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A Style Guide for Fall 2018

By Salvatore Giangreco-MarottaPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

With only two more weeks until the official start of fall, it is time to start moving those short-shorts and tank tops to the back of your closet and moving those sweaters and jackets to the front. From any runway show from Balenciaga, Tom Ford, and Valentino there are always similarities on each catwalk that seem to be stand-out looks. Here are my predictions of what we will see this fall.

Welcome to the jungle.

Animal print is making its way back to the spotlight. So go find that leopard print coat you bought forever ago and wear it out! Animal print will probably be seen on layering tees, leggings, and different accessories like hats, gloves, shoes, and bags.

Is that a hand-me-down?

Oversized anything! Coats, sweaters and other layering pieces are coming back. A couple years ago it made a comeback from the 90s and after its hiatus, it is returning bigger and better than before. This is the reason why I have large-sized sweaters when I am typically a small. This is my favorite trend of all time, and I cannot wait to buy larger items once again.

Flannel SZN

Are you even surprised? Flannels are always popular during fall because, whether it's buttoned all the way up or tied around a waist, they are a cute and easy way to achieve an Instagramable outfit. They are a staple piece in anyone's fall wardrobe because it is one of the cutest ways to stay warm. Now this famous checkered pattern can be found on other items as well, from pants to accessories, to socks.

Mix and Mismatched

From a young age, people are taught to never mix patterns. While some patterns together will give the look that someone got dressed in the dark, others seem to fit together and create a bold statement. Many fashion rule-breakers have been doing this for a while, but now mixing prints is in. Personally, I enjoy this trend and I am excited to see what people put together. I wear crazy prints and patterns, but when it comes to wearing them at the same time, I do not wear anything crazy. I will usually throw a plaid shirt over a striped tee.


We can all agree that mustard yellow was the color this summer and makes a great fall color as well! Mustard yellow is a warm color that looks good with anything. Red seems to be the color that is the seasons color. Personally, I am not ready to give up mustard yellow. However, I will invite red in with open arms because it seems that many shades of red are in. These two colors are usually not paired together, although they may make a great pair if styled well.

Staples for Fall

  • A flannel: Whether you're going to a fire or getting a pumpkin, a flannel can be used for both. This is a staple because it can be styled different ways.
  • Plaid scarf: A fun colored plaid scarf will look great with and plain jacket or sweater on a colder day.
  • Leather jacket: Real or faux, a leather jacket will keep you warm and look great paired with anything.
  • Comfy hoodie: This is a necessary item that you must bring to any fire or outside event. We all know that at any moment it will go from sunny and hot to cold and breezy.
  • Denim: Denim is always in, in my opinion. You can never go wrong with a plain sweater and a pair of skinny jeans. Although, pants are not the only denim thing that should be worn.

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