort as well, this is when you know you’ve found and understand your personal style.

When people start asking you for style advice, this is probably another one of the signs you understand your personal style. Your sense of style is getting noticed by the outside world, and people admire you for it. Not only do people want to copy your style, but they want your advice on how to create their own personal style. Because this isn’t an easy task, they’ll want you to help them invent themselves and their identity in the fashion world.

Even if people don’t bother to ask you for your style advice, one of the signs you understand your personal style is if you see others copying your style. While you might be offended by this, this is a reason to be flattered because it shows that you have a great sense of style that others see. You own your own personal flair, and others want to do the same. So instead of taking offense to this or feeling like others are stealing something from you, be happy that others are trying to copy what you’ve created on your own.

If no one is buying you clothes as gifts, this is a good indicator that you understand your personal style; because when you have great style, no one wants to mess with it. People buy you clothes when they feel like you need help with your style or feel like they can understand your style. If you have a unique style that is all your own, people won’t buy you clothes because they will have no idea what to buy you!

If whenever people come up to you, the first compliment you receive has to do with your style, this is a sign that you’re doing something right. Find your personal style and once you’re comfortable, you’ll see how many people start to compliment you. This is one of the main signs you understand your personal style.

Only people who understand their personal style will have personal style icons that they go to for inspiration. If this is you, then there’s a good chance your personal style is in good shape! Style icons are a great way to get ideas for what to wear and how to put together new and interesting outfits. Of course, style icons are usually wearing very expensive designer items, so you probably have to use your creativity to make your personal style original and more budget friendly.

One of the signs you understand your personal style is if your style is always changing. This may seem contradictory, but people who have a great sense of style do not keep wearing the same type of thing forever. They change it up constantly to keep people guessing. People with style have an artist’s mind and a creative way of thinking. If you understand your style, you don't fall out of style because you enjoy the changing nature of the fashion world.

Not following trends is one of the signs you understand your personal style, because being a follower means you have no creativity of your own. While keeping up with fashion trends are used as inspiration for everyone, they should be inspiration only, and not something to copy completely. People with style build off trends to make outfits that are interesting and unlike anything else that others are wearing.

There are many “rules” in fashion that people swear by. People will say that wearing a certain item or styling yourself a certain way is “fashion suicide.” If you understand your personal style though, you are confident enough to ignore the fashion do’s and don’ts. You’ll have an eye for what looks good, and you’ll follow your own set of rules based on what you believe. No one else will decide what you will wear, and people will respect the fact that, sometimes, you go against the norm.

Going with the point above, one of the main signs you understand your personal style is not being afraid to stand out. Having style involves confidence, bravery, and a slight edginess. You can’t be afraid to try new things, get weird looks, and be yourself in a crowd of people who are all wearing the same boring clothes. Fashion is about innovation, and if you have a sense of style, you’ll be excited about contributing to new looks and ways of doing things. If you have style, don’t be afraid to go out on the street and rock it!

Morgan E. Westling
Morgan E. Westling
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