Cutest Jewelry for Summer!

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Vera here!

You know that feeling of walking out the door with your head high, smile on your face, and everything just feeling perfect?

You have those articles of clothing that make you feel like you are on top of the world, right?

Great! Now let’s add something to your closet that will make you have that pep in your step every single day. :)

I am here to tell you that you can feel like an absolutely rockstar EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. No questions asked. I am being serious!

I have recently found the most amazing and high-quality brand out there for jewelry! I have to say, they do not get enough credit for how great they are! And I do not say that often.

Something that’s affordable, of the most outstanding quality, and something that fits every age group! What more can you ask for!?

This right HERE is my favorite chocker of all time!



In fact, I wear it every day, except for the time I lost it. When I did lose it, it ended up going through the washer and dryer! And guess what? It was the hardest month to live because I wanted it back in my hands every single day because it was my special gem that made me smile. But yes! It was left in the my robe by accident and then I flipped my room upside down, and finally, it came out in the wash. It was super tangled up! But after 20 minutes of vigorous work, it was back to its original form.


What other jewelry looks exactly the same after going into the wash?

There were no scratches. The color is still the same gold as when I purchased it!

I really cannot think of any other brand that is this high quality! And this is why I love them! They are super affordable and their gold coated jewelry by far has the thickest coalt I’ve ever seen! It does not fade or rub off!


Half of their collection is under $50. Everything is hypoallergenic—plus lead and nickel free.

And a third of their collection can be worn in more than one way! It is the coolest thing!

I am currently wearing my Willa Choker, and only take it off to shower. You can ask anyone, it is my absolute go to because the diamonds in it are super sparkly and the design itself is so timeless!

Plus it is only $39.

And yes, I know, as a teen many of us can agree that $39 for a necklace can seem like a lot, but this one is worth it because it will seriously look all the same for a very long time! I have had mine for four months, have gone into the ocean, pool, hot-tub in it, and it has gone through the wash and it still looks all the same!

You will love it if you get this cute piece or any of their other collection!


Vera Andreeva
Vera Andreeva
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