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Shoe time!

Dress for success!

By Anthony WattsPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Shoe time!
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My philosophy is that if many people like my sisters and other females can have a foot fetish then it is okay for men such as myself to have one too! I have this fetish with the brand and styles of Aldo's footwear. I sometimes buy suede shoes, sometimes buy leather shoes, sometimes buy walking shoes. What catches my eyes the most when I buy their shoes is how the wooden heels on the compliment my wardrobe.

Although before my time on this planet Earth, the king of rock n roll, Elvis Presley, has this song where he resonates with how he had danced in his blue suede shoes. Maybe his pair of blue suede shoes has something to do with the theme of the song. I love the color blue and I love suede shoes making the words to the song by the great artist stand-in color as if they were speaking to my soul. The color blue is a primary color.

The color blue is the color of our sky and our oceans. The wealth of the color represents serenity, stability, inspiration, wisdom, and good health. Wooden heels represent power and yes Aldo's brand had a pair of blue suede wooden heel shoes available for me to purchase to add to my collection! Suddenly within weeks the challenge to write about a splurge-worthy shopping extravaganza.

What I had realized to be the best feeling about having a great pair of shoe selections is the feeling of completion when noticing them available to be worn at your discretion. I started to notice how when I chose to wear one of the great styles of shoes that I had available that they enhanced my confidence. I find that having different choices of shoes empowers your style of dress wear no matter if it is business casual or just casual. My collection of heeled shoes and my very comfortable blue suede shoes bring me into sync with my every step being zesty and sexy.

A very suitable shopping spree will be to buy many pairs of great designer shoes that connect with your wardrobe and your personal positive energy. No matter if you are jogging, walking, working, or combating job interviews your shoes matter! Good shoes need us and we consumers need good shoes. Just take a moment to think about how one pair of good shoes will save you more money than buying many pairs of cheaper value shoes made of cheaper short-lasting material.

Every person should enjoy their wealth of authenticity that their great selection of shoes has to offer. I am no foot scientist, but I am a shoe owner that has to buy many shoes and "window shop" for many shoes. I love my foot fetish! If I was the president I would provide a stimulus package just for foot relief.

Great shoes provide protection from the combination of moisture and different complex foot illnesses. Foot problems and diseases to be aware of are ringworm, foot fungus, bunions, athlete's foot, and in many cases ingrown toenails. Self-love is self-care and foot protection proves caring. The basis of this article is not supposed to be about foot health but in my tangent about shoes, foot care is a very perfect point to be addressed.

Ultimately the fact of the matter is that binge shopping for nice shoes is not insane but okay. I particularly, love Aldo's brand shoe line and spend copious amounts of time "window shopping at them" and physically purchasing them to add to my collection. I find it very wise and intriguing to wear the perfect shoes when dressing to impress. The perfect shoe goes along with any health, fitness, working environment, or manner of enjoyment.


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Anthony Watts

Hello, my name is Anthony Watts. I love tl being involved in the vocal community. Thank you all for your inspiration in your works and the needed push for more creativity from myself in growing.

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